Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year! Bonne Année! Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!
No matter how you say it, the mark of new year in Gregorian calendar is here.

How did you celebrate the arrival of new year? What's your feeling when you woke up to the new day in the new year?

New day, new change, welcome it with positivity. I'm sure some of us can't wait for this event to start on new plan, new event, or even to add another year of goodness. It is possible that there are some of us who are so busy for the past few weeks and just do not have time to really reflect on new events or new plans. Don't be afraid. I fall under the latter category and of course I freaked out a week ago. I'm a well planned person, and having no plan for the year scared the bejezuz out of me LOL. Some deep breathings and voice of reason (my husband), I welcome 2010 with an open arm and trusting myself to the days to come.

I know that for the days to come I will continue to improve myself. As I am writing this gift, I started to gather some resolutions.

I resolve to continue and/or start contribute my love, life, mind, body and soul to the well-being of the myself, earth and humanity. I resolve for an honest, healthier and hopeful year!

Last year, I started to open up to living healthier, happier, wiser and to stop living in my own world but to think of those of less fortunate and how to make a better community. As I started to have the idea last year, it is not easy to fulfil such resolutions. I am hopeful :-)

Let's enjoy musics, savor the cultures, be grateful, save water, save energy/electricity, recycle, acknowledge what we like and what we love.

Here's a lovely gift passed on to you from ABBA. Not only ABBA is my all time favorite band, but this is my all time favorite new year song. Do take time to understand the lyric. This song was made for end of 1989, and welcoming 1990 (well after they disbanded).

Let's sing it!!

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