Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water to reduce risk of cancer

It is not a water post per se. But I think it is important to remind ourselves why drinking plenty of water is such a great deal. I've found a nice article on the web which put the ways in which we could reduce the risk of getting cancer.

In the list, water is on number 4.
4. Drink Plenty of Water

This is an easy one.

Research suggests that drinking plenty of water may reduce your risk of getting bladder cancer. Why? Water dilutes the cancerous agents in your urine, thereby reducing the time period these agents are in contact with your bladder.

Additionally, drinking lots of water will aid in the elimination of toxins from your body.

Research suggests that consistent dehydration may be linked to urinary tract, colon, and breast cancer.

It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, more if you’re active.

So there you go. As the article said, this is easy. But I don't think it is not easy to make sure you drink minimum of 8 glasses per day. Without we noticing it, we tend to forget to drink. Yes, it's true.
Example: myself.
I need a reminder to drink water. I can go on the whole afternoon without water. Tsk tsk tsk.. this is not good.
So as I set a reminder for myself, I'm sharing this with everyone :D

Read more on the article here.

Have a plenty-o-water day!!!

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