Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sum up - Bday week

Hey all!
It has been a wild ride the past couple of weeks. I tell ya it won't end now. I shall be busy till the end of the year, at work and in personal life. Seriously sometime I wonder how I can keep up with myself. Some people would just give up on me (laugh laugh)

The biggest highlight of the week is not that I manage to survive bday at work LOL. That would be nuts! (peanuts?!! LOL). It's also not about me making my first every baked cheese cake and it's a success. Instead the highlight would be my birthday!! YAY!! I can't deny it that birthday is the mark that you are adding another year to your age. And I can't deny that those increasing numbers haunt me like hell. But putting away those numbers, I think that the best way is to do what you want to do in life, make full use of your being in this world, to your family and friends, and most importantly feel good about yourself.

There is no birthday without a celebration right? :D
It just happens this year, BSB is having a concert at Antwerpen on my birthday huhuhuhu Just what a girl needs LOL
I went with my sisters last Friday. I think that having to be there on my birthday with them is the cherry on top. A girl couldn't ask for more! We sang from the top of our heart (lung? LOL) at the concert, we danced, we screamed, we had some serious fun, I tell ya. For the mini breaks, the boys showed mini-movies adaptation from some movies like Matrix, Fast and Furious, Enchanted and Fight Club. We know the boys are funny guys, it was fun (did I just said fun? LOL).
OK I can brag on this day in day out. So here it goes, some of the latest songs from BSB for my and your pleasures. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

S-Day - Sesame Street


What? You don't know what Sesame Street is? Phhooeeyy!!

Well that is what I said to my husband.. then..

What? You don't know who Big Bird is? Oh gaawwddd!!

By this time I'm blinking back tears.. hahahaha
OK let's not be dramatic then.

However, as you can see there, today is Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary. Amazing isn't it? 40 years already! This show never dies I tell ya. Not for me at least. I was surprised however that some Google homepage celebrates the anniversary by putting the Sesame Street's characters on the Google name, but not I know about it when my husband told me that "your muppet tv shows is 40 years old now" I said "what??" Then I go to, and I know what show he was talking about.

I appreciate Sesame Street and the whole Children Television Workshop for bringing in this educational yet entertaining shows when I was growing up. Put aside Barney, Teletubbies, Dora, Diego and everything else kids got nowadays. Nothing beats Sesame Street! When I watched Sesame Street at my parents home in the afternoon, I was merely 6 years old (maybe younger),and how I wished that I was chosen to be one of those kids in the show. Even just for the opening credit. This show taught me how to count, count backward and count faster (remember the song 12345..678910..11 tweeeeellvee!!). It also taught me that people comes in different backgrounds, privileges, and talents. I remember even when I was teenager, I am a bit arrogant to keep watching Sesame Street just because it's for kids and 3-2-1 Contact is was cooler. Anyway, I kept going back to Sesame Street for the fun of it. How can educational show become fun?

I acknowledge the effort of all characters in Sesame Street for bringing the fun out of learning. Big Bird, Grouch, Kermit the Frog, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Count Dracula (ah ah ah), Snufflelafegus, Elmo and of course my all time fav, Grover are full of fun and entertainment. The human characters are great too.. I can only recall of Maria tho.. LOL

Over time these characters go beyond Sesame Street and appearing in movies and some special shows.
As I mentioned before, my fav character is Grover. In the show, Grover is known for loveable muppet friend and with his friendly voice, he is funny yet likeable by kids. He has another identity which is Super Grover. Of course he is like Superman, trying to help people. But it ends up he is being funny. I have the Super Grover plush toy which I bought in Singapore as my own graduation gift. When I saw it, I knew that I had to have it. LOL.

Now, how well-known Sesame Street is? I think that most of kids around my age would watch Sesame Street while growing up. Or is it? Going back to the conversation I had quoted at the beginning of this post, there are people who don't know Sesame Street. Or maybe they know it but it existed in a different way? So I check on the french version. Guess what?! They have french version of Sesame Street.
In France, it is called '1 rue Sesame'. Why would they put number on the street? Beats me LOL. Can't they just settle with 'Rue Sesame'? Perhaps there is already something existed by that name.
Next the characters.. Lo and behold!!! The essential character that makes Sesame Street, Big Bird does not exist in France!!! How can this be? Instead, the french bird is called 'Toccata'. Seriously? I think Gros Oiseau is not that nice as a name LOL. Grouch is blue instead of green and his name is 'Mordicus'.
Next comes the theme song. Yes you guess it right. It's in french of course :P

So here is 1 rue Sesame theme song with Toccata:

Here is the english song:

However I don't know if there is the difference in the way they teach the kids. Of course in different language, I wonder if the system is different.
I found these 2 great versions that shows even the sounds of animals are different in different languages LOL. watch them. It's fun!!

French version of Cookie Monster (Macaron) - The Horse Whisperer

English version:

Ok I can go on and on..
happy to bring back those memories to all who know Sesame Street, and for who don't, it is never too late to discover this show!

For the ending, I share with you Jason Mraz version of Kermit's song Rainbow Connection. Let's sing it!!

This is the original and look! Kermit is leftie :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Karaoke Khamis - Larger than Life

The date is approaching people!!! Next week I will be watching these guys live on stage!!! wwwoohoooo!!
Words around say that one of the songs will be Larger than Life! Let's practice! hahahaha

If you don't know how the song goes, here is the vid clip.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Makan-Makan Mardi - The Dos and Don'ts of Dining Out

Something to share :D

Dine Out on a Diet: Your Restaurant Survival Guide: The Dos and Don'ts of Dining Out

Mamma Mia Monday - Yaattaaaa!!

OK actually I want to post this video on my blog. Tuesday is supposed to be foodie entry. LOL

Now I know why BSB hit Japan first! Because of this video huhuhu...

Well, then enjoy!!