Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wet Wednesday - What a weather

This summer has the weirdest weather in Brussels that I have ever experienced. After living here for two and a half year, I accepted the raining/drizzling/windy weather. But never had I experienced very dark skies at 10:00 or at 17:00 in the middle of summer time. Then, raining plus hail in the morning, then hot humid in the afternoon. I've just given up on trying to match my clothes with the weather. It's now like go with the flow, bring extras, leave the extras or just suck up to whatever you are wearing that day.

Watch the video below for the dark sky that I was talking about. Crazy, isn't it?

While the land is getting the much needed water, do not forget your water intake too. Happy glug glug glug :D

Friday, August 12, 2011

Freaks me out Friday - Boo!

OK So one day I decided to eat at a restaurant, and then next to your seating, there is this guy who:
1. talks so loud
2. thinks he is the master of the world
3. thinks he knows everything that's going on on this planet
4. doesn't realize that he is the one who has been talking for ages
5. doesn't realize that his friends are embarass of him

I think part of the person to be blame is me. I think that he talks so loud in order to get my attention. I think it is OK if he is funny. Like I could smirk and even throw a laughing look ^^, like so. But this is like how many percentage of the government in a particular country cuts the budget, and how many years it took for a particular country to get out from the budget deficit, and how this and that banks charge the customers to get more money, Yada yada yada....

People like this 'ikkss' me. Do you guys know that you do not need to impress girls by being a talking encyclopedia. As a matter of fact, we find you annoying!

However, this is my personal opinion. Some ladies would like to hear a man-genuis talking. Like "Oh wow, he is so knowledgeable", "He knows what he's talking". But I think at the end (I mean after awhile), the ladies would find that the guy is freakin annoying and just BS-ing. Which comes back down to my conclusion.

So guys, why do you need to act like you are Mr-know-it-all who talks very LOUD? Do you think that thing works? Do you think by extending your vocal cord, you can penetrate into a girl's deafening ear? Hhmm... thoughts...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Every Teardrop's a Waterfall - Coldplay

Kudos to Coldplay to yet again release a catchy song! From all the reviews I've seen on the Net, people said this is the party song and you can go on with whatever dance moves that you've got.

So here it is for your enjoyment on Thursday day :D

On a personal note, what have I am into now? HHmmmm...
Let's see, I am addicted to reviewing in the Tripadvisor. Hahah Yes, It's kinds addicted to review the places that you've been to. I have been a user of Tripadvisor for some times when looking for places to eat, to go, to stay in. And I think that some of the places need a bit of boost because they are indeed really good, but some also need a bit of bad reviews and that is the way we can make these bad places move their asses and improve! From my working experience, when bad things happened, people try to remove that experiences from their memory. If you receive bad services, you must say it. Otherwise how will people know and improve.

Of course, I like YouTube. It is like my telly! Hahahaha
Yesterday I came across 'Crossfit'. This is a kick ass workout where you need strength, endurance and determination. Perhaps I'll post some great crossfit amateur vids, but just search on youtube and you'll find some awesome people with great bods doing the workout of the day (WOD, what they call it).

And I have weakness for someone with slightly curly blond hair with blue eyes ^^ #justsayin

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pre-Race Tips

Interesting tips before you do any of those runs. Click here.

Meehh Monday - What can you say?

It's Monday! Start of another week... What can I say more?

Had great family weekend, dinners and talks. I wish that I could host dinner or drinks at my home. But at the current state of my living, I didn't see it coming any time soon.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fou fou Friday - Just Sayin'

How can Scarlett Johannson left Ryan Reynolds? hahahaha
Yeah I know, right? Since the beginning I never like Scarlett. I don't know there is something in her that I think too overpowering. Then she got Ryan, and that didn't help either. And now she is divorced from Ryan, even worse. So I am so not into Scarlett.

However, I have soft spot for Ryan. I dunno it's just the look, the funny scripts that he always got. OK, the bods too. But he is the kind of actor that never fails to impress me. The last movie was I think the one with Sandra Bullock. That was so Mills & Boon type kinda story LOL I'm looking forward for the new comedy 'The Change-Up' and also 'Green Lantern'. Two Ryan movie in a year! Yay!!!!

Here is the promo vid for The Change-Up. He's adorable. Well Jason too. But nah.. Ryan is better hahahahaah


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - It Girl

Are you the it girl? hahaha

I think I can be considered as someone who always wanted to be the 'it' girl. I like to be liked by people. Thank god, most of the time it works towards that direction. Before to be liked, you need to like people. Then you will get your reward. Be good to others as you want the others to be good to you.

It's August now, but it looks like people has started to come back from their vacation (the Europeans). I started to get feedback from my job search and also some recruiters who saw my LinkedIn.

This week I am back as shadow in Body Step class :D But then I think I started to get the itch, and I told Marcello that I wanna do the warmup track next week hihihihi.... Yay!!! Can't wait!!

This weekend will be Nancy family weekend, where we will celebrate Mamie's birthday. Looking forward for great dinners with family :D

Anyway, here is Jason Derulo's latest single from his latest album. The first one is 'Don't wanna go home' Kinda catchy.... Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wet Wednesday - Yes it's raining!

No, it's not raining men.. it's raining but it's 27C :D Well I don't complain much about weather these days. The rain cools down the temperature. Yesterday the max was 31C Anyway, I have sore throat. I think my body especially my throat missed water LOL
Got nothing to post today hahaha

Water-saving tip #54 Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth

On other things, my Body Step instructor came back from vacations, and for once I get back to become his shadow and loving it LOL It's doing BS that I like and not to worry to speak hahahahaah But at the same time I was itching to talk and be the instructor. Before we started the class, he thanked me in front of the class and everyone gave me a round of applause *^^*

After the class, as usual we chatted. So we will get back to our initial plan where he will coach me. I will do some bits and he will be in front of me amongst the participants and will comment after class. I am nervous, but I have to keep my head clear and welcome all possible comments good or bad from him. I told him that I had a great opportunity and he made things possible for me. Really hope that I can do my official training soon.

Mode: Grateful *^^*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Makan-makan Mardi - Cookie Monster!

Yum yum yum yum yum!
This is one of the 5 Mark & Spencer's Choc chip cookies that I bought in Dublin. It's the chewing type and it's best to warm it up for 2 seconds in the microwave. And I like the size of it hahahaha

IMG_1875 cropped