Friday, July 13, 2012

Forward Friday

As much as I would like to move forward and post something new, I still want to go back to my previous post about getting the driving license. I thought that I would vlog about it, but my work laptop does not have adobe flash installed so the Youtube webcam can't load :-( Sux. I need to get a new laptop at home *sigh*

Anyway, I get good response on my photo once I put it on the social media network.

For those who haven't seen my Youtube vid, then they do not know my "battle" with getting the driving license. Once I thought about it, why it merits to be told and untold for several times. I didn't write a long post about it because I was thinking, does it merit a post?! LOL But I have come to accept that this is part of the story of my life. I have to tell this story over and over again!! But again, I'm proud of it and I have never regret the journey.

Just to think again, I'm crazy to take the driving test in Brussels, a capital city. Imagine the difference if you take the exam in a small town (where you grew up in) and a city where there are trams, busses, cyclists, cars, trucks... LOL

The best about the whole experience is the process here in Brussels. As you may know or may not know, in Belgium once you passed the theory exam and learn 20hrs with driving school, you get a temporary driving license 'L'. With this, with some restriction, I could drive alone within the country. As a person who strive on practice and practice, I find that this way is a good way to learn. What? Putting people in danger? What about those people who drive fast? Or who drives thru red light?  I find that experienced drivers are as much as danger prone as 'L' drivers. Having to drive to work everyday helps me too. So far I've driven almost 6000km.

As I mentioned, the process in Brussels is good. To set the exam date and time, you can just go to the website and register online. You may choose up to 5 dates of your choice and either AM or PM. Then, in few hours, you get a confirmation email on the time and date and you confirm online. So just in few hours, I get the confirmation of my exam date and exact time. Just to compare in France, the registration can only be done via your driving school. So you do not have control on when you want. If the driving school wants to toy with you, they will set the exam further, and ask you to pay for more lessons so that you won't "get out of touch" with your driving skill.

So mine was on 3rd of July at 10:51AM. Yeah very precise LOL.

You can do the exam with your own car or with the driving school car and there must be 1 person comes along. Since I'm using my own car, I bring my husband :D

The day itself, we went and it was so stressful!!! We paid the fee and wait for our turn. Surprisingly, they are on time. So I have to pick a little card from a deck. The cards have number and this suppose to determine the exam route. I got N° 2.

We walked up to my car, myself, the examiner and my hub. Th exam started with the tech knowledge test: Lights, Wiper etc. I almost forgot how to switch on the anti-fog light. Phew! Then check under the hood. Then it's time to roll.... My hub sat at the front and the examiner at the back. So my route n°2 mainly consists of urban area where the speed limits are 50 or 30 km/h. There is one long stretch where the speed limit is 70km/h, but it's a street with traffic lights every 100m. Yeah it's wierd. There are 2-3 cars ahead which were slow, so I just stayed behind and drove at 50km/h. I was tempted to overtake but lucky that I saw it's a street with lotsa traffic lights. One thing about driving during the exam is 'drive like a grandma' LOL At any exam there will always a 'trap/trick' area. This is usually where the street upfront is a no entry, and you have to either turn left or right. I was concious about this, especially when we kept on going straight.

There are 2 manoeuvers only to be done here: U-turn in a small street and parallel parking. While in France, you could be asked for 3rd manoeuvre which can be either backward along the street (yeah having to drive backward seems to be very important if you are french LOL) and side parking. Since the beginning I have no problem to do these things. A lot of people have problem with parallel parking, but I grasped it well and I think it is fun. :-/

During the ride, the examiner made some comments like "You know we are not in 30km/h zone?" - In my defense, I was looking for the sign, and I think I missed it LOL and "Careful" - This is where I was a tad fast at a little corner :-/

When we arrived, we had to go to the other part of the building, and wait for the examiner for the verdict. I told my hub that I won't get it because the usual comment would be insufficient skill, thus I need to practice and practice. While waiting you witnessed other people's verdict. Huhuhuhu...

Then the examiner came out with papers in hand. I thought this is not good. We asked if I passed and he said, "What do you expect?" . I said "oh god, OK what did I do wrong". He hesitated a bit and then he said, "Congratulations" . I can't say for my hub but I was like so close to hug him LOL But I managed to refrain and hug my hub instead :P

I said that I didn't know the place well, so I was so not sure of my driving and you would've told me to go get more lessons with school and learn the exam's routes. But the examiner said that the best way is to not know where you are going because you will and should be careful. And this is what you have showed. People who know the routes tend to drive badly.

Whoever invent motorized vehicules just didn't know what they did to millions of people!!!! Imagine if we are still stuck with horses and donkeys? LOL Well it will be whole new experience! hahahaha :P

All in all it was a great day! :D


Foo Friday

There is a time that you don't feel like doing anything.... Thus, you write a post in a blog -_-

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Midyear Mardi - It's half a year already?!

This is crazy!!! What have you been doing all this months? What have I been doing?!

OK I'm taking time to write a post today because I think it deserves to be written. LOL :D

Woohooo!!! I passed my driving exam :D
Having a diving license is a looonnggg journey for me. And yes finally at 36 years old, I get my driving license :P
If you want to know the history of my driving license, you can watch me on Youtube venting out / more like explaning my journey HAHAHAHA

However, it is not an easy journey for me. It is my second exam. The first one was about a month ago, and I did it well but apparently it is insufficient on my 'turn left'. Yeah, you tell me.
I must say that the guy that I got as examinator today is very nice (well, he passed me, so of course he is nice! LOL).

What can I say. It was a stressful thing to do, before, during, 2 weeks before, 1 day before. Gaahhh!!!
But yeah, I DID IT :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wonderer Wednesday

Haha I don't know what title I should put today.
There are few things came up on my mind this morning...
Someone here has some heavy fingers. At times I can stand hearing keyboards clicking sound, but when this person starts type, all I can hear is hammer hitting on my head! I can't think, I can't talk when this person is typing. GGgrrrr...
I could think clearer with music in my ears!
I wonder if I did the same. I mean hitting the keyboard like hammer hitting nails thru the wall. But I don't think so. Each time I saw this person's hand leaving the mouse, I cringe. Hahahahaha

Anyway, let's not talk about other people....

What's new with me? This week, suddenly I have the idea to take tennis course. I don't think it's because of Roland Garros that just finished. I don't even watch the matches. I don't know, suddenly I want to take it. I used to take beginner course back in Uni. It was great. The problem is, I could not find anyone else who wanted to play tennis with me. So I didn't play ever since. In addition, as I searched for tennis course, this is one very near where I live! Near, I mean like really 10 minutes walk! Hahahaha They have 15 courts and I didn't even know! LOL

Yesterday I called them and the course will only start in October thru March but they have open the registration. The guy told me to come this Saturday for level test. LOL I would say my level is between -1 and 0 Hahahaha But I'm looking forward for this.

Other than that there is nothing special going on I guess :D Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Wednesday

Hey guy... I guess I will put the vlog idea aside for the moment. I do not have the good moment to do it, and only my work laptop has a webcam. I don't want to do vlog at the office, though I could. Just being respectable to the company's property LOL.

So let's us continue :-)
What happened last weekend? Heheheh... Well this happened!

Yes! Yes! I did it... I am a 20km Finisher!!!!!

For someone who doesn't like to run and had a bad running experience at school, I am happy that I have crossed this line and prove to myself that I can do it. You see, I am not at all a runner. Main reason is that at school, it had always been a sport that I hated. There are kids who are faster and when I did the race, I had the impression that I am moving backward and not forward!
Then, I hate it when I run and my vision is troubled by the motion.

However, I don't know where this desire comes from.... I guess, it's because my colleague did it and I had followed some people from the gym training for last year's 20km.

I have never seen the run before. Although I live near to the route, but in 2009, I think I was in France for the weekend, 2010, is the same. In addition, my physical condition was not as I am now. Then, 2011 where I had family commitment. So I am determined to make 2012 is the year I participate in the 20km!!

What I did to prepare myself? I had to push myself to 'learn' to love running. People said, you should do it because you love doing it, and not because you HAVE to do it. There's a lot of truth it in.
I started with doing a lot of readings on the Internet. I get the information like how to run, tips for half-marathon/marathon, run for beginner, preparing for half-marathon plan etc. So it came down to 2 plans which I found quite similar. I opted for 10-week training plan. In addition, the weather was not that encouraging. I only started run outside in mid-March. I do not have a specific running clothes for the cold and rainy weather, but as I went along, I picked up a 'breathable' running jacket and a mighty expensive GPS chrono watch.
It keeps me motivated and also I think with a bit of investment, the running became easier.

So I cut my gym time to still do my Body Step and add the running. I put in my calendar with alarm the number of km that I have to run. This helps as it keeps you alert of what you have to do and not to decide: to run or not to run.

The furthest I've trained is +/-15 km.
Referring to the map below, I trained only on route 1km-7km, twice. I have never been to the route after the 8th km.

From my experience, getting to know your route makes it easier. I guess it applies to everything, right? Otherwise, you will be like me, where I had to constantly remind myself on the kilometers left to run. It worked, but it would be easier if I knew where I was going to.

The D-Day:
Despite of my trainings in the cold and rainy days, it's only a week before the race that we were blessed with warm and sunny days! That's Belgian weather for those who do not know :-)
I had my breakfast sandwich at home, and off I went by public transportation. It took me about 30 minutes to reach there. So there was the stress, the pressure, the excitement, AND the heat!
In the morning, I think it was already 22 degrees Celcius and it's expected be get warmer when reach noon! I walked around and keep drinking my water that I brought from home. Keep hydrate is very important. Just an hour before the start, I ate a multifruit powerbar. I don't know why but perhaps the stress that makes me want to eat LOL.
We get a small mineral water bottle before the race, so I ditched my big water bottle I brought from home and keep the small bottle.
Usually I am not a fan of carrying things in my hand during running. But that day I listened to my gut, and I am happy about it!
So I have on my left hand the water bottle, and on my right hand I have the multi-purpose cloth that I got from my last year's 10km. It's a cloth that you could use as bandana, or as scarf or as wrist cloth. So I have it wrapped on my right hand, so that I keep my hand relax (when running, your hand should be relaxed as if you are holding an egg-not crushing the egg).
I kept the water, and when I'm reaching the water booth, I quickly finish off the water, and I throw the old one, once I got my hand on the new bottle.
Sometimes, they uncapped the bottle for you, so I keep the cap of the previous bottle and reused on the new bottle. 
Once, I had a lady who asked me for a little bit of water. Made me feel good for helping someone. I hope she did well in the race!
At one point, I wet the hand cloth and it serves as a wet towel/sponge. 
In the news, they said that there were about 650 cases during the race, mostly due to hyperthermia.
I'm very happy that all went well for me, and I finished at 2h16mins! I wish for 2hrs, though. Perhaps, next year :-)  

Al in all, it a very good experience, and I am happy that I did it. One 2012 resolution that I can cross out!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maybe Monday

How media changes for the past years and now I am sitting here while thinking my blog is technologically obselete. I'm talking about how people do blog nowadays and pass the information from one person to the world.

Somehow some smartasses have a phone which can take videos and internet connection at the sametime and put 2 and 2 together, and there you go.. Now you have vlog.
I start to think, who read blogs nowadays. If it's not for some serious article or recipes, no one wants to read 'stories' or information. It's much better you have 'story tellers' or some one who read articles for you.

The disadvantages of blog is that you have to type. Blogger needs to have time to sit and type what's going on in their head. However, I find it's frustrating, because no matter how long your blogpost is, you still could not reach to your readers emotionally.
The good thing about vlog is that there is a kind of rule, it should not be more than 5 minutes. 10 minutes if the story is really interesting. But that's the max and you can only do it occasionally. Then, you can convey your message using your face expression and body language. While in the blog, everything is black & white. No emotion >.<   <-- See here, what do you think my face express? hahahahaha
My point is, vlog reaches out to people in a different level.

Talking about level, you can reach different kind of people. With blog you need to watch what you typed. If you have your own wording or spelling-kind of way (like the texting acronyms) you can only reach certain categories of people. But with vlog, unless you talk gibberish, you do not have to pay much attention on spelling. As long as the words came out right, you get the message passed on to basically anyone.

When I think of it, up until 1998, I have kept journals, diaries.. whatever you call it. I remember that I always write something before go to bed at night. And when I did the International student US trip, I wrote in my travel journal. Hmm.. I don't know where I kept those books now.

Before that, I remember when I was teenager, do you remember Dougie Howser M.D? Yeah he is now Barney Stinson.. Hahaha.. But he wrote his journal on his computer/e-diary. Wow.. and look at me now.. almost 20 years after that, I am like Dougie Howser (NOT) LOL
I tried it once, and save it of a floppy disk. But it doesn't really work that well because floppy is very rare at the house so if it's missing one, one of my family members will notice hahahaha

Then, as a teenager, I have a radio in my room which I could record. Eureka!! So I did it for sometime. Then, my mom would come into my room while I record and asking who am I talking to or was I talking alone. In the 90s, hearing someone talking alone in a room where there is no one else, is like close to that person is a psycho HAHAHAHA So the tape thing didn't work out.

As I mature *cough* I forgot about keeping up journal. But I have a lot of things to talk about. And I find that it's therapeutic to bring out what's in my head >.<

I'm thinking about vlog as it is THE trend now on Youtube. But also pictures are much better than this black and white writeup. However, I do not have phone with video capability yet. So this whole thing have to wait... I guess..

So what will it be? Blog or Vlog?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fit Friday

Hey guys! What's up?
Nothing much going on this week other than maximised my workout routine. I've been thinking if I should ditch today's Body Step. I'm still thinking to do some Body Step video though. I love doing that, it's just that I have no time to go to gym on Saturday anymore. I can't tomorrow because I've planned to do so much thing tomorrow around town. I gotta pick up something at the post office, and I would like to get a running cap for my 20km. That would take me the whole morning. Then at 4pm I have hairdresser appointment. Gaahh!!!

Anyway, I think I have finalise my running playlist. Of course, there are lots of NKOTB and BSB songs LOL

I still can't get over those guys yet, especially NKOTB. Huhuhu Soon they will be off from this continent, and that's it! Then, have to wait for another what... 3 to 4 years till I met them again. Oh gosh! It's sux!

I felt powerful on my running. It's great. The first 3km is always hard. But I picked up the tempo after that. I'm so looking forward for this!

Other than that, next week will be a 3-day working day. Woohoo!! I will go to Paris. Didn't plan anything special though. But I'm looking forward to just enjoy the long weekend :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Forever Friday

Last Friday I checked in with the story of NKOTB VIP in Dublin. So today is time for BSB VIP! Oh yeah.... I won't passed up this opportunity. As I said last time I was at their concert, the next one will be with VIP. So NKOTB is done, not it's BSB in Antwerp.

Pysch? Oh so much!! Well, as usual, we didn't know what to expect. Especially the content of the package is different from the one of NKOTB's. We got the BSB Silver VIP package which entitles us for admission to the soundcheck, Q&A session and group photo. Unlike NKOTB VIP, there is no refreshment, goodie bags. Also, there is no email sent by the organizer indicating what time that we have to be there. Looking at the forum, there is info saying we should be there at 3PM/3:30PM.

Anyway, as usual, we had to pickup our vip badge. Then we were told that we could go inside the arena. There we took place at the seating in front of the stage. Then the guys came out. So the guys made some jokes, yada yada yada.. It was entertaining. They sang 2 or 3 songs I suppose. Then, the Q&A session. This 1 girl got the opportunity and came up with a stupid question to Howie D. Something about being in a dream and biscuits.. Whatever... Then a guy asked about the barricade for the photo. FYI, in some VIP photos, the guys are behind the barricade. B Rok tried to answer but of course it's a security thing.. again yada yada yada..

You didn't notice that the time passed by, and then it's time for the photo op. So actually, you get to see the guys up on the stage, joking around, and get to 3 questions.

Then the photo time. We were already in group of 4. We thought that it's just gonna be us 4. But then the security guy 'pushed' us to group with some other girls. Whatever. Then the guys are allowed to shake your hands. I asked for hug from Brian and the security guy jumped on me and said 'No hugging'. Yeah.. whatever... But Nick said 'I like you hair' ***Swooooooonnn**
But then we do not have time to put down our jacket or bags. I was holding my big jacket and bag. As much as I'm dreading to see this photo, I am still excited. I don't think that it will be as good as the NKOTB ones. But then, there is always some other time, right? :D

Oh yeah, from now on, I'm going VIP all the way Baby! LOL I guess once you're in VIP, you are forever stuck in VIP :D

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tips Thursday

Recently I've read this article on the Internet about tricks to avoid stress.
The link is here.

I would like to break it down based on my experience.

1. Enjoy the little moment
Do not wait for a big moment or grand gesture arrives in your life. Start to enjoy the simple thing that you posses NOW. Just by thinking that you are able to breathe and walk and even read, is something worth to enjoy and cherish. If it's raining, touch the raindrop and, smell the smell of the rain. Don't wait. Enjoy now.

2. Hang with Upbeat people
Be extra careful on people who can bring your mood down. In this part, you need to be selfish. Say no to people who you think always bring you to the edge or nervous breakdown. Be the nice guy but not a doormat. On the other hand, there are abundant of resources where you can reach out to highly motivated people such as on the Youtube or Facebook or LinkedIn. You do not need to know this person face to face. The energy can be disseminated via social media network easily. So use the new technology wisely.

3. Smile, even if it's hard
Recently I'm on my training for 20km Brussels. I find that when the hardest part or when I get tired, I cracked up a smile :D Smiling is like an exercise. When you smile at the hardest point in your day or workout, the easier it becomes when you are in the normal situation. I won't go to the Botox treatment like the article mentioned. But smile should come naturally :-) So, today SMILE.

4. Get your Karaoke on
Singing your worry out! Hahaha I like this... Making up your own song could release whatever clouding your mind. Although I would prefer to sing on karaoke, but sometimes it helps when you just invent the wordings and put it into the tune of some songs. This will take your mind off a bit while you try to hit the keys.

5. Work it out
There is no secret that exercise can release your stress. I owe it to my previous job that I need to release stress, that I just need to go to Body Combat class! With the need to punch and pull someone, I workout more and sweat more! The most important is, make sure that you leave the stress (well battered stress) in the class, and step out as a new stronger person.

6. Put a Warm, Fuzzy Memory on Repeat
This is my favorite one. I think that I've learnt this from The Secret. Each time I am in a moment or event or having the feeling that is so overwhelm and happy, I would mentally push on the record button. I would register the sound, the smell and most important is that tingly feeling or goosebumps. When I am in doubt, down or stress (obviously), I would conjure this memory and project it as a bright light into this cloud that hovering above me. If you follow Harry Potter, I suppose this is the same as the Patronus spell against the Death Eaters.

All these items are part of your habit. You need to exercise doing it, before it all before natural and you can see that they work!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivational Monday

Yes, it's me in both pictures. I'm taking a risk in putting my transformation pictures on facebook and in blog. I knew that there was a girl whose transformation photos being stolen and used in some skinny drug scam. But I guess it's more important to pass the message that I wanted to pass along to my friends.

You see, I have never been worried with my appearance or weight. I know that I am happy of who I am, and I am not complaining about not having to fit in this or that or what guy might think. The guys who told me that I have put on weight, I've just ignored them LOL Good riddance right?

Anyway, I have been struggling with keeping my cholesterol in check though. I guess this is the main reason that I do sports or cut back on my egg intake. Hahaha Because I'm so not looking forward each time I get the result of my cholesterol check. Then, when I moved to Brussels, I remember that after the cholesterol check, my GP told me to perhaps lose some weights and do exercise. FYI, I have been walking around a lot since I move to Europe. We live close by to the workplace, and I do not even own a driving license. So I was thinking like I am healthier than those people who drive.

I remember that I passed by a gym on the way to work and back. Sometimes they put out the banner about getting free 1 month subscription, and no registration fee. I remember asking around, and of course there are mix responses on the gym. ONE THING I KNOW NOW IS THAT DO WHAT WANT. I wanted to go to gym, but then the mix reponses held me. You see the problem is people may sound like they know what they talk about. But it's you who know better about yourself. If you feel like doing something, JUST TAKE DECISION OF YOUR OWN.

I can clearly remember, coming back from work one day, and I saw again this banner outside the gym. So I told myself, 'You are not obliged to sign anything', but deep down I knew that I will sign a membership because I am a sucker for nice treatment. So I guess deep down I knew that I am signing up myself to the gym. The welcome is so so, the explanation is also so so. I was close to not signing up, and walk away when the girl made an effort to give me a nice discount which I do not have to pay for 2 months if I complete 3 months subscription. So I said OK (Again, me. sucker.) Then, they gave me this card, which I need to get it full stamped (each time I came to the gym). And if I get 20 stamps I think, I will get another 1 free month. So that is 3 months free upon completing 3 months. So the stamps helped me to push myself to go there and get my stamps. HAHAHHA

I subscribed to a gym in Nancy before, so I know how to operate the bike, and the rowing machine. I stayed safe and only doing that. Of course, it starts to get bored after a while. Then I moved to the epileptic machine. And wow! I love it. Well it's like you are running and burn calories, but it's more like swaying your legs LOL Then while on the machine, I watched some of the classes. I have always a fan of Taebo. So I saw Body Combat class and thought I might join it. I love it.

Then I started join Body Jam. I have always love to dance. :D Before one of the Body Combat class, there was the Body Step class. This class is always full and the participants are really sweating. I was just thinking that I should try this 3rd LesMills concept. So one day I tried. Hmmm, it was a disaster. I couldn't keep up with the choreography. I'm breathless, I was at the point to leave the class. And so I quit. Then, there was another step class but this is more of Step aerobic. More of dancing with step. I love it. However, after awhile, they cancelled this class :-(

I have my heart on Step, so I had todrag my ass back to Body Step class. This time it went easier. I guess it's because I'm getting good at my orientation up down and around the step. I love each time I am in this class!!!! I started up-ed my intensity from 1 bodystep class to 2 classes per week! However, I didn't see much of progress in my weight, but I do gain a lot of energy and I felt better. But nothing more.

It's only when I paired the fitness and Dukan diet that I managed to slim down and at the same time gain muscles. Some days, I asked myself, 'how long am I be able to be like this'. It's true that it is not easy to keep a strictly healthy diet and it's not easy to do sports or fitness every day. I am just a normal girl who miracalously found a good diet and a good sport.

I have been in this fantastic weight for almost 2 years. That is not much. Can I maintain for the next 5 years? 10 years? I am determined to make it happen, you see....

What motivates people to continue eat reasonable food, healthy food?

What motivates people to keep putting on that shoes and sweat their bodies out?

For me, my current me is my motivation. I am at my best and at my happiest. Something I keep and treasure always.....

Flubber Friday

Woo!! It's be almost 2 months of no new post? Seriously, I need to get my things in order with this blog. Gggrrrr.. Otherwise it doesn't deserve the name. Ok so today is Friday, and as usual I can't wait for the weekend. For all people who know me, I always have things to do on the weekend. LOL. Yes; it's not enough that I am busy with work and gym, I have always things planned for the weekend. This coming weekend, I'm going off to the NL to my sister's place. My other sister will be there as well. Woohooo!! Then, next Wednesday (2nd May), we will be going to the NKOTBSB concert in Antwerp! Double woohoooo!!!!! Here, we all got ourselves BSB VIP package, which entitled us with the soundcheck performance by BSB, a Q&A session and 1 group photo. So psych!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will cover that in the next post.

But this time I'm going to tell you of what happened last weekend! LOL I told you that I am a busy bee. So last weekend I went to Dublin, to catch the NKOTBSB concert on Saturday 21st April. You cannot imagine how excited I was. I went there with my younger sister. Of course, I was as excited as I were last time when I went to either NKOTB or BSB concerts. This time, we got the NKOTB VIP 5* package.

With this package you get a Meet & Greet, photo session group of 10 people, light refreshments, and goodie bag. Don't ask me how much a package cost LOL Seriously, it has always my dream to meet NKOTB and BSB, especially NKOTB. Going to their concert is one thing, but meeting them and touching them in a flesh.... Oh ma gad!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to be at the place at 4pm. So the entry for breezy. The hosts are very friendly. We have to wait in the VIP lounge of 02 Dublin. It's a nice and cozy place, where there is a bar and several comfy sofas, chairs. They served us fingerfoods. But then who cares about food right? They started to call group by group. So in our group, there is myself, my sister, 7 girls and 1 guy (partner of a girl).

So as we were lined up, before the 2 other groups, my feeling is exactly like queuing to ride a scary rollercoaster! LOL It's like you want it, you know you HAVE to do it, you are already there in the queue and there is no way to ditch the line. Huhuhuhu.. As our turn came up, we had 4 girls in the group in front of us. Then I went in followed by my sister. The first person I saw is Jordon. Me: Oh my god! You are real! (duh!!! why did I said that) Jordan: We are all real *Hug* My sister apparently showed her nervousness and Jordan patted her on her head and hug her and not letting her go! HAHAHHAHA The next one is Joey, then Donnie, Jon and Danny!!!!!!! Everything passed by as a blurring experience. Yeah, I guess this thing needs practice LOL I had a chance to chat with Danny because I was already done, and like 'Now what'.

It's really like you have a 5 minutes mingle session with the guys! Gaaahhh!!! (Here comes the 'Regret phase'). Then it's time for group photo. I am happy that I get the place that I wanted, next to Danny. The photos turned out to be excellent and I put it as my FB coverpage with proud. I love NKOTB!!!!! So that is my 25 years of dream came true :D

From all of this, the moral of the story is, don't give up in what you want, and strive for it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mamma Mia Monday - Youtube Cover

Hey all,

Just a quick post on Monday (urgghh the weekend is always seems so short!!)
Last Saturday, Chris from supricky06 posted his video for A Capella cover of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain.
Honestly, I have never liked Adele's songs or voice. It's not my cuppa tea.
So when Chris announced that he will cover Adele's song, I was like 'mmeehh'. I'm not against the choice, because he knows what works in Youtube, and as Adele is growing stronger with the latest Brits Award (after the Grammy), so this would do good.
I was really hoping that Chris will do his version and not like some other Youtube artists who tried to sound like the original artists.
When Chris posted his version on SoundCloud, I was suprised. It turned out really damm(sic) good!!!!!!!!!
Chris is now listed in voices of angels in my list LOL, next to Josh Groban and Il Divo ahahahhaha
As I listened to Chris cover, I didn't think that it is Adel's song. It is like a totally new song! Oh well, I'm an exagerate mess, but you get the idea.

Here is the video of A Capella:

Oh and he also did cover of Jason Mraz's "I won't give up".. Also so effing cool! I (and I think many others) suggested this song. Personally, when I heard Jason's singing this song, I knew that it will suit Chris.

Lookit up in Youtube! for "supricky06"


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wondering Wednesday

It has been 2 months now that I started the new job. The wondering has stopped by itself. And last night I started to have dream about my job. Hahaha This is expected.
The work starts to pile up but so far I managed to follow-thru with the tasks. I know that I am not fully given the tasks, but I think I'll manage.
Yesterday I get a phonecall from someone at work asking stuff. And the person informed me that for a beginner, I am very natural at my work, and it looks like I have been doing the job for long time. :-)
This is such a refreshing compliment, and of course I thanked the person and hope to improve more as the time goes-by. Just hope that my boss gets to hear this hahahahaha

Anyway, more things to look forward to.

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wHump Wednesday - Happy Hump Day!

Woohoo!! First concert of the year is Boyz II Men. After 20 years, I get to these guys live. I had to take the seat at the balcony due to my toe, but it's worth it. I was singing and smiling from start til the end.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mo mo Monday - What's going on?

Small update on what's going on, that we are in the 4th week of 2012... It has only been 4 weeks? Feels like ages hhhehehe

Anyway, I have started my new job. So this week is my second week. Still in the transition from the 'honeymoon' phase to the 'accepting new job' phase. I got the rush when my boss informed me that he decided already project for me to takeover... huhuhu Today, the assistant showed me how to do some documentations, and so involved indirectly looking at all sorts of projects documentation. I'm so pysched!!!! People are nice, well they usually are. So I'm blessed. The work condition is great and I sensed that my boss is a professional one :D
One fine day I will write more about this new environment.

I got the company car. And yes, I have been driving. It took me about 45 mins door to door, which is not bad. I enjoyed going out at 7am. Although, you know me, I am nervous when driving, but I think I get used to it. I have to remind myself to keep the speed limit, and do things slowly. Fuh fuh fuh....

On 4th January I had a minor surgery. It supposed to be minor minor, but it ended up to be well, minor-major one. I thought I only have blister or wart on my right big toe,but as the doctor removed it, he discovered that it's a cyst. So I got stitches and all that. My first stitches!! huuhuhuhu So I am out from gym since then. GGgrrrr I really need cardio. I think this week I can go back to Body Step. GGaaahhh
Oh and with my new job, as I can't guarantee to be there befoere 6pm, so they are giving away my BS classes to someone else. Booooo!!!

Ok That's all for now. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wet Wednesday - Waterrrrrr

Something for the new year??
Drink water!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Makan-makan Mardi - 80/20 rule

It sucks, but that's the fact. The way of maintaining your weight or desirable weight is 80% via nutrition (or diet, is not so taboo), and 20% of exercise.
Amazingly, both are very hard to do. Even an exercise junkie like me would admit that doing the 20% exercise is hard. As a person who likes food, watching what you eat is even harder.

At the moment, I am at the point of panic, because after 1 year of losing 13 kilos and physically looking great, I started to feel the tinge of increase of weight. I like my success and I want to stay as it is.

Luckily, my journey was a pleasant one. Meaning that I lose weight by keep eating, but not eating ALL that I want to. As I looked in my supply shelves this morning, I suddenly realize that I have been collecting the things that I should not be eating: various chips, various nuts (although this is good, but eating when I'm not suppose to) and various chocolates. I have to put stop on this. But of course, who will be eating those things? I need to eat those things to avoid waste!... This is bad, really bad.

So before I'm losing all my efforts and that it just about to start (the weight gain, I mean), I better act now!

It will be difficult, as I will start new job next Monday and I don't know what they have for lunch, the stress, and the new schedule. But I must do something!

Again, I know it is difficult to maintain, and that is why we have people who are happy to have the extra kilos in them. But not me. I am happy the way I am physically during January 2010, and I won't stop till I get the good 80/20.

In addition, it is good to start living healthy and that is my resolution as well. Just need to remember to not side-track too far! :D
You go girl!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mellow Monday

Today is the last Monday that I will work in this office. :D
It is not my first time changing job, but still the feels of lost, excited, hopeful and worry are all over me. I know that it is for the best! So I must go for it! And this comes from someone who is in this position for almost 3 years. I cannot imagine how it would be if I am in this position for more than 5 years like most of my current colleagues here. Must be tough eh?

It is always the same countdown:
- This morning will be the last monday morning that I take the route to my work. Next Monday I will be driving to work. For the first time!!!!
- This afternoon is the last Monday lunch that I will have at the usual café. Next Monday lunchtime I would be eating in a caféteria. For the first time!!!!

Ok I only made it to after lunch HAhahaha... But will I have the same freedom to blog from work? Hmm. We will see. I do hope that I get an office by myself. I forgot to glance over when I was there for interview.

As the day goes by, the faces of my current colleagues seems to fade away, and the new bosses and colleagues become more and more realistic. Yeah I had interview with my immediate boss, his boss and a colleague.

Honestly, I don't know what I will be doing exactly and how to workload would be. I just keep reminding myself of the general things that I gathered from my past experience.
- If you don't know, ASK
- If you in doubt, SHOUT
- If you are uncertain, DISCUSS

My problem is that I would like to proof myself that I can do it, that I tend to close myself from colleagues. I will remember to avoid that and be more open when not certain. Not all questions are dumb and you live and learn.

To make things kinda mellow for me. I am not 100% myself.
Five days ago I had a minor surgery at my right big toe. I thought it was a wart, but then the doctor discovered that it is a cyst. So I had this big chunk part of my big toe, and all stitched up.
I hope that there is nothing serious about the cyst and that it was completely removed. I don't mind the pain but it is more painful that I cannot exercise or do my bodystep for more than 2 weeks! Bouhouhou!!!!

Fingers crossed my peeps.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

It's that time again!!!! Woohoooo!!!

Here's my resolutions for 2012, not in any particular order (More like goals):
1. Get my pro-fitness instructor certificate
2. Make peace with driving license
3. Meet in person members of BSB and NKOTB!
4. Meet as many celebs as I can (I wanted to tell them in person how their musics and effort means to me)
5. Get a "good job Shaz" at my new job (gonna start in mid-jan)
6. Make new friends and spread the love to old and new ones
7. Participate in at least 2 runs (Brussels Ladies 9km and Brussels 20km Run)
8. Continue living healthy
9. Visit my parents
10. Love my husband more than last year

This is the list that I have posted on someone's comments on Facebook.
I know that there are a lot of things on that list, but I am optimistic that I can do them all. I seems like I will have a busy 2012. But I guess every year I am busy. As we are on the 6th of January now, I made a mental note of one more item to be added into the list. I just thought about it this morning, and as it approaches mid-day, my need to resolve this item this year grows more and more.

As I writing this, I still have the butterfly in my stomach as to the new things that I will be doing this year. Why do I put myself into this? Well, if there won't be any new things to do, my life won't be right. Hahahaha....

What else new.. Oh! I got my first stitches this year.. Yeah, already!! Hahahaha
So I schedule a surgery to remove a blister-like thing on my right big toe, 2 days ago. After the surgery, I looked and saw the stitches! Arrkkk... Not panicking.. Stay cool. The doctor said it was a cyst and need to send to lab for an exam. Hookaayy...
So there I was with my stitches. Bouhouhou!

Of course it will take longer to heal. So no sports for me, no Bodystep. Oh great (NOT!) I will miss the launching of BS86.. Bouuhhhh!!!

I will try to drive in few days time and see how it goes. I'm already so pysched to go drive to work (you all know about me and my driving stories). And with a bobo on my toe.. Isk.. Stay cool and keep breathing hahahaha

So all the best for 2012 my friends... For I will need all my bestest this year!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses!