Thursday, January 13, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Only Girl (In the world)

Boys... we don't want much from you. Just make us feel like we are the only one in the world :D hehehehe
I like this song because you need to sing it from your heart (and from the depth of your body and soul LOL)

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope that everyone had a very merry festive seasons.

I was so occupied with holidays planning, visits, cooking that I don't have enough time to send gifts on this blog! My bad :p

But here I am, fresh for 2011 wishing you all the best for this new year.
Resolution for the new year??? Hmmm... Based on previous years, I have achieved greater things along the way that I am impressed by how I handled them instead of accomplishing what's on my list. I would say, come what may in 2011!!! :D

Not to forget, I am grateful that I am still kicking and alive to see the start of 2011. Remember that I had my allergic attack in September 2010? Wow, this is like near death experience all over again. I had the same near death experience when I had dengue back in 1998. I'm sorry to make people so scared of this.. It was out of my control :/ We've already had a sad and unwelcome news in summer 2010. I just hope that I won't be encountered on such event in a near future.

I'm proud of myself that I've accomplish my 2010 resolution, which is *ahem ahem*. I announced this on facebook as a "project". Should give a name of this project though hihihi... Oh well. It's not 100% accomplished, but my part is done. Hope 2011 will give us the great news :D

Year 2010 also saw myself transformed physically into a different shape :D I've lost 13 kilos and I must say, having a healthy physical (despite of the allergic attack). This was not my intention and of course not my 2010 resolution. I have never dreamt to lose 13 kilos (who doesn't want to lose a bit of this and that?). It came to me in Summer 2010 when Dukan diet hits my office. My colleague persuaded me to be in this diet. I'm not regretting it and I can't believe that now I weigh less than my 2 sisters. The last time I weigh like this was 20 years ago! LOL

Career wise... I've had a busy year and I think 2011 will see me busy at my current job and also outside in the market. After 2 years, it's time for me to put myself back in the market and see what's there. The response is very positive and sometimes scary. I know that I should not hop too many jobs, but I'm a curious cat :p Not much business travel in 2010 as I was in 2009. I need vacation (fullstop!)

My love is all by my side in 2010 and hope it to continue in 2011 :p hihihihihi I have been blessed to have such partner in life (and crime :D) I am grateful to have his support in everything. I know that I can be tiring sometimes but what can I say :D
I am in full blown addiction of baking in 2010 and wish to continue doing so and improve myself, as long as I have people who will eat what I bake.

Best wishes to everyone in their life, adventure, friendship, relationships and so on :D