Saturday, February 20, 2010

S-Day Saturday - SMILE :D

I hardly give something to this blog on Saturdays. It's because on Saturdays usually I'm busy spreading my love to other things or other people :D But of course I own my friends who read this blog and on facebook an S-Day Saturday entry. Here it goes.

I choose 'Smile' as the S word today. As I grew wiser, I remind myself to keep smiling. And giving is receiving. Smile attracts smile. You'll be amazed as to how people react to you when you are smiling. I am talking about genuine smile of course. *LOL* Yes you can fake smile or force smile. But the difference is that what you will get in return.

As far as I remember I am not a smiley person when I was younger, especially when I was a raging-hormone teenager. For this I'm sorry to everyone who's around me. I think it's because I had so many things in my mind. Even now, if I have dark clouds over my head, I'm not a smiley person. But I'd quickly snap myself out of it and remember to smile.

One thing that deter me from smiling is to not attract unwanted contact. It is easy for a young girl who flashes a smile to a stranger, and end up being raped or murdered. So you see, a smile can be invite friends or psychos.

Choose wisely to whom and what you are smiling to/at. When is the last time you smile at the lady at the cashier, when is the last time you smile at your butcher, when is the last time you smile at the guy who handed you your latté?

Keep remember to stop, and smile :D <== I like this smiley rather than :)
Either :D or :) or ^^ , give it out and you'll get it back.
If you reached this point of this post, I invite you to smile :D

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