Friday, February 11, 2011

Freaky Friday - Already?

For once I didn't cry out thank god it's Friday, or It's the weekend!!!

Why?? Because I go a major deadline and the past 2 weeks have been so challenging, both work and personal life. That's life right? You can't always have good days. So here I am, fuck I need to vent out. So what if I took some time off from work screen to a personal screen. Lucky they didn't block blogger on my laptop.

I feel so tired today, not to mention the stress, the bleh thing, having my period.. yeah bring it all on me!

I cut my gym time to 1 hour per day. Although there are a lot of works and nerve wrecking episodes, but I still need my fix of adrenaline and fitness shots. It helps to stay sane as well. I haven't talk much about my fitness/gym time. But those who are connected to me in facebook know how much I love my gym classes. My favorites are Body Combat, Body Step, Body Jam and lately, Boxing. I might blog on each one of them separately.

I think that you need to make going to gym as a habit. It's hard to start, but once you get the ball rolling, you can't make it stop! LOL
I often wonder how long I could keep doing this. I hope as long as I can. Part of going to gym religeously every evening is location location location. You see, my gym is between my home and my workplace. It's only 10 mins walk from my home. Very convenient :D

OK my eyes are getting tired and how I wish I can take a nap. GGrrrrr...
Hope that I bounced back and feel a lot better.