Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water, synonymous with life

Right,I'm not going to talk about the fact that the weather sucks in Brussels lately. It has been wet, raining on and off, and that it's chilly day and night. But let's be positive. Without rain, there's drought, and we don't want drought.

While walking home I saw the poster of 'Discover Each Other Through Water'. It is an event or more like contest that is organized by the commune where I live in Brussels, Ixelles. So basically, there are 8 towns from 8 different countries which participate in this event. They are : communes of Ixelles in Belgium, Biarritz in France, Kalamu in the Democratic republic of Congo, Megido in Israel, Cascaïs in Portugal, Zacharo in Greece, Zababdeh in Palestine and Mizil in Romania.

The contest is to bring artists, you don't have to be an expert, just sumbit your art work of vision discover each other through water. Now you must be creative in your work, because they will select 3 winners from each town, which means 24 artworks all in total for the road show to these 8 towns. The first exhibition will take place here in Ixelles, Belgium in October 2010.

I think this is a creative way of inserting awareness about importance of water amongst the population. You all know that there are parts of the world where the children do not have access to clean water. According to this contest website, in 20 years, according to UNO , half of the populations will be affected of not getting drinkable water. Imaging that now, if you are thirsty you can easily get tap water to drink, but in 20 years or so, you would not get that same privilege. Scary isn't it.

Anyway, if you were to enter this contest, how would you present your artwork with the theme 'Discover Each Other Through Water'. :D For me strings of rivers came in mind. Rivers could cross different type of land (mountain, valley), and rivers cross different countries, towns, homes, lives. Floating market in Asia came in mind as well, it is where people meet. Or perhaps the Rhine river, that is the longest and important river that crosses Germany, France and the Netherlands. On the east side of Europe, we have the beautiful Danube, flowing from Germany to Austria and then to the Eastern European countries.

These 2 photos were taken in Vienna, Danube river, during our trip in 2008.

How would you present your artwork with theme 'Discover each other through water'?

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