Friday, October 21, 2011

Fans Friday

Year 2012 promises lotsa concerts for me. And that means I am spending loads of money recently. I have bought concert tix for James Morrison, Jason Derulo and Il Divo. Then upcoming is NKOTBSB (w00t!!!). I was so close to go to Hanson's concert in Paris, but it will be on Thursday. I don't think that I have the courage to go there on weekdays. Yes, Hanson the Mmmbop group LOL. I just saw Boys II Men for January 2012. Should I go? They are like the Motown legend, and I heard that they are still pretty good singers. Well, I will put them on my Maybe list. :D

Well, the BIGGEST highlight would be the NKOTBSB!
If you don't know yet, I am a HUGE fan of NKOTB & BSB. OK I am not that HUGE fan, because if I were their huge fan, I would go to their cruises, went to more than 1 concert, bought all their albums including the individual singer releases. But looking back at my younger days, they are like my greatest crush. It's like that little girl with Justin Bieber. Hahahahaha...

Few weeks ago, they announced that they will be doing the NKOTBSB European tour in Spring 2012. Come on, and you're saying I should not go? HAHAHAHA
OK fine, I will go for sure. But with VIP package? oouuuhhh That sends shiver at the back of my neck and sick in my gut! I remember in 2009 when I did NKOTB and BSB (separately), I started to think to do the VIP. But then, I wasn't too sure. Then, after the concerts, I remembered saying next time I'll do the VIP.

And this is the grand opportunity because, this is THE next time and that they are doing the join concert. BUT for the VIP, you get to meet only 1 group at a time. Meaning that you are either get the NKOTB VIP to meet NKOTB, or BSB VIP to meet BSB. It also means that in order to meet NKOTB and BSB, I must do 2 concerts and get 2 VIPs. Which I think it is fair. If they would do 2 concerts separately, I would've need to get 2 VIPs anyway, right? (Ok this is part that you got me and say I am right)

So why all this justification? It's the price. HAHAHAHA
The most expensive VIP pack is around 550USD, and cheapest would be around 320USD.
What did you get in this VIP pack?
The most expensive one, you get to take picture with the guys alone, good seatings or standing location, some gifts, refreshments.
The other VIPs are you get to take picture with the guys in group of 10, good seating or standing location, some gifts and refreshments.
I would get this VIP just to get to meet the guys in person, and to take picture with them.

Why? Tell me wwhyyyyy... hahahaha
Because they are my younger time idols! They are not so much now of course, because I can't marry them, I can't make them fall in love with me (I don't want to because I already have the guy that I love!). It's just that, it's the kind of thing I HAVE to do, otherwise I wouldn't know what it is like to meet NKOTB and BSB.
It is like when I was a teenager, I would be like, I wish I could meet them or to go to their concert. At that time, I don't have money, my parents won't let me and they didn't go to do concert at where I live!
Now is the OPPORTUNITY. Why wouldn't I seize that OPPORTUNITY? :D

Wish me luck in battling my inner-self, and I'll get back to you with the outcome :D