Monday, November 1, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - 4 days weekend

Aww it's the end of my 4-days weekend... huhuhuhu It has been an awesome weekend, where I would just do nothing except watch TV, cook, eat, stay on the couch with my hubby. It's different from last weekend which was fun, yet tiring :D

I hope this week will be very productive. There are some unfinished business last week due to some slowness in some people's part. I just wish that I could tied up some loose ends as soon as possible. Sorry to talk in a generic sense here, but I need to protect anonymity.

Did I tell you that I managed to lose weight? I lost about 12kg since last summer. I didn't know that I could lose weight. The scary thing is I remember that I make peace with my weight. I thought as long as I am healthy, I am good(I went to the gym almost everyday for the past 1 year). Now that I weight 12 kg less, it's even better! The challenge now is to keep this weight. Hope I could maintain :D


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