Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Malaysian Restaurant, Antwerpen


Too bad they do not have a website. They have many selections in the menu. But still lack some essentials, like Roti Canai, Teh Tarik, and Cendol. But I'm not complaining. Any malaysian foods that I don't have to shop and cook, would make me happy. The restaurant is strategically located. In a pedestrian walkway, in front of big UGC cinema complex and surrounded by nicely looked restaurants (indonesion, morrocan and korean). There are 2 underground parkings (under the UGC cinema), very practical.

As appetizer we had satay. Unfortunately I don't have the picture of the satay. They are tasty, with the peanut sauce. The size is acceptable too. The nasi impit has the taste of lemang a bit. They are all yummy :D

Then came the dish. Actually I took Nasi Lemak Menu which comes with Soup and Satay as appetizer, then the dish (below) and dessert.

I took nasi lemak with beef rendang and chicken curry. My sister took nasi lemak with sambal prawn and assam fish. The other people on our table took Mee goreng and Rice with sizzling beef. The dishes are tasty but my sister and I agreed that the nasi lemak is lacking the santan taste.

We also took fried chicken wings in chili sauce and rojak. The rojak is like gado-gado or pecal. I like it because it has a lot of mango slices in it.


The only malaysian desserts they have are sago gula melaka and kuih ketayap. The other desserts are like rambutan in syrup, fresh fruit, mango with ice cream, ice creams, banana flambe and banana with ice cream. So I took kuih ketayap. It was OK. I was expecting Cendol, huhuhu.


Nevertheless, we were stuffed by the end of the evening and a happy camper :D


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Healthy Holidays treats

Here's the season to be jolly... fla la la laa..
Aahh I can't wait for Xmas to come. The Xmas market, the pressies, and the cold outdoors but warm indoors and gingerbread. It's also the time where you said I can eat what I want, it's once a year and it's a season to be jolly!! LOL
At least that is what I'm thinking at the moment. Looking forward for the churros, olieballen, spiced orange juice, hot chocolate... the list can go on and on!

Luckily I subscribed to the Dailies Health Magazine. They started to send newsletters with all kind of suggestions (healthy guides) when facing this holidays season.

Taken from Fitness Magazine:
A few favorite holiday treats pack some surprising health benefits. Here's why you can enjoy a slice of your favorite goodie guilt-free.
By Alex Corrado

Cookies. Candy. Cake. The holidays can be one big fat trap. But before you steer clear of the dessert table, take a look at the who-knew health benefits of these seasonal treats. We're not saying to eat them with abandon (we wish!), but you can enjoy a slice of your favorite goodie guilt-free.

Pecan Pie
Research shows that pecans have the most antioxidants of any nuts, including almonds. As a bonus, they're loaded with cholesterol-lowering plant sterols and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

Pumpkin Cheesecake
A half cup of the canned variety contains more than 350 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin A, an immune-boosting nutrient. Plus, pumpkin has high levels of carotenoids, the pigments responsible for its bright orange color, which studies suggest may neutralize free radicals in your body, helping prevent disease.

A natural anti-inflammatory, ginger can reduce exercise-related muscle pain. The potent spice also aids digestion, which makes gingerbread a perfect finish to a big holiday meal.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November/December 2010.

Yummers... I was sceptic about Pumpkin Cheesecake.. but I think it's time to test it. What say you?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - NKOTBSB

Woohoo!!! Few weeks ago NKOTB & BSB decided to do a tour of 9 men live on stage. Both boybands performed live on stage at one of NKOTB's concert in Radio City Hall NY. Then they decided to do tour. They just released 5 venues in the US and Canada. But I think and HOPE that there will be more dates and venue. I truly hope that they will release at least 1 European date huhuhuhu...

Last Sunday is their first appearance after the tour dates announcement, at the American Music Awards (AMA). Thankful to Youtube, I could watch this great performance.
I am faithful to these 2 boybands because they showed their maturity overtime and that they use their experiences to become better person and performers. They keep being modest at the same time they understand what fans want. Despite people say that boyband era has died and they are not 'boys' anymore, they keep doing what fans want... Sing and perform!
I love every second of their performance at AMA. It must be stressful for them, I'm sure.
We laughed on Twitter the fact that Joey accidently knocked on Jordan's mic (@2:50) LOL
RT @jordanknight That was fun!!! and I'm glad I still have my teeth....that mic smacked me right in my grill!!!
RT @backstreetboys BLAME JOE!

Enough said.
Here is one of the many video posts on YouTube.

If they release a European date, my plan is to get VIP package and have the front row!! huhuhuhuhu...
All you people can't you see can't you see... N-K-O-T-B-S-B
hehehehe :D
Have fun!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Awesomeness Ahad - Ol Friends

Old friends are hard to find... I don't mean in terms of age, but it terms of how long you can stay in friendship and survive all the ups and downs and the years of lost contacts and reunions.

This is the post that I meant to write since last month, but didn't get the chance to write. Yeah yeah, I got so many things to jot down, but time does not permit. If only my memory can be transfered to a blogpost that easily.

Anyway.. last month I went to Gent, a Belgian town in Flanders region 30 mins from Brussels. I went there to meet a longtime friends. We met in the IRC (IR what??) IRC is Internet Chat Relay, this is the dinosaur time before there's IM or webchat. I spent so many nights and days on the chatrooms and met so many nice people, one of them is now my bro in law, and one of them is now my husband (LOL). We used to chat, played games, slapping trouts all around (ok this one is private IRC joke).

The friends I met are also couple formed via IRC. I met Aeon during my Europe trip in 1999. As for Orchy, we have been friends for 13 years now, but never meet in real life! I met her brother tho in KL once... So one fine day, Orchy messaged me and said we should meet. I have been wanting to meet her, mind you, we are in the same country for once!!! So I slapped (virtually, OK) my head and determined to meet my ol friend.

So we agreed to meet in Gent (halfway for us)!! After work, I rushed to Central station and took the train to Gent. Everything is fine, until I took the wrong tram to the city centre (oppss). But nevermind, it was soon recovered by asking around.

We went for a dinner in a nice restaurant and managed to have a little tour of Gent. Me as usual, blabbering... I can't stop talking if I'm too excited (LOL). I hope that they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs. I don't want to pose any problem but I do wish that I could see them more often. On top of that we forgot to take picture of us! Duuhhhh!!

So must meet again to take picture (LOL).

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - 4 days weekend

Aww it's the end of my 4-days weekend... huhuhuhu It has been an awesome weekend, where I would just do nothing except watch TV, cook, eat, stay on the couch with my hubby. It's different from last weekend which was fun, yet tiring :D

I hope this week will be very productive. There are some unfinished business last week due to some slowness in some people's part. I just wish that I could tied up some loose ends as soon as possible. Sorry to talk in a generic sense here, but I need to protect anonymity.

Did I tell you that I managed to lose weight? I lost about 12kg since last summer. I didn't know that I could lose weight. The scary thing is I remember that I make peace with my weight. I thought as long as I am healthy, I am good(I went to the gym almost everyday for the past 1 year). Now that I weight 12 kg less, it's even better! The challenge now is to keep this weight. Hope I could maintain :D


Monday, October 11, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Recipes Addict

Hello Everyone,
I am a recipes addict :D

Is there such thing as recipes addict, or RA? LOL
My list of bookmarked cooking websites/blogs are getting longer and longer. I can't stop myself from browsing recipes websites. No, not food websites/blogs, but recipes sites.

Doesn't matter day or night! Sometimes I can't stand it myself... It's really something that I know I got too much of, but I can't shake it off. I can't put a single finger on a website. All websites with recipes are my favorite. In return, I am so close to being addicted to baking and cooking. The only thing that stops me from cooking or baking is when I don't have time, that means I managed to occupy myself with browsing Internet for recipes LOL

My favorite website is Tastespotting. It is a visual portal of food, most of the time leads me to one recipe to another. I just discovered the "Random" button on the website in which I can refresh the page with random food photos. It is like playing Russian Roulette. I was even thinking to do Random search and try 1 recipe from the random result page. Crazy right? I knooowww!!!

OK I'm going to browse some more :D~~ (drooling just thinking of browsing for recipes).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - New day, new week

For once, I do not have anything planned for this coming week. Hmm... this is spooky. Usually I have things planned and I started to get antsy when Monday comes. Hence, Monday blues. Just hope that nothing sneaking up on me tomorrow...

Otherwise, routine activities would be work, play (gym) and sleep. Couldn't be that bad eh?
Work is under control for the moment, a part of some bumps here and there.. The usual. New choreographies at the gym last week. I am looking forward to master them this week. Body Jam new choreo is a bit difficult I think with lotsa spinning hihihi.
Just can't wait for Disney halloween trip in 2 weeks time.. Woohoo!!!
Till then, new day new week :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - Grateful I'm still here

It has been 2 weeks since the eventful night... huhuhu
For those who didn't know yet 2 Thursday ago I had an allergic reaction while at the gym. I got hives on my face, swollen tongue, and blood pressure dropped down that I passed out just in time the ambulant arrived. It all happened in at my home (downstairs) as I managed to run back home from the gym.
In all the commotion and the laughter, I was scared shit and grateful that nothing bad happened and my life is back to normal now.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Ridin Solo

Woohoo!! Next Wednesday I'll be watching Jason Derulo live!
Need to practice some of the songs.

This is a nice one :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - No sugar no oil

I have been on Dukan diet for about 2 months and a half now. A lot of people stopped me for tips of me losing weight. Outside France, Dukan is not a known diet name. So I need to summarize quickly how I managed to lose those extra kilos.

If I start with protein diet, people will start to jump to a conclusion that I take those powdered lose weight food substitutes. No sir. I value my food so much, I won't eat anything which is unnatural. So, no protein diet... In addition, I eat vegies in my diet too.. So saying protein diet is way misleading.

From what I can summarize, the past 65 days I did not consume sugar nor oil.

Even in a canned food like tuna. If there is 'sugar' indicated in the ingredients, I won't eat it. I used substitute like sweetener and sugar based on plant called Stevia. I used it in cookings, in coffee, and tea.
OK, so you are saying you can't give up chocolates. Sorry. It's the sacrifice you have to make. Lose the kilos, then in longterm, you can re-consume chocolates in moderation.
For desserts, I drink diet Coke, or zero Coke, or Fanta.
If I crave for something crunchy, then I chew on sugar free gum. Yes the gum which outside is hard.

Eventhough olive oil and sunflower oil are good for health, but it's not helping you to lose weight. Oil is oil. Again, during the period to lose weight, ditch the oil. Invest in some Tefal pan and casserole, and you won't be needing oil to cook. Any meat will produce oil and water when you cook it. Let it be natural.
To dress your salad, use the vinegar. Balsamic vinegar is so yummy. Put on everything! hehehehe

So that sums up my diet :D
On top of that... don't forget to do sports. That would make you to burn those calories.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - Grateful for today and set great days for the rest of the week

What a good way to start your week, other than start with a good Monday :D
It's the end of Monday now. I just received my Secret Scroll in my Inbox.

From The Secret Daily Teachings
To create your tomorrow, go over your day when you are in bed tonight just before you fall asleep, and feel gratitude for the good moments. If there was something you wanted to happen differently, replay it in your mind the way you wanted it to go. As you fall asleep, say, "I will sleep deeply and wake up full of energy. Tomorrow is going to be the most beautiful day of my life."

Let's see...
This morning, it's not too bad. I started off not too late nor early.
Always start my day with a simple silent pray and the usual The Secret motto "Everything I touch turns to Gold". I like this motto... Sometimes I use "Something beautiful will happen today" :D
I took the day as careful as possible... Oh no, I'm not working with something dangerous, but in a way emails can be very dangerous weapon.. Don't you think?

The after work I managed to join my husband for groceries. Something that we both agreed on is that we can't shop for food for more than 2 days in the future LOL... So usually our groceries for food are limited to max of 2 days. I am the most horrible one...The meat that I bought today which I thought I would have it for dinner tomorrow, can ends up in the freezer for month, uncooked, and finally I will throw it. Yes, I am that bad. We always lived in where supermarket is nearby.

Oh btw, I am addicted to Tastespotting. And I swear to you that I have the baking bug on me. It makes me itches for baking!!! Urrgghh... I still have half of the fruitcake I baked last Thursday. I can't it them coz I'm on diet. My colleagues may think I am somekind of wacko (maybe I am!!) for baking and feeding them!! If only I could bake bake bake!

While blog surfing I saw there are some people in some places participate in charity bake sale. I think I wouldn't mind to bake for charity.... Today I have the itch to bake mini cupcakes and baked Alaska. The latter is oh so challenging, and makes me replay the steps on my mind. I think next month, I will do series of mini cupcakes. Hmmmss.... time to replay.....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - Step by step, Day by day

Yes step by step I'm back into the blogging and giving my joy to the world hehehehe

As usual, nothing much on Monday except it's the beginning of work days. I don't know how other ppl approach Monday, but for me, I take it easy :D But usually I take easy on everyday LOL It's the 5th and I am sending SOS for not having my salary yet :/ It is lucky that my significant other still has "income" thus I can ask for an advance. Life's tough when you have to live like this (getting late income I mean). Anyway, not going to talk more about it otherwise I could get burn for putting this online LOL

But then, Monday is almost gone and that means come Tuesday I need to be fully operational.
Yeah sometimes taking easy on Monday can bite you in the ass *Ouch*
So my advise is, you can take it easy, but then be ready to be speedy gonzalez on the coming days. I will be away on work trip Wednesday night till Friday night. Still need to finalize my transcript for presentations. Though I'm done it so many time, still, preparation is the key, ppl!!! :D So where will I be? Stay tune hehehe

Any tips for presentation?
When I present, I think I sound like teacher LOL

Anyway, I thought of something to blog about and now I got nothing hehehe...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Satellite

Wow it has been long time.... It's not that I'm lack of inspiration, but there are too many that I can't sort out what to put and what day to do the entry LOL

Anyway... for Karaoke day, I'm putting the Eurovision 2010 winner song from Germany. Not so many eurovision songs which you want to listen again, but I think this is an exception, IMHO.

Without further ado, let's sing "Satellite"!!!!

Original vidclip:

Hope you enjoy it! Sing it thru Friday to next Thursday!!! ^^

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wet Wednesday: A supplement guide

I am in urgent need for Vitamin D huhuhu
It's Wednesday and it's wet and cold again today... We are coming towards mid-May and I can count on 1 hand the number of times I sat under the sun.. Let's hope for sunny warm June through September!

Checkout the list of other supplement that could help us living a healthy and active life:
A Supplements Guide: What You Need to Stay Healthy: Vitamin D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - S-O-L-O (by Iyaz)

Wassup world!!!

So it's thursday, and you know it.. it's Karaoke time.
Check this out, the new single from IYAZ (pronounce: Ah-Yez). I found that it's sweet, simple and catchy. I had problem to find the karaoke of this song on the Youtube that made me think of doing the karaoke meself! Whhaatttt???!!
But then lady luck is on my side, I found this great karaoke version. I even left a comment for this dude who made the video LOL

Have a great spring time wihle singing to this song..Peace!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Da Shore

OK It's hot, nice spring weather. So I am not going to talk about water or raining as a matter of fact. Though the forecast said that there will be some showers this weekend.. Noooo..

Anyway, when I youtube-ing, I stumbled upon 'Fist Pump' phenomenon which I think became popular due to the MTV reality show 'Jersey Shore'. OK I know the show is lame. Well all MTV reality shows are lame LOL, but I just have this mood for some dance house music and fist pumping came to my mind. I guess also because I just got back from Body Jam session that my adrenalin is still pumpin'.

So I made this funny video of myself. It would be great if you can do your own video doing the fist pump.. I know you wanna do it. But fine! If no video at least try to do the fist pump with a music. It's hilarious. Anyway, for this video, no rehearsal. I just Youtube search 'fist pump music' and chose what's on the result list.

Have fun! Fist pumpin fun!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Earth (Song) Day

Is it today? Let me Google.. Bless google, it is like a knowledge calendar that reminds me what's going on in the world LOL
Anyway, so 22nd April is known for Earth Day. I guess that we need to be reminded at least once a year that we need to appreciate the planet that we live in (I wonder if Martians feels the same way about their planet, or other planet habitants in any case).. Make you wonder isn't? But let's focus back to Earth. I guess that this day is made to remind us to count our blessings for being able to breathe the air, to enjoy the greeneries, the blues and greens of the sea.That we are still able to keep doing what we want to do and suppose to do. To live.
It is also to reflect on the bad things going on these days, how we badly treated our environment. But we all have our beliefs when treating the environment. You can be a downright environmentalist to a person who just don't care to recycle. Where is your stand on this.
Europeans condemn the act of Asian countries that destroy the jungle for the purpose of urban development. But for the Asian countries, jungle means under-develop and poor, so I can understand when Asian countries bulldozed the jungle to make way for highways, towns. I think well-controlled urbanism is important. It is OK to develop towns, cities, but I think it is important to preserve the nature. In US, Canada, Europe, Australia, you can see that eventhough in the cities, there are still big parks. I am not talking children playgrounds. But really nice big parks where people can still enjoy the greeneries, birds can build their nests....

I hope that as more and more people become aware of our environment, less ignorant and respect the other living creatures on this planet, it will be easier to keep the Eart "healthy". I have been living on this planet for over 30 years (yeah not going to give the exact number hush hush :p) and it is only this year I start to separate my houshold garbages to different recycle bins. It is an easy thing to do that we often take for granted.

Teaching the young ones of importance to respect the environment is important. They should start recycling at the early age. They should be aware of conserving water, keeping the beaches and river/sea clean.

Anyway, we can talk about this the whole day, but still do nothing. If you can't start preserving the environment today, just count for the blessing the joy that you have in on the Earth from you were born till today. I think the Earth would appreciate that you appreciate it.

OK! having said that, it's Thursday!!!!!!!!!! so it's the Karaoke time of the week... Yes!!!!
MJ came in mind with his Earth song.. Yay!!!! No other artist these days who could create a song about Earth and hit the right beat and reach to everyone's heart. Young and old. No nonsense lyric like "party in the USA", "pimp ship flying high" or "take your shirt off" LOL

So here's the Earth Song by Michael Jackson. RIP.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water conserving tip

#32 Designate one glass for your drinking water each day or refill a water bottle. This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - with Princess Tiana

Watched Princess and the Frog some time ago, and liked the ending song of this movie, by Ne-Yo. The song is "Never Know I Needed".

It's simple - sometimes what we want is not what we need :D And we never knowe we need it until we found it.

I also like the song in the movie "Almost There" sang by Princess Tiana.
OK then come sing with Tiana!!!!!!!!

Al..moosstt... thereeeeee...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movie Mardi - Love Happens (2009)

A day late, but I had this idea yesterday to change Makan-makan Mardi to Movie Mardi instead.

Last night, I watched this movie, well more like finishing the movie. I started the movie some time last week when I was on the train to Nancy.

So this movie is with Jennifer Aniston, Rachel from Friends as the lead actress and Aaron Eckhart as the lead actor. We all know Jen, but who is Aaron? I can't put his face to any of the movies I have seen, but thanks to Google and idmb, ahh he is the guy who played Two Face in Batman. With his dimpled chin, he should play more chick flicks huhuhuhu...

Anyway, the movie is... missing the chick flick punch. You got the nicely couple Jen-Aaron, but I have problem to finish this movie. As I mentioned before, I could wait a week later to finish the movie... hish.. So it has this boy meets girl, in an unusual circumstances. Then comes the courtship, the innocent date, the spark, the first kiss, and you-turn-my-life-around plot. Other than that it is so mellow. I don't know about Aaron, but Jennifer Aniston has this mellow look and also strong look. She is not quirky or funny. Aaron is most of the time in suit, only the last 10 mins of the movie we can see him in casual clothes - leather jacket, t-shirt and I can't remember if he wore jeans or casual pants, and the hair is messed up a bit. There is no special moment that I could really recall from this movie :/

All in all I give 4 out of 10.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water, synonymous with life

Right,I'm not going to talk about the fact that the weather sucks in Brussels lately. It has been wet, raining on and off, and that it's chilly day and night. But let's be positive. Without rain, there's drought, and we don't want drought.

While walking home I saw the poster of 'Discover Each Other Through Water'. It is an event or more like contest that is organized by the commune where I live in Brussels, Ixelles. So basically, there are 8 towns from 8 different countries which participate in this event. They are : communes of Ixelles in Belgium, Biarritz in France, Kalamu in the Democratic republic of Congo, Megido in Israel, Cascaïs in Portugal, Zacharo in Greece, Zababdeh in Palestine and Mizil in Romania.

The contest is to bring artists, you don't have to be an expert, just sumbit your art work of vision discover each other through water. Now you must be creative in your work, because they will select 3 winners from each town, which means 24 artworks all in total for the road show to these 8 towns. The first exhibition will take place here in Ixelles, Belgium in October 2010.

I think this is a creative way of inserting awareness about importance of water amongst the population. You all know that there are parts of the world where the children do not have access to clean water. According to this contest website, in 20 years, according to UNO , half of the populations will be affected of not getting drinkable water. Imaging that now, if you are thirsty you can easily get tap water to drink, but in 20 years or so, you would not get that same privilege. Scary isn't it.

Anyway, if you were to enter this contest, how would you present your artwork with the theme 'Discover Each Other Through Water'. :D For me strings of rivers came in mind. Rivers could cross different type of land (mountain, valley), and rivers cross different countries, towns, homes, lives. Floating market in Asia came in mind as well, it is where people meet. Or perhaps the Rhine river, that is the longest and important river that crosses Germany, France and the Netherlands. On the east side of Europe, we have the beautiful Danube, flowing from Germany to Austria and then to the Eastern European countries.

These 2 photos were taken in Vienna, Danube river, during our trip in 2008.

How would you present your artwork with theme 'Discover each other through water'?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Food is my Passion

not only food, but the process of making food excites me LOL
So it's tuesday already.. dammnn.. time flies. I can't really give review of place to eat in Brussels because if I do that every week, I'll be broke till the bone! It's expensive to eat out here. But I can't put price on food. I could refrain myself from buying new pair of shoes, using wallet with broken zip, but hey I must have my food-fix.
My biggest meal of the day is lunch, to I make sure that I have a satisfying lunch. When I mean satisfying, I mean really satisfying! LOL Usually something heavy with pasta (spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, quattro fromaggi), or with rice (with a dish) and occasional sandwiches (half baguette size). So I spend a lot for lunch.
I know that I could lose some weights and save lotsa money if I tone down on my lunch expenses, but I am not ready to do so.
Once, I was at a client's place for an audit, there was no where to go out during lunch, coz the office/factory is in the middle of no where, and the client bought us packed lunch. I was down with tears the whole time I was there. Lucky that it lasted only for 2 weeks.
Once I remember that someone asked me why I like to eat out and not cook for myself. My response is "Those people at the restaurants want to cook for me, why would I say no. I should support them in their business" hahaha
Don't get me wrong I like cooking, and baking, but not just for myself :D

When is your biggest meal of the day?
Do you prefer to eat at home or eat out?
Any recipes I should try? :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Fixing a Broken Heart

Ou laaa!!! I have been neglecting the gifts this past few days!! Just got so many things going on, that I don't have time to reflect and do the post.

Anyway, today is Thursday and it's Karaoke time!!!

Yesterday when I was in the supermarket near my home, I heard the song that I haven't for sometime. It is lucky that most songs have the title in the chorus. Coz I have been cruising the aisles thinking of what the song title is... Then the chorus came, and of course.... Fixing a Broken Heart is the title.. argghh..

This song is big hit on the radio (at least for Aussie radio LOL) and it is way back in 1993. This song recalls of the past time, where there is the unknown of who shall fix my broken heart huhuhu. Ahh good ol days.

I hope that everyone has his/her 'fixing a broken heart' person :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - Will you be a Gypsy?

Hell I would, if the guy is Rafael Nadal!!!!! LOL
My god, who allowed that guy to be so hot in the vidclip?
OK fine, Shakira is hot too, but then who doesn't know that. She always appeared with sexy dance movement which most of them I can't do thanks to the cellulite and fat that masked my movement hahahaahah...
But Nadal?? aarrghhhhh... -_- *faint*

When I first saw this vidclip; I was like who the hell is this guy? He looks familiar of course but my mind races thru all the movies and tv show. It itched me that I can't put the name to the face(read:body) I even googled 'shakira gypsy video guy' hahahahahaha

Huhuhuhu... the second and third and so on times I watched this vidclip; I had to block Shakira from the view and can just watch Nadal over and over again (not to mention thinking that could be me instead of Shakira) LOL But thumbs up on the vidclip. Shakira didn't overdo (though her limited movement, smiles and clothes really bothers me. Read: Jealous). Nadal is.... yummy (nuff said :P)

So if you are still wondering what vidclip and wth i'm talking about, here is the vidclip.. huhuhu

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Jay Sean!

LOL I just love saying that name.. Jay Sean is in da house!!

I like Jay Sean's song featuring Lil Wayne called 'Down'. It's one of those feel good song and that you can easily dance or move your body to the tempo. I like the Lil Wayne part too hehehe

The lyric is simple and so sweet. "Baby don't worry, you won't be lonely.." And of course the down down down part hehehe

So here it is, enjoy.. sing it, dance to it, dedicate to someone you love :D

This is the original vid clip. I like the choreo too..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

S-Day Saturday - SMILE :D

I hardly give something to this blog on Saturdays. It's because on Saturdays usually I'm busy spreading my love to other things or other people :D But of course I own my friends who read this blog and on facebook an S-Day Saturday entry. Here it goes.

I choose 'Smile' as the S word today. As I grew wiser, I remind myself to keep smiling. And giving is receiving. Smile attracts smile. You'll be amazed as to how people react to you when you are smiling. I am talking about genuine smile of course. *LOL* Yes you can fake smile or force smile. But the difference is that what you will get in return.

As far as I remember I am not a smiley person when I was younger, especially when I was a raging-hormone teenager. For this I'm sorry to everyone who's around me. I think it's because I had so many things in my mind. Even now, if I have dark clouds over my head, I'm not a smiley person. But I'd quickly snap myself out of it and remember to smile.

One thing that deter me from smiling is to not attract unwanted contact. It is easy for a young girl who flashes a smile to a stranger, and end up being raped or murdered. So you see, a smile can be invite friends or psychos.

Choose wisely to whom and what you are smiling to/at. When is the last time you smile at the lady at the cashier, when is the last time you smile at your butcher, when is the last time you smile at the guy who handed you your latté?

Keep remember to stop, and smile :D <== I like this smiley rather than :)
Either :D or :) or ^^ , give it out and you'll get it back.
If you reached this point of this post, I invite you to smile :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Knock You Down

Sometimes love is difficult, and tricky. Human behavior is unpredictable and not easy to understand. So when you get into a situation that makes you go deep into the a black hole, just remember to come right back up and start a new story. Don't keep on fall into the depression. It's hard yes, but bite it and move on.µ

Y'all know that last week I went to Ne-Yo concert right? It was so great, chillin out with great songs, dance and Ne-Yo! Daymmnn...

So I'm still into Ne-Yo this week. I like Keri's song Knock you down. It has great pumpin music, nice lyric, and Ne-yo! LOL *^^*
I guess it is a good gift for y'all singin, chillin and get some rap karaoke.

Enjoy! Keep rockin, Keep knockin :D

It's a beautiful vidclip too. Don't you agree? :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Awareness Ahad (the real one) - Yourself

It's easy to talk about other people. What people should do and not do. To preach to the others, to give to the others, to offer. We often see what people need. But so often we forget to see what we need. We expect the others to satisfy our needs. We expect other people to see who we are, and what we want to achieve.

I invite you to make this post as a mirror. That reflect to your own image. What do you want, what do you need, what kind of gifts that you want to get YOURSELF? Be aware of yourself. Question yourself. Sometimes it's not easy to find the answer. It's easy to think of what other people want, but ask yourself "what do you really want from yourself?" Look at yourself in the mirror. (There are a lot of YOURSELF in one paragraph, just to proof my point LOL)

But, getting what you want doesn't always goes hand in hand with your surrounding. We have partners, families, societies, friends and foes in this big o world. Sometimes choosing one thing than another might clash with other people's point of views or beliefs. So how do you handle this? Will you be regretting for not listening to yourself but the others? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying be selfish, hurt your love ones, be a me-me-me person.

But sometimes, neglecting yourself can do bigger harm and damage to those around you.

My point is, don't look around for your misfortunate. You don't owe anyone if you achieve something. It all comes down to you.

We are the person we chose to be.

Awareness Ahad - Jour de Saint Valentin

Have to post this.. I got it in a local bakery. Coeur au nutella :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday - Start of busy weekend

Hey all...
This friday is very exceptional, IMHO. The Winter Olympics at Vancouver will start today, then we have Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. I think people living in Canada especially in Vancouver are the busiest people of all LOL.
So today we are blessed with celebrations. As for in Europe, there is only the Valentine's Day that make people so excited about. Well, maybe also the winter olympics...

For the Winter Olympics, I heard that during the opening ceremony there will be group of artists who will perform the remake of 'We Are The World' for the cause of Haiti. It is said that there is no original artists from the original cut of this song. Of course there will be Canadian artists like Celine Dion, and little Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber will perform the opening part originally sang by Lionel Ritchie. Then there are Josh Groban, Pink, Usher etc.. Hmmm I can't wait for someone to put this on the Youtube. I want to see Josh Groban!! hehehehe

What are the sports that you are looking forward to watch during this game? Me? Curling of course LOL.. Like to see people scrubbing floors as a sport :D

As for the Chinese New Year, in most part of Asia, this is one of the biggest and oldest celebration. It is the time of the year where you have long holidays, similar to Christmas vac. Yesterday, I posted the karaoke for Gong Xi Fa Chai and Lion Dance vids. I remember in Malaysia, our family gave some cakes, candies, and snacks to our Chinese neighbours. I think this is a great tradition, and I enjoyed bringing the tray full of goodies to my neighbours. Giving is gold :D I guess that is part of my childhood that thought me to give gifts to people. Of course, our neighbours returned the favors with money in the envelope or snacks and goodies too (yeah I think after some yaers, they get into the game too LOL). Best of all is to wait for the dragon and lion dance performing at our neighbours house. With the long red firecrackers.. ahhh this is Chinese New Year to me.

Another red celebration is the Valentine's Day. I'm not going into the what makes Valentine's day so special. As far as I can remember I don't really celebrate valentine's. OK Maybe when I was a teenager with raging hormones and needed free gifts from a boy LOL. But that's what valentine's is about right? A reason to get gifts and love and affection from certain someone :D My husband and I we celebrated lots of gifts day right before valentine's day, so usually by valentine's day we both are swarmed with gifts and loves and affections, that we just can't take it anymore!!! ahahaahhaha.. Like BSB said "Keep me drowning in your looovee..." This is also the day where things are mighty expensive! Not only the winter sales is gone, everything in the shops are new collection. No, I am not going to spend money on gifts where I could only tell my husband, I Love You and give him a big bear hug :D Oh! and there is a new chick flick called Valentine's Day(duuhh) I wanna watch it!! I wanna watch it!!

I'm going back to Nancy this weekend. Gonna be a winter games (walking on the icy streets), snacking on oranges and foodies and last but not least, smooch and cuddle with my hubby (who said I'm not a sucker for valentine's day? LOL).

Have a great weekend everyone, where ever you are and whatever you do, do with LOVE and CELEBRATION!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Pic courtesy of: http://www.kcca-ks.org/wordpress/?p=8

Happy New Year to all chinese friends!!!
So of course for this week's karaoke post, I give you a chinese new year song. LOL

The karaoke that I put here is funny.. it actually contains like mix of some other songs. There's even jingle bell tune inside.. I let you discover. And what else? hihihihi So let's sing it and get into the festive season!

Dong dong dong qiang dong dong dong qiang! :D
Happy Tiger Year Celebration....

In addition, do enjoy some entertaininh Lion Dance vids from some competition in Malaysia. There is no CNY without lion dance.. dong dong qiang!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mamma Mia Monday - ABBA The Show

A bit late to give the review because I was busy away from my keyboard.

Last Sunday night, I went to ABBA The Show at Forest National in Brussels. It is important to get the name of the show right. It is not The ABBA Show, but ABBA The Show.
Here's the thing, it is not real ABBA, it is not the ABBA comeback (not like NKOTB hihihi). This is the show started by Swedish singers who put the effort to re-live the ABBA songs. During this show they are supported by National Symphony Orchestra of London and 2 original musicians from the ABBA days, a saxo and a guitarist. The whole concert is about ABBA musical journey :D I must say it is a MUST for ABBA fans out there! I have already missed out on Mamma Mia! musical broadway in London (because my husband thought it is too 'girly' hihihi).

Although they are not the original ABBA singers, but they did a very good job. The musics are so great. The musicians have their own choreography when they are not playing their instruments and they really enjoyed their time up on the stage. The singers deliver the songs very well too. All in all 2 thumbs up!! If I could go again, I would! LOL

More photos and vids from the concert:

ABBA The Show

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Jones Beach 1988! NKOTB Revisited

Their first come-back single :D Personally I hate the vidclip of this song. I guess some ppl hate it too because of 'old guys with bunch of young skinny ladies' part in the clip. But take those skinny ladies off, and you got a song for blockheads and looking at the lyric of this song, it's a way of saying hey blockheads, we're back and we're gonna rock ya! :D Which they did...

So I think this song is a great flashback song to the 1988's where we were once young and naive, but never ashame to admit it ;-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water Conservation Tip

The very most important tip for water conservation - "It All Starts With You"

It hard to start on new routines. But push yourself harder each time. Everyone needs the first step. You can make your first step.
When washing your hands, don't let the water runs while you apply soaps. Yes, it takes more movements, but push yourself to turn off the tap before reaching for the soap.

Let's start now. Value the fresh water while we have it.
Have a waterloving day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Parlez vous français?

Care for some challenges? Why not sing in french? heheheh
I chose Celine Dion's song because I think this is one of the many singers who make french songs popular in non-french speaking countries. So, enjoy!!! practice makes perfect :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Makan-Makan Mardi - Mak Bee!

OMG!! I dunno what they 'really' put inside this thing, but I can't stop eating it!!
It's none other than Kuah Rojak Kacang Mak Bee (Mak Bee's Rojak Peanut Paste)
What is Rojak in english btw?

I bought this pot when I was in Penang last December. So it has been about 1 month and ahalf sitting inside my fridge. I have never taste this paste before. I thought that it would be very hot and spicy and I don't have any time to taste it. It happens that I have extra green apples from yesterday's baking. So I thought OK good time to taste this paste.

I read the ingredients on the label. There is soy sauce, peanut, chilies, sugar, shrimp paste and salt.

You can see that I eat it with the leftover Granny smith apple and green seedless grape. It was soooooooooo good (by malaysian standard though, not european LOL) I could lick the knife, the plate! I had to stop myself as I started to reach half of the pot! Preccioussss....

This is for sure one thing that I will put in my list as thing-to-bring-back-to-Europe LOL. And also thing to ask my mom to send via post! hahahaha...
So anyone in Penang? hihi

So if you'll excuse me.. I have plate to lick :P

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Let's 60s!

Ahh boyband, boyband... I think they exist since the early ages.. I wonder what would boybands in stone ages look and sound like LOL *^^*

I have been watching TV series 'Man of Certain Age' and they use 'When I grow up' by The Beach Boys song as the starting song. I like the lyrics of this song too..
We know The Beach Boys is oh-so famous once upon a time. They have so many great musics like When I grow up, Kokomo, Surfin' in the USA, and many more...
OK OK So The Beach Boys is not exactly boyband.. I think they revolutionize surf rock band and boyband hihihi
There are so many things going on during that era of 60s, 70s and 80s. This band survive all kinds of battles and yet they managed to dazzle younger generation (like me ^^) with their musics.

Here's for karaoke this week: When I grow up by The Beach Boys.
I can't find karaoke vid for this song. So here I posted the lyrics and the song vid.

When I grow up to be a man
Will I dig the same things that turn me on as a kid?
Will I look back and say that I wish I hadn't done what I did?
Will I joke around and still dig those sounds
When I grow up to be a man?

Will I look for the same things in a woman that I dig in a girl?
(fourteen fifteen)
Will I settle down fast or will I first wanna travel the world?
(sixteen seventeen)
Well I'm young and free but how will it be
When I grow up to be a man?

Oooooo Ooooooo Oooooooo
Will my kids be proud or think their old man is really a square?
(eighteen nineteen)
When they're out having fun yeah, will I still wanna have my share?
(twenty twenty-one)
Will I love my wife for the rest of my life
When I grow up to be a man?

What will I be when I grow up to be a man?
(twenty-two twenty-three)
Won't last forever
(twenty-four twenty-five)
It's kind of sad
(twenty-six twenty-seven)
Won't last forever
(twenty-eight twenty-nine)
It's kind of sad
(thirty thirty-one)
Won't last forever

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Charity:Water

While browsing for donation organization for the Haiti earthquake, I stumbled upon the website by Charity:Water. This non-profit organization's mission is to bring freshwater to developing countries such as Kenya, Ethopia, etc. You can read more about this organization by click on the link I put above. They have great stories, information that could widen our perception about water.

I am so blessed to have drinking water, tap water, bath water, shower water everyday. Even so, I tend to 'forgot' to drink water. There are people out there who need to drink water, but they do not have the access to it. Or they must travel about 30 kilometers just to get to the water source. I just need to walk 3 meters, and I'm grumpy LOL...
Remember the moment when we wanted to have tap water, and when we turned the tap on, there is no water coming out? And we started to swear "who the hell switched off the water without prior notice" "oh I am so going to call the city hall to complain" or "oh no, no water, what am I going to do *panic*"

Personally, I can't live without clean water. Especially to clean up. I hate outdoor campings just because the thought of no running water makes me go into panic attack LOL... Perhaps I am spoilt or perhaps I am just plain lucky.
I realized that I must be grateful for the freshwater that I have access to everyday without any hassle.
I am grateful
I remember in Malaysia, it happened sometimes that they closed the waterworks for maintenance or that there is a broken pipe somewhere and some sectors do not have tap water. Oh dear dear.. The anxiety rose while waiting for the water to be available or when you heard that the city will send water truck to give water supplies during this "blackout". You can see households brought out all types of water storage containers, from buckets of all sizes to jerry can type container. Oh I hate when it happened.
Then to think of people in Ethopia, Kenya, Uganda etc that they have to wait for such charity to have the water tank truck to come and bring them some fresh clean water, it amazes me. I wish they could have easy access to freshwater as I have.
Anyway, it's better to start somewhere. Go to charity:water website and there are so many inspiring stories related to water mission in developing country.
I like this particular promo ad. I think it was made during the festive season.
Give love, give water :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Minum-minum Mardi - Tealight tea warmer

I found this thing in a shop in Brussels. It costs me about 5 euros. Not bad eh..

Tealight candle


Burner place


A mug


Tealight tea warmer!!!!

This thing keeps my drink hot hot hot :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mamma Mia Monday - Thank you for the music :-)

The tix arrived in the mail today!! Pysched!!! :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - I believe in you

Now let's move the karaoke up a notch a bit this week, shall we :D
Celine Dion is known for her amazing voice and the high powerful voice. As for Il divo, they sang with great harmony and they are hot in the suits hahahaha

So poise yourself, breathe correctly, control your expression and prepare to tremble your lower lip like Celine Dion. LOL
I put 2 version of karaoke. Like this you know what I meant :D

*clap clap clap*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water to reduce risk of cancer

It is not a water post per se. But I think it is important to remind ourselves why drinking plenty of water is such a great deal. I've found a nice article on the web which put the ways in which we could reduce the risk of getting cancer.

In the list, water is on number 4.
4. Drink Plenty of Water

This is an easy one.

Research suggests that drinking plenty of water may reduce your risk of getting bladder cancer. Why? Water dilutes the cancerous agents in your urine, thereby reducing the time period these agents are in contact with your bladder.

Additionally, drinking lots of water will aid in the elimination of toxins from your body.

Research suggests that consistent dehydration may be linked to urinary tract, colon, and breast cancer.

It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, more if you’re active.

So there you go. As the article said, this is easy. But I don't think it is not easy to make sure you drink minimum of 8 glasses per day. Without we noticing it, we tend to forget to drink. Yes, it's true.
Example: myself.
I need a reminder to drink water. I can go on the whole afternoon without water. Tsk tsk tsk.. this is not good.
So as I set a reminder for myself, I'm sharing this with everyone :D

Read more on the article here.

Have a plenty-o-water day!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Food for my Brain

Forget about exercising our Brain for now. Let's talk about feeding our Brain with yummy yet nourishing food. MMMmmmmm....
One of the brain functions is to store memories.

I stumbled upon an article on the web which listed out 5 foods to have better memory.
Frankly, I like the list. Thus, I'll share with you all here. Start by going to the supermarket or your organic stores and have these items on your groceries list!

1. Herbs
Studies have shown that even the smell of rosemary can improve memory performance in office workers.

Serious?? LOL
Then it listed also the 3G (yeah yeah I know not only apply to smartphones). Ginkgo, Ginseng and Gota kula.

2. Tea
Yeezzaaa... Ditch those cuppucino, latte or frappé. Start with the good ol tea :D
Perhaps the best news is that tea has up to 10X the polyphenols found in foods like fruits and vegetables.

3. Fruits and Vegies
There is no doubt about this vitamin and fibre source of food.
The thing to remember about memory boosting foods is color. You want dark reds, blues and greens.

Dark red, hmm I'm thinking of cherries, apple, black grapes.
Blueess... hmm blackcurrent..
Greeeeennnss.. well spinach, I'm not a big fan of greens, so I'll stick with spinach for now LOL

4. Fish and Nuts
Peanuts!!!! :D
Of course it's due to the omega-3 fatty thingy.

5. Honey
The article listed this as dessert. I think it's to attract attention of the reader. I put honey because it's straight to the point. Honey rules!!
For last Christmas, we've chosen Honey has our Christmas pressies theme. We made hampers consists of honey items: different kind of honey, honey with the honeycomb, honey cakes, honey candies, honey soaps and honey rhummmm... So there ya go an idea for your next Christmas or Birthday pressies :)

Read the full article here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mamma Mia Monday - The ABBA Show

I bought tickets for The ABBA Show in February :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Battlefield! Battlefield!

A feel good karaoke song hahahaha... There is nothing like singing your heart out after a long day at work :D


And I like Jordin's performance here. Though that is one ugly wedding dress, she wore it nicely, with great voice (plus the Jonas boys are nice deco hahaha)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Drink up!

Don't forget to drink water today. After you read this post, get yourself a glass of water and drink up!! Glug Glug Glug ;D

Thank yourself after that :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Piece O Cake

Had an urge to eat cake. While thinking of cakes, I was thinking of great tv sitcom scenes that involved cakes. I know there are a lot of them out there but I put here 3 of my favorites. If you can think of any other that makes you crave for cakes after watching it, feel free to comment.

After work I went to an arab patisserie/boulangerie. I have been eyeing this place for sometime. So I decided to make a turn and enter the shop.

They got quite nice and fattening looking cakes! Yummy.I like! It looks like they have a lot of butter cream cakes which very rare to find here. It's mostly like Malaysian butter cream cakes. In Europe, they use a lot of creme patisseries, glazing and ganache. Then the cream is as part of the cake. Malaysian butter cream cake or I think more like American cakes, they have a big part of cake then the cream is only on top and around the cake. So when you eat it, it has a balance part of cake and cream.

Anyway, look what I bought! ;-) Verdict: Yuummmaaayyyy!! Just like I love it. Cake and cream balance. Blissss....

In order to not make me feel guilty eating them, I'll share with you (LOL) My hope is to be courageous enough to make beautiful yummy cakes :D

So here are the 3 tv sitcoms related to cakes that I like and enjoy them! (While I enjoy the cakes)

Mmmm.. cheesecake!

Mmm.. chocolate cake!

Mmm... special day cake!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year! Bonne Année! Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!
No matter how you say it, the mark of new year in Gregorian calendar is here.

How did you celebrate the arrival of new year? What's your feeling when you woke up to the new day in the new year?

New day, new change, welcome it with positivity. I'm sure some of us can't wait for this event to start on new plan, new event, or even to add another year of goodness. It is possible that there are some of us who are so busy for the past few weeks and just do not have time to really reflect on new events or new plans. Don't be afraid. I fall under the latter category and of course I freaked out a week ago. I'm a well planned person, and having no plan for the year scared the bejezuz out of me LOL. Some deep breathings and voice of reason (my husband), I welcome 2010 with an open arm and trusting myself to the days to come.

I know that for the days to come I will continue to improve myself. As I am writing this gift, I started to gather some resolutions.

I resolve to continue and/or start contribute my love, life, mind, body and soul to the well-being of the myself, earth and humanity. I resolve for an honest, healthier and hopeful year!

Last year, I started to open up to living healthier, happier, wiser and to stop living in my own world but to think of those of less fortunate and how to make a better community. As I started to have the idea last year, it is not easy to fulfil such resolutions. I am hopeful :-)

Let's enjoy musics, savor the cultures, be grateful, save water, save energy/electricity, recycle, acknowledge what we like and what we love.

Here's a lovely gift passed on to you from ABBA. Not only ABBA is my all time favorite band, but this is my all time favorite new year song. Do take time to understand the lyric. This song was made for end of 1989, and welcoming 1990 (well after they disbanded).

Let's sing it!!