Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Da Shore

OK It's hot, nice spring weather. So I am not going to talk about water or raining as a matter of fact. Though the forecast said that there will be some showers this weekend.. Noooo..

Anyway, when I youtube-ing, I stumbled upon 'Fist Pump' phenomenon which I think became popular due to the MTV reality show 'Jersey Shore'. OK I know the show is lame. Well all MTV reality shows are lame LOL, but I just have this mood for some dance house music and fist pumping came to my mind. I guess also because I just got back from Body Jam session that my adrenalin is still pumpin'.

So I made this funny video of myself. It would be great if you can do your own video doing the fist pump.. I know you wanna do it. But fine! If no video at least try to do the fist pump with a music. It's hilarious. Anyway, for this video, no rehearsal. I just Youtube search 'fist pump music' and chose what's on the result list.

Have fun! Fist pumpin fun!!!

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