Friday, February 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday - Start of busy weekend

Hey all...
This friday is very exceptional, IMHO. The Winter Olympics at Vancouver will start today, then we have Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. I think people living in Canada especially in Vancouver are the busiest people of all LOL.
So today we are blessed with celebrations. As for in Europe, there is only the Valentine's Day that make people so excited about. Well, maybe also the winter olympics...

For the Winter Olympics, I heard that during the opening ceremony there will be group of artists who will perform the remake of 'We Are The World' for the cause of Haiti. It is said that there is no original artists from the original cut of this song. Of course there will be Canadian artists like Celine Dion, and little Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber will perform the opening part originally sang by Lionel Ritchie. Then there are Josh Groban, Pink, Usher etc.. Hmmm I can't wait for someone to put this on the Youtube. I want to see Josh Groban!! hehehehe

What are the sports that you are looking forward to watch during this game? Me? Curling of course LOL.. Like to see people scrubbing floors as a sport :D

As for the Chinese New Year, in most part of Asia, this is one of the biggest and oldest celebration. It is the time of the year where you have long holidays, similar to Christmas vac. Yesterday, I posted the karaoke for Gong Xi Fa Chai and Lion Dance vids. I remember in Malaysia, our family gave some cakes, candies, and snacks to our Chinese neighbours. I think this is a great tradition, and I enjoyed bringing the tray full of goodies to my neighbours. Giving is gold :D I guess that is part of my childhood that thought me to give gifts to people. Of course, our neighbours returned the favors with money in the envelope or snacks and goodies too (yeah I think after some yaers, they get into the game too LOL). Best of all is to wait for the dragon and lion dance performing at our neighbours house. With the long red firecrackers.. ahhh this is Chinese New Year to me.

Another red celebration is the Valentine's Day. I'm not going into the what makes Valentine's day so special. As far as I can remember I don't really celebrate valentine's. OK Maybe when I was a teenager with raging hormones and needed free gifts from a boy LOL. But that's what valentine's is about right? A reason to get gifts and love and affection from certain someone :D My husband and I we celebrated lots of gifts day right before valentine's day, so usually by valentine's day we both are swarmed with gifts and loves and affections, that we just can't take it anymore!!! ahahaahhaha.. Like BSB said "Keep me drowning in your looovee..." This is also the day where things are mighty expensive! Not only the winter sales is gone, everything in the shops are new collection. No, I am not going to spend money on gifts where I could only tell my husband, I Love You and give him a big bear hug :D Oh! and there is a new chick flick called Valentine's Day(duuhh) I wanna watch it!! I wanna watch it!!

I'm going back to Nancy this weekend. Gonna be a winter games (walking on the icy streets), snacking on oranges and foodies and last but not least, smooch and cuddle with my hubby (who said I'm not a sucker for valentine's day? LOL).

Have a great weekend everyone, where ever you are and whatever you do, do with LOVE and CELEBRATION!

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