Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Malaysian Restaurant, Antwerpen


Too bad they do not have a website. They have many selections in the menu. But still lack some essentials, like Roti Canai, Teh Tarik, and Cendol. But I'm not complaining. Any malaysian foods that I don't have to shop and cook, would make me happy. The restaurant is strategically located. In a pedestrian walkway, in front of big UGC cinema complex and surrounded by nicely looked restaurants (indonesion, morrocan and korean). There are 2 underground parkings (under the UGC cinema), very practical.

As appetizer we had satay. Unfortunately I don't have the picture of the satay. They are tasty, with the peanut sauce. The size is acceptable too. The nasi impit has the taste of lemang a bit. They are all yummy :D

Then came the dish. Actually I took Nasi Lemak Menu which comes with Soup and Satay as appetizer, then the dish (below) and dessert.

I took nasi lemak with beef rendang and chicken curry. My sister took nasi lemak with sambal prawn and assam fish. The other people on our table took Mee goreng and Rice with sizzling beef. The dishes are tasty but my sister and I agreed that the nasi lemak is lacking the santan taste.

We also took fried chicken wings in chili sauce and rojak. The rojak is like gado-gado or pecal. I like it because it has a lot of mango slices in it.


The only malaysian desserts they have are sago gula melaka and kuih ketayap. The other desserts are like rambutan in syrup, fresh fruit, mango with ice cream, ice creams, banana flambe and banana with ice cream. So I took kuih ketayap. It was OK. I was expecting Cendol, huhuhu.


Nevertheless, we were stuffed by the end of the evening and a happy camper :D


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