Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tune-it up Tuesday

Something to share with you guys. It's not that up beat for workout, but it will indeed lift up your mood! Well, it did for me hahahahaha
This is the best and refresh cover of Time to Say Goodbye. When listening this for the first time on Youtube, I straight away decided that this will be my funeral song HAHAHA... Only and only by Il Divo!

I will see them perform live in 2012, and I will be on the first row.. W00t W00t!!! This will be their last song for sure. Enjoy.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fans Friday

Year 2012 promises lotsa concerts for me. And that means I am spending loads of money recently. I have bought concert tix for James Morrison, Jason Derulo and Il Divo. Then upcoming is NKOTBSB (w00t!!!). I was so close to go to Hanson's concert in Paris, but it will be on Thursday. I don't think that I have the courage to go there on weekdays. Yes, Hanson the Mmmbop group LOL. I just saw Boys II Men for January 2012. Should I go? They are like the Motown legend, and I heard that they are still pretty good singers. Well, I will put them on my Maybe list. :D

Well, the BIGGEST highlight would be the NKOTBSB!
If you don't know yet, I am a HUGE fan of NKOTB & BSB. OK I am not that HUGE fan, because if I were their huge fan, I would go to their cruises, went to more than 1 concert, bought all their albums including the individual singer releases. But looking back at my younger days, they are like my greatest crush. It's like that little girl with Justin Bieber. Hahahahaha...

Few weeks ago, they announced that they will be doing the NKOTBSB European tour in Spring 2012. Come on, and you're saying I should not go? HAHAHAHA
OK fine, I will go for sure. But with VIP package? oouuuhhh That sends shiver at the back of my neck and sick in my gut! I remember in 2009 when I did NKOTB and BSB (separately), I started to think to do the VIP. But then, I wasn't too sure. Then, after the concerts, I remembered saying next time I'll do the VIP.

And this is the grand opportunity because, this is THE next time and that they are doing the join concert. BUT for the VIP, you get to meet only 1 group at a time. Meaning that you are either get the NKOTB VIP to meet NKOTB, or BSB VIP to meet BSB. It also means that in order to meet NKOTB and BSB, I must do 2 concerts and get 2 VIPs. Which I think it is fair. If they would do 2 concerts separately, I would've need to get 2 VIPs anyway, right? (Ok this is part that you got me and say I am right)

So why all this justification? It's the price. HAHAHAHA
The most expensive VIP pack is around 550USD, and cheapest would be around 320USD.
What did you get in this VIP pack?
The most expensive one, you get to take picture with the guys alone, good seatings or standing location, some gifts, refreshments.
The other VIPs are you get to take picture with the guys in group of 10, good seating or standing location, some gifts and refreshments.
I would get this VIP just to get to meet the guys in person, and to take picture with them.

Why? Tell me wwhyyyyy... hahahaha
Because they are my younger time idols! They are not so much now of course, because I can't marry them, I can't make them fall in love with me (I don't want to because I already have the guy that I love!). It's just that, it's the kind of thing I HAVE to do, otherwise I wouldn't know what it is like to meet NKOTB and BSB.
It is like when I was a teenager, I would be like, I wish I could meet them or to go to their concert. At that time, I don't have money, my parents won't let me and they didn't go to do concert at where I live!
Now is the OPPORTUNITY. Why wouldn't I seize that OPPORTUNITY? :D

Wish me luck in battling my inner-self, and I'll get back to you with the outcome :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fed up Friday

Gah!!! Sometimes you wish to hit that person's head on the wall, so that He/She wakes up from whatever land he/she was in. My god, how can someone be so stupid to be thinking that you are stupid? I think that there is some mastery levels at transferring YOUR stupidity to the others. Oh, I am stupid. But no I think you are stupid. Thus, I am not stupid. Oh my god. I'm just venting on Friday, which is not normal. It's absolutely abnormal in many ways! But then screw it. I had enough of stupid people that even the butterfly in my stomach wants to vomit! I better go off posting this post before I go over and over with my RANT. Sorry folks. Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Awareness Ahad (Sunday)

Yay!!!!!! I managed to get a topic for Awareness Ahad (Sunday).
It's not really easy to keep in check with what's going on around. One thing is that the organisations and the websites which are doing the awareness programs do not really know how to reach out to people.
I think if someone participated in 1 awareness cause program or event, then there should be a follow-up on other type of awareness programs. They should work together.

Anyway, Sept 25th 2011 marks my first attempt to support good cause (publicly) hahahaha
I have always looking forward to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness. Thanks to Danny Wood from NKOTB who is very active with Team Betty and Susan Komen Foundation.


This time, I got the information by accident, where there was poster of Ladies Brussels Run. This run is to sponsor the Breast Cancer Awareness. Basically this run is divided into 3 categories: 3, 6 and 9km. I chose 9km hua hua hua.

The great thing is that last Tuesday I was down with viral infection and asked to get rest for 4 days with sick leave. So no exercise or what so ever from Monday to Saturday!!! I did good, I didn't stop! The weather is VERY nice. So proud of myself *pat on the back*
It's a run around the Ixelles lake and inside the Abbaye de la Cambre.

Here's some photos. This is just the beginning!



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Karaoke Etiquette

This is the best karaoke etiquette vid made by Chris Thompson (supricky06).

The choice of your songs is equally important as having fun.
Man, I need to do karaoke badly... Who's with me? :D

Oh oh oh oh oh oh....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Freddie Friday - Freddie Mercury week

This week is the birthday of Freddie Mercury, I think it was the 7th or 8th September. Anyway, I have already in mind a karaoke vid which I would like to post here. So I will not put karaoke vid for Freddie, but instead I will put one non-karaoke vid for the tribute. I thought this vid is very charming, well all muppets are charming. I love love love Muppets. Although they have only 1 expression, but just the way they move can be different expression. I like it when they are like shivering and turns slowly hihi .. Anyway, enjoy.. and RIP Freddie.

click here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - This Ain't A Love Song

Gaahh Bon Jovi.... A Must-nailed karaoke song :D


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fighting Breast Cancer

Il y a les seins normaux ( . )( . ) les siliconés ( + )( + ) les parfaits (o)(o) ceux qui ont froid (^)(^) et ceux qui ont de l'âge \./\./...........sans oublier les gros seins (o Y o) et les tout petits (.)(.) et puis les asymétriques (•)(.) et aussi les orphelins -(.) On les aime tous :p !
Postez ça sur votre mur et dites Merde au cancer du sein! Sauvons les tous !

Source: from Facebook - status of 'La Bruxelloise / De Brusselse'

Wow Wednesday - EI

I wanted to talk about EI or emotional intelligence. This is something that I think a subject which creeps up in the business school, and psychology school, but not so much in the technical world. I had this topic once in an MBA module. Personally, I think it is important to bring awareness to people that there is such thing as emotion. Most people just ignore the existance of emotion in life and thinking by surpressing the emotion, means that you handled it well.

So what is emotion. From my understanding and in my own word, emotion is the reaction and behavior based on what happened inside yourself (be it in thinking, memory, hormanal, experiences) and what happened around you (such as chaos, death, winning, sunny days, rainy days). You can be happy, joy, hopeful, grateful in one day and be sad, angry, miscontent in another day. Don't be afraid of emotion. You have the power in you, and it is important to be able to manage these emotions. This is what I call emotional intelligence (EI).

The main objective in EI is manage your emotions. As a project manager, when I talk about manage, that means it goes from identify, assess, analyse, maintain, control, re-assess, improve and understand the emotions.

If you are happy, assess as why you are happy. If it is good, then how you can transfer it to your environment: family, friends, colleagues, team members. If you are under stress and under pressure, then assess as to why it happened. How can you tell people that you are under pressure, how to NOT transfer an anger to your environment.

In my opinion, a good leader must possess emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, in life there are people who are chosen to be a leader due to this trait, but there are also people who became leaders/managers by chance or default. The problem with the latter is that most probably they have zero emotional intelligence and provide unstable environment. A manager who is one day is very happy because he/she wokeup at the good side of bed and the next day falls apart because being put under pressure, will provide an uncertainty amongst those who he/she manages.

I took Goleman EI model because it summarizes the emotional intelligence well.
(Source: Wikipedia)
Goleman's model outlines four main EI constructs:
1.Self-awareness – the ability to read one's emotions and recognize their impact while using gut feelings to guide decisions.
2.Self-management – involves controlling one's emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances.
3.Social awareness – the ability to sense, understand, and react to others' emotions while comprehending social networks.
4.Relationship management – the ability to inspire, influence, and develop others while managing conflict.

First point - As I mentioned earlier, it is important to be aware of emotions. That we have emotions be it positive or negative. Once you acknowledge that you are capable of being happy, joyous or angry, sad, then it will be easier for you to manage these emotions.

Second point - Once you've recognized what is that you are feeling at certain point of time, you can quickly react and manage these emotions. In life, change is constant. So it is important to adapt to yourself as well as to those around you. Remember, we are not alone and never be alone in this world.

Third point - Developing for the last sentence above, please consider other people around you. If you have emotions, other people have emotions too. A good leader will never be inconsiderate to team members. Respect, and being considerate are the keys here. When people recognize that you are aware of their emotions, then they will respect you and recognize your emotions in return.

Fourth point - A good leadership is the one that motivates and coaches the others. You do not need to have a manager or team leader title below your name. It is important to create an honest and trustworthy relationship with whomever you work with and mostly to the people who see everyday (yes, even the mailman!).

Enough said, no one is perfect in this world; but we make way with respecting other people and in return, we shall be respected.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wet Wednesday - What a weather

This summer has the weirdest weather in Brussels that I have ever experienced. After living here for two and a half year, I accepted the raining/drizzling/windy weather. But never had I experienced very dark skies at 10:00 or at 17:00 in the middle of summer time. Then, raining plus hail in the morning, then hot humid in the afternoon. I've just given up on trying to match my clothes with the weather. It's now like go with the flow, bring extras, leave the extras or just suck up to whatever you are wearing that day.

Watch the video below for the dark sky that I was talking about. Crazy, isn't it?

While the land is getting the much needed water, do not forget your water intake too. Happy glug glug glug :D

Friday, August 12, 2011

Freaks me out Friday - Boo!

OK So one day I decided to eat at a restaurant, and then next to your seating, there is this guy who:
1. talks so loud
2. thinks he is the master of the world
3. thinks he knows everything that's going on on this planet
4. doesn't realize that he is the one who has been talking for ages
5. doesn't realize that his friends are embarass of him

I think part of the person to be blame is me. I think that he talks so loud in order to get my attention. I think it is OK if he is funny. Like I could smirk and even throw a laughing look ^^, like so. But this is like how many percentage of the government in a particular country cuts the budget, and how many years it took for a particular country to get out from the budget deficit, and how this and that banks charge the customers to get more money, Yada yada yada....

People like this 'ikkss' me. Do you guys know that you do not need to impress girls by being a talking encyclopedia. As a matter of fact, we find you annoying!

However, this is my personal opinion. Some ladies would like to hear a man-genuis talking. Like "Oh wow, he is so knowledgeable", "He knows what he's talking". But I think at the end (I mean after awhile), the ladies would find that the guy is freakin annoying and just BS-ing. Which comes back down to my conclusion.

So guys, why do you need to act like you are Mr-know-it-all who talks very LOUD? Do you think that thing works? Do you think by extending your vocal cord, you can penetrate into a girl's deafening ear? Hhmm... thoughts...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Every Teardrop's a Waterfall - Coldplay

Kudos to Coldplay to yet again release a catchy song! From all the reviews I've seen on the Net, people said this is the party song and you can go on with whatever dance moves that you've got.

So here it is for your enjoyment on Thursday day :D

On a personal note, what have I am into now? HHmmmm...
Let's see, I am addicted to reviewing in the Tripadvisor. Hahah Yes, It's kinds addicted to review the places that you've been to. I have been a user of Tripadvisor for some times when looking for places to eat, to go, to stay in. And I think that some of the places need a bit of boost because they are indeed really good, but some also need a bit of bad reviews and that is the way we can make these bad places move their asses and improve! From my working experience, when bad things happened, people try to remove that experiences from their memory. If you receive bad services, you must say it. Otherwise how will people know and improve.

Of course, I like YouTube. It is like my telly! Hahahaha
Yesterday I came across 'Crossfit'. This is a kick ass workout where you need strength, endurance and determination. Perhaps I'll post some great crossfit amateur vids, but just search on youtube and you'll find some awesome people with great bods doing the workout of the day (WOD, what they call it).

And I have weakness for someone with slightly curly blond hair with blue eyes ^^ #justsayin

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pre-Race Tips

Interesting tips before you do any of those runs. Click here.

Meehh Monday - What can you say?

It's Monday! Start of another week... What can I say more?

Had great family weekend, dinners and talks. I wish that I could host dinner or drinks at my home. But at the current state of my living, I didn't see it coming any time soon.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fou fou Friday - Just Sayin'

How can Scarlett Johannson left Ryan Reynolds? hahahaha
Yeah I know, right? Since the beginning I never like Scarlett. I don't know there is something in her that I think too overpowering. Then she got Ryan, and that didn't help either. And now she is divorced from Ryan, even worse. So I am so not into Scarlett.

However, I have soft spot for Ryan. I dunno it's just the look, the funny scripts that he always got. OK, the bods too. But he is the kind of actor that never fails to impress me. The last movie was I think the one with Sandra Bullock. That was so Mills & Boon type kinda story LOL I'm looking forward for the new comedy 'The Change-Up' and also 'Green Lantern'. Two Ryan movie in a year! Yay!!!!

Here is the promo vid for The Change-Up. He's adorable. Well Jason too. But nah.. Ryan is better hahahahaah


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - It Girl

Are you the it girl? hahaha

I think I can be considered as someone who always wanted to be the 'it' girl. I like to be liked by people. Thank god, most of the time it works towards that direction. Before to be liked, you need to like people. Then you will get your reward. Be good to others as you want the others to be good to you.

It's August now, but it looks like people has started to come back from their vacation (the Europeans). I started to get feedback from my job search and also some recruiters who saw my LinkedIn.

This week I am back as shadow in Body Step class :D But then I think I started to get the itch, and I told Marcello that I wanna do the warmup track next week hihihihi.... Yay!!! Can't wait!!

This weekend will be Nancy family weekend, where we will celebrate Mamie's birthday. Looking forward for great dinners with family :D

Anyway, here is Jason Derulo's latest single from his latest album. The first one is 'Don't wanna go home' Kinda catchy.... Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wet Wednesday - Yes it's raining!

No, it's not raining men.. it's raining but it's 27C :D Well I don't complain much about weather these days. The rain cools down the temperature. Yesterday the max was 31C Anyway, I have sore throat. I think my body especially my throat missed water LOL
Got nothing to post today hahaha

Water-saving tip #54 Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth
Source: http://www.wateruseitwisely.com/

On other things, my Body Step instructor came back from vacations, and for once I get back to become his shadow and loving it LOL It's doing BS that I like and not to worry to speak hahahahaah But at the same time I was itching to talk and be the instructor. Before we started the class, he thanked me in front of the class and everyone gave me a round of applause *^^*

After the class, as usual we chatted. So we will get back to our initial plan where he will coach me. I will do some bits and he will be in front of me amongst the participants and will comment after class. I am nervous, but I have to keep my head clear and welcome all possible comments good or bad from him. I told him that I had a great opportunity and he made things possible for me. Really hope that I can do my official training soon.

Mode: Grateful *^^*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Makan-makan Mardi - Cookie Monster!

Yum yum yum yum yum!
This is one of the 5 Mark & Spencer's Choc chip cookies that I bought in Dublin. It's the chewing type and it's best to warm it up for 2 seconds in the microwave. And I like the size of it hahahaha

IMG_1875 cropped

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantastic Friday - Lotsa lotsa to do

Yay!! It's Friday. First I would like to post about my success yesterday. Well in my level it was a success, OK. So bear with me.

I had my last solo Body Step class yesterday. Yup, next week, Marcello is back from vacation and he will take back his class. I suppose that he would like to share the tracks with me. We supposed to do this once before he left for holidays, but there was the mic issue and I had to run around looking for extra battery, while he can continue teaching. I would really like to show him my achievement after handling 5 solo classes without much training, mind you :P Anyway, yesterday's class was a blast. Of course, I did some mistakes, but they were recovered normally and no one really noticed the mistakes LOL

Great thing is the feedback I received from fellow participants. They said (and I must say most of them since the beginning said the same), that my class is more intense that Marcello's. They could not believe that we use the same chorey, but they really get the work done and that I am a very tough instructor LOL
It is true that I like to motivate people to do their best in the workout. What's the use of being in a cardio class and you just do simple walk. You could do this just by walking from the couch to the fridge eh? :P

I am happy that it ends well. I slept like a baby last night and I don't have any 'I should done this or that' feeling in the morning :D

So what's in store today?
I had to pickup some contact lenses for my sister at lunch time. So it's gonna be hop hop hopity hop for me. Then I am the last appointment for my salon. The lady said I must be on time. Otherwise, they'll close the shop without waiting for me. Huhuhuhu...

Then it's the debate whether I should sleep tonight or not. I need to go out from the house at 3-ish am, to take shuttle bus at Gare du Midi at 4am. Huuuaarrgghhhh! In Dublin, we've planned for some shoppings, afternoon tea, night cocktails, some asian buffet somewhere in between, not to forget the Irish breakfast, Chapters (of course!!!!). A chilling weekend seems gonna be a hectic one LOL

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Boom boom Bâ

I think I've posted this song before. Can't remember. But this morning, this song reflected on my mood. It's the sensation of happy, nervous, sad, anxious. I don't now why hehehe...
I guess the fact that I will be going to Dublin this weekend (travelling excites me ALWAYS), that I will be away from my Amour for 2 nights, that I will need to go out from the house at 3 ish AM to get the 4am airport shuttle bus. Hua hua hua!

Anyway, I've put this song on my blog 'Inside nyanya's kitchen'. Whenever I am in the kitchen, trying new stuff, I get all those mix feelings as well :D

Métisse is a french group with their origine from Ivory Coast. The song Boom Boom Bâ has some Ivory Coast language in it. In french, métisse refers to 'mixed', or more like if you refer to someone as a métisse, he/she has mixed blood. I have been mistaken as métisse by European hihihi.. This song was in Madonna movie 'The Next Best Thing'. You know the movie where she tried so hard to look young hahahaha
But this song gives more impact when it's in the 'Dead Like Me' TV series. I love this series. I would like to wonder the world eventhough when I'm dead. *sigh*

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week and weekend here I come!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wet Wednesday - More like wet Summer 2011

Reminds me to drink some water... BRB

{Back with glass of water}
I should remind myself to drink more water per day. I know that I didn't drink much and that I will regret it when I am older. Should push myself to drink water more.

Anyway, yup! as the title said, it has been one wet summer this year. We are at the final week of July 2011 and yet, it has been like Spring or Autumn for us here in Brussels.

In the US, and some part of Eastern Europe, they are having even heatwaves, but not here in Brussels. I guess the same goes to Benelux and north of France. I've longed for the morning when I must get out from the bed as because it was too warm and it's much better to take shower and go out from the house. I didn't think I experience that sensation this yet. Well, not yet.

Yup, I still have hope for hot summer weather. Hopeful is good :D Otherwise, I ain't complaining. As nature and God gives us one more day to live, make full use of it and live your life the fullest.

This weekend I'm off to Dublin. Yay!!! I'm a travel bug *^^*
From time to time I like to go out from the comfort of my nest (bug nest) and do something somewhere else out of the norm. I thank my dearest hubby who understand this bugsy need and let me do what I wanted to do. So what I'll do in Dublin? of course a visit to Chapters (secondhand book store). I have some books which I would like to trades in. There is no travelling without food. My sister mentioned this Malaysian buffet place. We think that we might check it out. Perhaps catch some early or late movie. Indulge myself in some english/irish breakfast.. yummyyy.

Talking about early, my flight is this saturday at 7:00 am. That means I need to take the shuttle bus from city center at 4 am! Do you think I should take a nap before? If yes, what time I should sleep? Or as I knew myself I would be crappy after a nap (or insufficient sleep), it would be easier if I didn't sleep? Hhmmmm.. We'll see how I feel on friday night.

Till then, see ya tomorrow! or in the next post :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Makan-makan Mardi - Too tired to eat

Does it exist??? But I have to push myself to eat. Did 2 hours of cardio classes, I know that my body needs fuel. I can get dizzy and sever headache if I am too tired and do not eat huhuhuhu

I did my 4th solo Body Step class today then followed by participating in Body Combat. I like Body Combat and I think I can do it even when I'm sleepy and tired. Next Thursday will be my last solo Body Step class, as the usual instructor will come back from vacation next week. I feel relief but at the same time sad because I don't know when I will be able to do solo classes anymore. I am sure that my instructor will ask me to do half-half with him. Perhaps it will be fun and less tiring. And I could concentrate and being mentored at the same time. I did some mistakes at today's class. I think this is due to me not being on top of myself today.

This morning I snoozed the alarm for n-th time. Luckily I woke up and it's 30 minutes later than usual. Gggrrr.. at that time I am not in the best of mood. Then in the office I was so sleepy and restless. I have so many things to do but I'm waiting for people most of the time. The coffees didn't help me either.... I was even thinking to take a nap 1 hour before Body Step. But problem is am I not in a good mood after a nap. In fact I hate nap LOL For me, once I closed my eyes, it must be minimum of 6 hours :D

OK time to have dinner. My hubby said I already have my gremlins face. This is not good.

So, keep eating even though you are tired then hit the sack! -_-

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mamma Mia! Monday - Why can't I stay in bed?

Coz it's Monday!!!!! :D
Yeah not so easy this morning -_- <-- this is me at 6:30 a.m. this morning. Always thinking that it would be great to be yesterday morning, where I woke up at 9-ish. Just nice. Not too early, not too late.
I know that with the flexible hour I can do this. But it also means I go off from work later. This last rule made me wide awake. My mantra in the early morning is "The faster you get there, the faster you get outta there!" LOL

I can't complaint for that kind of motivation.

Anyway, I had great time last weekend in Paris. I arrived there on Friday night. Saturday late morning, I went out to meet a friend. Thanks to her, I discovered a great place at 3e arr. I like to explore Paris the local way, and this is the perfect time. Usually I am in Paris for work or as a tourist guide. I don't have time for myself and self-discovering there.

After we had Maroccan lunch at Marché des enfant rouges, we walked towards Louvre in search for a good salon de thé or place serving café gourmand. It started to rain when we arrived at Rue de Rivoli. So we settled for Angelina. We were lucky because there are not many people at the queue. We almost straight get out table. The decor is very nice. I didn't bring my camera, so I think next time I'll be back with my camera hehehehe. I managed to take some pictures of the patisseries. Angelina is inside every tourist guides as a place to go to when you are in Paris. So when we were there, the queue at the front entrance started to get longer and not moving. We were so nice to finish up our desserts; pay the bill and move to the takeaway part where we took some pictures and my friend can buy something for her love one. I put most of the picture at my other blog.



When I came back to my brother's place, my younger brother is babysitting 2 nephews and a niece. After much provoking by the older one, we left the little one with the nanny and we went off to Les 4 Temps shopping mall at La défense. This is a sure place as it's covered and the uncertain weather is not easy to walk around with 2 kids. After ice creams and macarons treat (yes, it's my gourmand day huhuhuhu), we went back home and had dinner.

Sunday is the day we met the Sanders who is on the way back from south of France vacation. Lucky sun-tanned people :P
Our meeting point is of course at Disney! hehehehehe Mickey's house is like our hosting house nowadays. Not many people over there despite of the nice sunny weather. As usual, we had great time, and tiring by the time to go home. I like the place ,so I ain't complaining :D

I'll post some pictures once my brother uploaded from his camera.

Next outing will be this weekend to Dublin... hahahaha... My hubby is suffering with me going away every weekend... It's OK I'll make it up to him by (perhaps) stay still during August.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Good Riddance

On youtube I saw Beyoncé's new song 'Best thing I never had'. Such a cool song and she sang it so cool as well. This song shows that it is cool to be bitchy and pissed off and just by stay calm and see the postive side of it is the best revenge of all.

It reminds me of the situation when you had someone who hassle you or being agressive to you. Just chill, and talk calmly to the person. Best thing is to agree to be disagree and leave it as that.

In 2 words: Good Riddance
At this moment I am happy that I've got rid of some things and some people in my life. Because by doing that I am better off as I am now.

Thank you God for showing me who is the better person and for everyone around me who support me :-)

Yesterday I had my second full BS class. Got a good start, well not really.
I was early but my mistake that I didn't prepare my sound system.
So it was kinda suck when I've lost 10 minutes of people's time trying to figure out how to mic work. Apparently I forgot to switch on one of the many On button on the PA system. Sucks! As the class went on, I had a good start. But I kinda got tired at by the time of Step Party. But life goes on.
Lesson learned: Be early, start early! :D

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My 1st Body Step Class!

I need to write about something incredible happened today! :D

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Reebok Stepper

I had my first LesMills Body Step class today 6-7p.m at Louisa Ladies. Our usual instructor is on holidays for 3 weeks. Since there is no one to take over his class which is twice per week, then I had to jump in. I looked at it as a golden opportunity. It is not often that gym accepted non-certified instructor to conduct a class, not to mention 2 classses per week!

OMG! I was so stressed because I want it to be perfect. huhuhu I think part of it because I have to do the class in french. Would it be different if it's in english? I dunno. But at least english words are easier to pronounce than french words. Imagine saying 'derrière' instead of 'back', 'avancez' instead of 'forward'.

Gahhh!! Anyway, the scripts are part of the experience. I've made mental note to not do lotsa bla bla. You know when you are nervous, and you tend to blabbing about, then you start to become a sappy person. So I would say to myself 'Stop, Shazrina'. LOL

This time I had my microphone intact. I borrowed the gym's mic belt.

Track 1-3:
The first 3 tracks were the warm-ups and they followed after one another. No break there. It was great. I managed to do all my important script and movements. I was scared of the first transition which is from Step Touch to 4-Marches on the Step, but I aced it :D.
But at the end of track 3 I saw a girl did a Turn Step, and I kinda followed whereas it's not the time yet. It's suppose to be Double Squats. So we had more Turn Steps than we supposed to do huhuhuhu

Track 4:
I aced track 4 because I did this track twice already. :D Yay!!!! The participants did it very well too. Double Yay!!!!

Track 5-6:
Track 5 is recovery from track 4. I aced this too because it's just a simple Cha-Cha-Cha and Squat. I love Squats :-)
As much as I like track 6 because this is the peak cardio number 2, I'm scared of the first Across The Top which is 2 time 'low' then explode. Again, due to lotsa energy, I kinda speed things up and did it too early. I managed to do the Across The Top at the good side, and ends up well :D
More practice on these tracks!

Track 7:
Still in high energy from track 6, this track has slow lunges. I need to remind myself 'Go slow, Shazrina'. This is what I told the class, 'Breathe, it's time to recover' (in french of course :p) Most important in this track is that the classes did the lunges correctly.

Track 8 and 9:
Party time!!!!!
I aced Dummer Boy track!!!! I can't believe it. This track has wierd combination of Leg Curls and Chachacha. But I was cool by this time, listen to the music hehehehe But I panicked a bit because when I told the class to do the quater turn, then I just realized I forgot to give them instructions at the beginning. But then I checked the newbies and they are OK. As sign of apology, I keep on telling the class that the option is to stay at the center :/
Note to self: Dummer boy - Do instructional script
Hanky Panky was relaxed too. And my class can follow the 2-straddles and put on their styles :D

Track 10:
I must say other than track 6, I'm scared of this track. This is peak cardio number 6. I love this part in ALL Body Step. I aced the transition to 4-knees. Yay!!!
But again I kinda suck at Over The Top (OTT) transition, where I KNOW that I need to do 'low' 2 sides before explode to 'high' OTT. Nevertheless, I managed to cover it up, and also to cover up the straddle after that. Because you see, if you end up on the incorrect side of the step, your straddle would go bezerk!
Not to self: Master the 'low' OTT transition

Track 11:
This is the track with lunges with 5kg BodyPump weight. I think here I need to coach the class on their legs. Yesterday I focused on their triceps. Next time, check their lunges (in french it's called Fente hehehe). And I aced the plank with leg lift :D I saw some with high butts. Need to coach them to lower their butts

Track 12:
This is cooldown-stretching. But this time I'm already at ease (well who doesn't, I survived!!!). Coach them a bit and right on cue.

The class seems to enjoy it and by the look on their red faces, we did a good job :D

WWoooo!!!! I'm breathless just by writing this post.. LOL
I had only comments from 1 girl who did Body Step for about 7 years. She said that I need to anticipate the next movement clearly. But otherwise she said she cannot believe that I did the class very well.
Gaaahhh!!! I'm all over the moon.

Of course now that I've reflected everything, I need to work harder. I want it to be perfect. :D
Now that I'm thinking my next class is next Thursday, I start to have butterflies and all sorts of insect feeling in my gut. Huhuhuhu
Anyway, practice practice practice!

I wish that I have recorded myself to share with everyone. Maybe next time :D

I'm thankful to the gym and to the participants who giving me the chance to 'experiment' new thing in my life. Of course to my colleagues who have to endure my Body Step stress. Also my Amour who patiently apologizing to the downstairs neighbour of the noise I've been making for practicing in the living room LOL :p

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fab Friday

Wooohhhoo!!! It's Friday!! Noticed that there was no post during the middle of the week? LOL No no I was here, but just wishing Friday will come as soon as possible. I was thinking to post a Karaoke post as I discovered a new song by an Australian singer (woohooo!) It's in the Body Step release 84.

Talking about Body Step, release 84 is where I have the access to the release DVD :D My gym manager lend it to me as I think that she trusts me with it. And also that I told her that I want to become a BS instructor at her gym. I think that this is something I have to make a big jump and go for it. If I keep on thinking whether or not I can make it, it will not happen. Since I have the opportunity give to me on a silver platter so to speak, I better grab the chances. I am GRATEFUL!

I have great gym team, it is a small gym, great support from my BS instructors (Marcello and Nikki). They allowed me to go on the stage as 'shadow'.
Oh yes didn't I tell you that I have been on the stage for about 1 month now. Usually every Thursdays BS class :D Great great great people, and I can't thank them enough. GRATEFUL :D

Anyway, I leave you to enjoy your Friday as well, as I will. Looking forward for my massage tomorrow afternoon. Something I have been longing to do for the past 6 months! LOL
Good Friday and Love to Fall!!!!!!!!!

Love to Fall by Michael Paynter (featuring the Veronicas)

Oh I had to post this... like, like, like!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Manic Monday (??)

Well not so much I suppose. With everybody who hates Mondays, they usually do the minimum efforts. For example, less talking, less working, less follow-up, more chattings, more whining (oh how i hate mondays bla bla bla).

Perhaps, Monday is a good day to start your week. Ok I admit that it's not easy for me to wake up this morning, and keep on thinking of the bliss of waking up yesterday at 2pm (yes!!!) But that's it. Once I've hit the shower, I know that it's time to move on.

So what's in store for this week?

I'm still contemplating between staying here or go to Paris this weekend (Yes, it's great to start with the weekend, right?!) I have long overdue massage appointment which I don't think I want to miss (again). But then, I want to meet my niece and nephews too huhuhuhu Not an easy choice eh....

Work-wise, I think this week will be like last week (enough said :/)

Oh and this is the last week before the launching of the new quarter fitness choreos. If I were a certified instructor, I'll be sweating till my bone, because I can't grasp 100% of BS chorry yet!!! There are bits here and there which I've forgotten ^^'
I have yet to find my way of working with the chorry.
At first I've decided to watch the DVD and wrote down the steps, coz I thought I would remember things easier if I wrote them down. But at the end I found that it's kinda waste of time (is it?)
I'm referring back to the written instructions now and didn't use much of my note.
Perhaps I should use the written isntructions and put note there.

Then as I listen to the songs over and over again, I managed to pick up the little sounds and the way that I recognized the chorry at classes.

After that, listening to the songs and actually do the chorry (which I only did last weekend), really add to something.
So from now on... listen to the songs and do the chorry. huhuhuhu ^^'

Wish me luck :D and Happy Monday peeps!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Neglected?? Naaahhh

Oh ma gad!!!!! I have been neglecting this blog for about 3 months! This bad tsk tsk tsk. How can I make myself go online and post something every day? It's hard to keep up. Anywhoooo... What day is today? Oh right! FRIDAY! So that means it's a fabulous day coz we are heading for the weekend :D

Well well... what should I say about this Friday? I got several things on my mind: the weekend, going to see friends on Saturday, going and hopefully to finally get a new car for us, work on my BS choreo, there is something I just thought about just now and forgot (damm!! and it's mighty important i think aarrkkkk), check out the Brussels women run in September (yeah now i remember LOL), check out when I will go to Paris, check out when I will go to Dublin, check out when I will go to Paris again (hiihhi).

I'm starting a new adventure of becoming Body Step instructor. Yeah yeah... Not that easy I might say. But I have great people around me who support me and can see my potential. I should stop and slap myself each time I said I'm no good (this is the asian attitute of being 'modest' *crap*). Say thank you when they gave you compliments, Shazrina!

So that's about it for my personal life.

Careers wise... well my astrology sign said there should be something creeping up by June 15th. So I'm waiting @.@
As for current situation, oh well, what can I say 'Que sera sera' is my motto. There is nothing much I can do but complaint, state the fact to my boss and move on. I am beyond concern for the timelines and deadlines. Positive thinking, my dear!

Alrighty then, I think I'm going to move on updating my other 3 blogs (LOL No wonder I can't keep up with 1 blog :p)

Have a fab fab Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Choose You (Stan Walker)

Thanks to Body Step 83, I discovered for the first time, Stan Walker. As I searched 'Choose You' song on youtube. I found that he is also the singer of the song 'Black Box', a song in Body Combat hihihi Sorry for my ignorance. I think he has a powerful voice, and I like :D
This song is in Body Jam 83 for cooldown/stretching. At first I thought he sang 'I want you to stay'. But actually he sang 'I will choose to stay' LOL

Anyway.. here it is, today's karaoke.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Manic Monday - Lotsa stuff before holidays

Still need to pack... Run some errands. NYC & Vegas, here we come!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Freaky Friday - Already?

For once I didn't cry out thank god it's Friday, or It's the weekend!!!

Why?? Because I go a major deadline and the past 2 weeks have been so challenging, both work and personal life. That's life right? You can't always have good days. So here I am, fuck I need to vent out. So what if I took some time off from work screen to a personal screen. Lucky they didn't block blogger on my laptop.

I feel so tired today, not to mention the stress, the bleh thing, having my period.. yeah bring it all on me!

I cut my gym time to 1 hour per day. Although there are a lot of works and nerve wrecking episodes, but I still need my fix of adrenaline and fitness shots. It helps to stay sane as well. I haven't talk much about my fitness/gym time. But those who are connected to me in facebook know how much I love my gym classes. My favorites are Body Combat, Body Step, Body Jam and lately, Boxing. I might blog on each one of them separately.

I think that you need to make going to gym as a habit. It's hard to start, but once you get the ball rolling, you can't make it stop! LOL
I often wonder how long I could keep doing this. I hope as long as I can. Part of going to gym religeously every evening is location location location. You see, my gym is between my home and my workplace. It's only 10 mins walk from my home. Very convenient :D

OK my eyes are getting tired and how I wish I can take a nap. GGrrrrr...
Hope that I bounced back and feel a lot better.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Only Girl (In the world)

Boys... we don't want much from you. Just make us feel like we are the only one in the world :D hehehehe
I like this song because you need to sing it from your heart (and from the depth of your body and soul LOL)

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope that everyone had a very merry festive seasons.

I was so occupied with holidays planning, visits, cooking that I don't have enough time to send gifts on this blog! My bad :p

But here I am, fresh for 2011 wishing you all the best for this new year.
Resolution for the new year??? Hmmm... Based on previous years, I have achieved greater things along the way that I am impressed by how I handled them instead of accomplishing what's on my list. I would say, come what may in 2011!!! :D

Not to forget, I am grateful that I am still kicking and alive to see the start of 2011. Remember that I had my allergic attack in September 2010? Wow, this is like near death experience all over again. I had the same near death experience when I had dengue back in 1998. I'm sorry to make people so scared of this.. It was out of my control :/ We've already had a sad and unwelcome news in summer 2010. I just hope that I won't be encountered on such event in a near future.

I'm proud of myself that I've accomplish my 2010 resolution, which is *ahem ahem*. I announced this on facebook as a "project". Should give a name of this project though hihihi... Oh well. It's not 100% accomplished, but my part is done. Hope 2011 will give us the great news :D

Year 2010 also saw myself transformed physically into a different shape :D I've lost 13 kilos and I must say, having a healthy physical (despite of the allergic attack). This was not my intention and of course not my 2010 resolution. I have never dreamt to lose 13 kilos (who doesn't want to lose a bit of this and that?). It came to me in Summer 2010 when Dukan diet hits my office. My colleague persuaded me to be in this diet. I'm not regretting it and I can't believe that now I weigh less than my 2 sisters. The last time I weigh like this was 20 years ago! LOL

Career wise... I've had a busy year and I think 2011 will see me busy at my current job and also outside in the market. After 2 years, it's time for me to put myself back in the market and see what's there. The response is very positive and sometimes scary. I know that I should not hop too many jobs, but I'm a curious cat :p Not much business travel in 2010 as I was in 2009. I need vacation (fullstop!)

My love is all by my side in 2010 and hope it to continue in 2011 :p hihihihihi I have been blessed to have such partner in life (and crime :D) I am grateful to have his support in everything. I know that I can be tiring sometimes but what can I say :D
I am in full blown addiction of baking in 2010 and wish to continue doing so and improve myself, as long as I have people who will eat what I bake.

Best wishes to everyone in their life, adventure, friendship, relationships and so on :D