Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivational Monday

Yes, it's me in both pictures. I'm taking a risk in putting my transformation pictures on facebook and in blog. I knew that there was a girl whose transformation photos being stolen and used in some skinny drug scam. But I guess it's more important to pass the message that I wanted to pass along to my friends.

You see, I have never been worried with my appearance or weight. I know that I am happy of who I am, and I am not complaining about not having to fit in this or that or what guy might think. The guys who told me that I have put on weight, I've just ignored them LOL Good riddance right?

Anyway, I have been struggling with keeping my cholesterol in check though. I guess this is the main reason that I do sports or cut back on my egg intake. Hahaha Because I'm so not looking forward each time I get the result of my cholesterol check. Then, when I moved to Brussels, I remember that after the cholesterol check, my GP told me to perhaps lose some weights and do exercise. FYI, I have been walking around a lot since I move to Europe. We live close by to the workplace, and I do not even own a driving license. So I was thinking like I am healthier than those people who drive.

I remember that I passed by a gym on the way to work and back. Sometimes they put out the banner about getting free 1 month subscription, and no registration fee. I remember asking around, and of course there are mix responses on the gym. ONE THING I KNOW NOW IS THAT DO WHAT WANT. I wanted to go to gym, but then the mix reponses held me. You see the problem is people may sound like they know what they talk about. But it's you who know better about yourself. If you feel like doing something, JUST TAKE DECISION OF YOUR OWN.

I can clearly remember, coming back from work one day, and I saw again this banner outside the gym. So I told myself, 'You are not obliged to sign anything', but deep down I knew that I will sign a membership because I am a sucker for nice treatment. So I guess deep down I knew that I am signing up myself to the gym. The welcome is so so, the explanation is also so so. I was close to not signing up, and walk away when the girl made an effort to give me a nice discount which I do not have to pay for 2 months if I complete 3 months subscription. So I said OK (Again, me. sucker.) Then, they gave me this card, which I need to get it full stamped (each time I came to the gym). And if I get 20 stamps I think, I will get another 1 free month. So that is 3 months free upon completing 3 months. So the stamps helped me to push myself to go there and get my stamps. HAHAHHA

I subscribed to a gym in Nancy before, so I know how to operate the bike, and the rowing machine. I stayed safe and only doing that. Of course, it starts to get bored after a while. Then I moved to the epileptic machine. And wow! I love it. Well it's like you are running and burn calories, but it's more like swaying your legs LOL Then while on the machine, I watched some of the classes. I have always a fan of Taebo. So I saw Body Combat class and thought I might join it. I love it.

Then I started join Body Jam. I have always love to dance. :D Before one of the Body Combat class, there was the Body Step class. This class is always full and the participants are really sweating. I was just thinking that I should try this 3rd LesMills concept. So one day I tried. Hmmm, it was a disaster. I couldn't keep up with the choreography. I'm breathless, I was at the point to leave the class. And so I quit. Then, there was another step class but this is more of Step aerobic. More of dancing with step. I love it. However, after awhile, they cancelled this class :-(

I have my heart on Step, so I had todrag my ass back to Body Step class. This time it went easier. I guess it's because I'm getting good at my orientation up down and around the step. I love each time I am in this class!!!! I started up-ed my intensity from 1 bodystep class to 2 classes per week! However, I didn't see much of progress in my weight, but I do gain a lot of energy and I felt better. But nothing more.

It's only when I paired the fitness and Dukan diet that I managed to slim down and at the same time gain muscles. Some days, I asked myself, 'how long am I be able to be like this'. It's true that it is not easy to keep a strictly healthy diet and it's not easy to do sports or fitness every day. I am just a normal girl who miracalously found a good diet and a good sport.

I have been in this fantastic weight for almost 2 years. That is not much. Can I maintain for the next 5 years? 10 years? I am determined to make it happen, you see....

What motivates people to continue eat reasonable food, healthy food?

What motivates people to keep putting on that shoes and sweat their bodies out?

For me, my current me is my motivation. I am at my best and at my happiest. Something I keep and treasure always.....

Flubber Friday

Woo!! It's be almost 2 months of no new post? Seriously, I need to get my things in order with this blog. Gggrrrr.. Otherwise it doesn't deserve the name. Ok so today is Friday, and as usual I can't wait for the weekend. For all people who know me, I always have things to do on the weekend. LOL. Yes; it's not enough that I am busy with work and gym, I have always things planned for the weekend. This coming weekend, I'm going off to the NL to my sister's place. My other sister will be there as well. Woohooo!! Then, next Wednesday (2nd May), we will be going to the NKOTBSB concert in Antwerp! Double woohoooo!!!!! Here, we all got ourselves BSB VIP package, which entitled us with the soundcheck performance by BSB, a Q&A session and 1 group photo. So psych!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will cover that in the next post.

But this time I'm going to tell you of what happened last weekend! LOL I told you that I am a busy bee. So last weekend I went to Dublin, to catch the NKOTBSB concert on Saturday 21st April. You cannot imagine how excited I was. I went there with my younger sister. Of course, I was as excited as I were last time when I went to either NKOTB or BSB concerts. This time, we got the NKOTB VIP 5* package.

With this package you get a Meet & Greet, photo session group of 10 people, light refreshments, and goodie bag. Don't ask me how much a package cost LOL Seriously, it has always my dream to meet NKOTB and BSB, especially NKOTB. Going to their concert is one thing, but meeting them and touching them in a flesh.... Oh ma gad!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to be at the place at 4pm. So the entry for breezy. The hosts are very friendly. We have to wait in the VIP lounge of 02 Dublin. It's a nice and cozy place, where there is a bar and several comfy sofas, chairs. They served us fingerfoods. But then who cares about food right? They started to call group by group. So in our group, there is myself, my sister, 7 girls and 1 guy (partner of a girl).

So as we were lined up, before the 2 other groups, my feeling is exactly like queuing to ride a scary rollercoaster! LOL It's like you want it, you know you HAVE to do it, you are already there in the queue and there is no way to ditch the line. Huhuhuhu.. As our turn came up, we had 4 girls in the group in front of us. Then I went in followed by my sister. The first person I saw is Jordon. Me: Oh my god! You are real! (duh!!! why did I said that) Jordan: We are all real *Hug* My sister apparently showed her nervousness and Jordan patted her on her head and hug her and not letting her go! HAHAHHAHA The next one is Joey, then Donnie, Jon and Danny!!!!!!! Everything passed by as a blurring experience. Yeah, I guess this thing needs practice LOL I had a chance to chat with Danny because I was already done, and like 'Now what'.

It's really like you have a 5 minutes mingle session with the guys! Gaaahhh!!! (Here comes the 'Regret phase'). Then it's time for group photo. I am happy that I get the place that I wanted, next to Danny. The photos turned out to be excellent and I put it as my FB coverpage with proud. I love NKOTB!!!!! So that is my 25 years of dream came true :D

From all of this, the moral of the story is, don't give up in what you want, and strive for it.