Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seven Gifts A Week

Day after day, week after week we lead the life as we seem fit. We crinkle our nose when it is Monday morning, we sigh when it comes to Tuesday and we smile when Friday and weekends are visible.

Taking one step back, those seven days that we live and re-live, over and over again in cycle are the chance for us to be who we are and what we want to do.

I look at the days as gifts. Just like happy birthday gifts, you like some of them, sometimes you would prefer something else. But also you can decide what you will get, by deciding what you want as a gift.

So for me it is the same as the days in the week. Sometimes they are to your liking and sometimes not.
But most important, and I think the message that I want to pass through via this blog is to tell, my friends, to choose what you want to be, acknowledge the gifts that you receive and be thankful that you have the seven gifts a week :-)

That is how I came up with the idea of this blog.
Of course, I can't make it possible without the help of people around me. I radiate all the power of knowledge around me and the right people came to me at the right conditions. I acknowledge my friends in Facebook who came up with different ideas when I asked for words starting with certain letters :-)
Do accept my gratitude for encouraging me!

Then it is time to start this blog, and the question is to why I asked for words starting with certain letters.
This blog is dedicate to the seven days a week that are given to us. Therefore, I am looking at words that could go with these days. I could said this earlier when I asked in Facebook. But that's not fun isn't? And I did asked for fun :-)

The word that accompany the day will help me to focus on what to blog. Meaning that each day will have a theme.

The moment has come...

Here is the list of the Seven Gifts A Week:
Gift #1: Fantastic Friday - It's everything to describe Friday that we love so much

Gift #2: S-day - I speak 3 languages, and all 3 of them starts with the same letter! Saturday, Samedi, Sabtu

Gift #3: Awareness Ahad - Part of it I like an awareness theme and Ahad = Sunday = Dimanche

Gift #4: Mamma Mia! Monday - Mammmaa miiaa!! describes mondays (to me at least)

Gift #5: Makan-makan Mardi - Yes I like food! Although I already have a foodie blog, but food is food! You can't get enough of it!

Gift #6: Wet Wednesday - I took this concept from Jason Mraz. It shall be anything to do with.... Water!

Gift #7: Karaoke Khamis - Seriously, do you think I would skip karaoke for something else? Khamis = Jeudi = Thursday. I asked on Facebook word starts with 'J'. The suggested words can't beat karaoke :-)
These names are not definitive. Where the fun is if we won't ourselves to have different gifts each day?!

I'm grateful that it is done and very hopeful to contribute to change :-)


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