Thursday, February 25, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Jay Sean!

LOL I just love saying that name.. Jay Sean is in da house!!

I like Jay Sean's song featuring Lil Wayne called 'Down'. It's one of those feel good song and that you can easily dance or move your body to the tempo. I like the Lil Wayne part too hehehe

The lyric is simple and so sweet. "Baby don't worry, you won't be lonely.." And of course the down down down part hehehe

So here it is, enjoy.. sing it, dance to it, dedicate to someone you love :D

This is the original vid clip. I like the choreo too..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

S-Day Saturday - SMILE :D

I hardly give something to this blog on Saturdays. It's because on Saturdays usually I'm busy spreading my love to other things or other people :D But of course I own my friends who read this blog and on facebook an S-Day Saturday entry. Here it goes.

I choose 'Smile' as the S word today. As I grew wiser, I remind myself to keep smiling. And giving is receiving. Smile attracts smile. You'll be amazed as to how people react to you when you are smiling. I am talking about genuine smile of course. *LOL* Yes you can fake smile or force smile. But the difference is that what you will get in return.

As far as I remember I am not a smiley person when I was younger, especially when I was a raging-hormone teenager. For this I'm sorry to everyone who's around me. I think it's because I had so many things in my mind. Even now, if I have dark clouds over my head, I'm not a smiley person. But I'd quickly snap myself out of it and remember to smile.

One thing that deter me from smiling is to not attract unwanted contact. It is easy for a young girl who flashes a smile to a stranger, and end up being raped or murdered. So you see, a smile can be invite friends or psychos.

Choose wisely to whom and what you are smiling to/at. When is the last time you smile at the lady at the cashier, when is the last time you smile at your butcher, when is the last time you smile at the guy who handed you your latté?

Keep remember to stop, and smile :D <== I like this smiley rather than :)
Either :D or :) or ^^ , give it out and you'll get it back.
If you reached this point of this post, I invite you to smile :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Knock You Down

Sometimes love is difficult, and tricky. Human behavior is unpredictable and not easy to understand. So when you get into a situation that makes you go deep into the a black hole, just remember to come right back up and start a new story. Don't keep on fall into the depression. It's hard yes, but bite it and move on.µ

Y'all know that last week I went to Ne-Yo concert right? It was so great, chillin out with great songs, dance and Ne-Yo! Daymmnn...

So I'm still into Ne-Yo this week. I like Keri's song Knock you down. It has great pumpin music, nice lyric, and Ne-yo! LOL *^^*
I guess it is a good gift for y'all singin, chillin and get some rap karaoke.

Enjoy! Keep rockin, Keep knockin :D

It's a beautiful vidclip too. Don't you agree? :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Awareness Ahad (the real one) - Yourself

It's easy to talk about other people. What people should do and not do. To preach to the others, to give to the others, to offer. We often see what people need. But so often we forget to see what we need. We expect the others to satisfy our needs. We expect other people to see who we are, and what we want to achieve.

I invite you to make this post as a mirror. That reflect to your own image. What do you want, what do you need, what kind of gifts that you want to get YOURSELF? Be aware of yourself. Question yourself. Sometimes it's not easy to find the answer. It's easy to think of what other people want, but ask yourself "what do you really want from yourself?" Look at yourself in the mirror. (There are a lot of YOURSELF in one paragraph, just to proof my point LOL)

But, getting what you want doesn't always goes hand in hand with your surrounding. We have partners, families, societies, friends and foes in this big o world. Sometimes choosing one thing than another might clash with other people's point of views or beliefs. So how do you handle this? Will you be regretting for not listening to yourself but the others? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying be selfish, hurt your love ones, be a me-me-me person.

But sometimes, neglecting yourself can do bigger harm and damage to those around you.

My point is, don't look around for your misfortunate. You don't owe anyone if you achieve something. It all comes down to you.

We are the person we chose to be.

Awareness Ahad - Jour de Saint Valentin

Have to post this.. I got it in a local bakery. Coeur au nutella :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday - Start of busy weekend

Hey all...
This friday is very exceptional, IMHO. The Winter Olympics at Vancouver will start today, then we have Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. I think people living in Canada especially in Vancouver are the busiest people of all LOL.
So today we are blessed with celebrations. As for in Europe, there is only the Valentine's Day that make people so excited about. Well, maybe also the winter olympics...

For the Winter Olympics, I heard that during the opening ceremony there will be group of artists who will perform the remake of 'We Are The World' for the cause of Haiti. It is said that there is no original artists from the original cut of this song. Of course there will be Canadian artists like Celine Dion, and little Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber will perform the opening part originally sang by Lionel Ritchie. Then there are Josh Groban, Pink, Usher etc.. Hmmm I can't wait for someone to put this on the Youtube. I want to see Josh Groban!! hehehehe

What are the sports that you are looking forward to watch during this game? Me? Curling of course LOL.. Like to see people scrubbing floors as a sport :D

As for the Chinese New Year, in most part of Asia, this is one of the biggest and oldest celebration. It is the time of the year where you have long holidays, similar to Christmas vac. Yesterday, I posted the karaoke for Gong Xi Fa Chai and Lion Dance vids. I remember in Malaysia, our family gave some cakes, candies, and snacks to our Chinese neighbours. I think this is a great tradition, and I enjoyed bringing the tray full of goodies to my neighbours. Giving is gold :D I guess that is part of my childhood that thought me to give gifts to people. Of course, our neighbours returned the favors with money in the envelope or snacks and goodies too (yeah I think after some yaers, they get into the game too LOL). Best of all is to wait for the dragon and lion dance performing at our neighbours house. With the long red firecrackers.. ahhh this is Chinese New Year to me.

Another red celebration is the Valentine's Day. I'm not going into the what makes Valentine's day so special. As far as I can remember I don't really celebrate valentine's. OK Maybe when I was a teenager with raging hormones and needed free gifts from a boy LOL. But that's what valentine's is about right? A reason to get gifts and love and affection from certain someone :D My husband and I we celebrated lots of gifts day right before valentine's day, so usually by valentine's day we both are swarmed with gifts and loves and affections, that we just can't take it anymore!!! ahahaahhaha.. Like BSB said "Keep me drowning in your looovee..." This is also the day where things are mighty expensive! Not only the winter sales is gone, everything in the shops are new collection. No, I am not going to spend money on gifts where I could only tell my husband, I Love You and give him a big bear hug :D Oh! and there is a new chick flick called Valentine's Day(duuhh) I wanna watch it!! I wanna watch it!!

I'm going back to Nancy this weekend. Gonna be a winter games (walking on the icy streets), snacking on oranges and foodies and last but not least, smooch and cuddle with my hubby (who said I'm not a sucker for valentine's day? LOL).

Have a great weekend everyone, where ever you are and whatever you do, do with LOVE and CELEBRATION!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Pic courtesy of:

Happy New Year to all chinese friends!!!
So of course for this week's karaoke post, I give you a chinese new year song. LOL

The karaoke that I put here is funny.. it actually contains like mix of some other songs. There's even jingle bell tune inside.. I let you discover. And what else? hihihihi So let's sing it and get into the festive season!

Dong dong dong qiang dong dong dong qiang! :D
Happy Tiger Year Celebration....

In addition, do enjoy some entertaininh Lion Dance vids from some competition in Malaysia. There is no CNY without lion dance.. dong dong qiang!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mamma Mia Monday - ABBA The Show

A bit late to give the review because I was busy away from my keyboard.

Last Sunday night, I went to ABBA The Show at Forest National in Brussels. It is important to get the name of the show right. It is not The ABBA Show, but ABBA The Show.
Here's the thing, it is not real ABBA, it is not the ABBA comeback (not like NKOTB hihihi). This is the show started by Swedish singers who put the effort to re-live the ABBA songs. During this show they are supported by National Symphony Orchestra of London and 2 original musicians from the ABBA days, a saxo and a guitarist. The whole concert is about ABBA musical journey :D I must say it is a MUST for ABBA fans out there! I have already missed out on Mamma Mia! musical broadway in London (because my husband thought it is too 'girly' hihihi).

Although they are not the original ABBA singers, but they did a very good job. The musics are so great. The musicians have their own choreography when they are not playing their instruments and they really enjoyed their time up on the stage. The singers deliver the songs very well too. All in all 2 thumbs up!! If I could go again, I would! LOL

More photos and vids from the concert:

ABBA The Show

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Jones Beach 1988! NKOTB Revisited

Their first come-back single :D Personally I hate the vidclip of this song. I guess some ppl hate it too because of 'old guys with bunch of young skinny ladies' part in the clip. But take those skinny ladies off, and you got a song for blockheads and looking at the lyric of this song, it's a way of saying hey blockheads, we're back and we're gonna rock ya! :D Which they did...

So I think this song is a great flashback song to the 1988's where we were once young and naive, but never ashame to admit it ;-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water Conservation Tip

The very most important tip for water conservation - "It All Starts With You"

It hard to start on new routines. But push yourself harder each time. Everyone needs the first step. You can make your first step.
When washing your hands, don't let the water runs while you apply soaps. Yes, it takes more movements, but push yourself to turn off the tap before reaching for the soap.

Let's start now. Value the fresh water while we have it.
Have a waterloving day!