Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Makan-Makan Mardi - Mak Bee!

OMG!! I dunno what they 'really' put inside this thing, but I can't stop eating it!!
It's none other than Kuah Rojak Kacang Mak Bee (Mak Bee's Rojak Peanut Paste)
What is Rojak in english btw?

I bought this pot when I was in Penang last December. So it has been about 1 month and ahalf sitting inside my fridge. I have never taste this paste before. I thought that it would be very hot and spicy and I don't have any time to taste it. It happens that I have extra green apples from yesterday's baking. So I thought OK good time to taste this paste.

I read the ingredients on the label. There is soy sauce, peanut, chilies, sugar, shrimp paste and salt.

You can see that I eat it with the leftover Granny smith apple and green seedless grape. It was soooooooooo good (by malaysian standard though, not european LOL) I could lick the knife, the plate! I had to stop myself as I started to reach half of the pot! Preccioussss....

This is for sure one thing that I will put in my list as thing-to-bring-back-to-Europe LOL. And also thing to ask my mom to send via post! hahahaha...
So anyone in Penang? hihi

So if you'll excuse me.. I have plate to lick :P

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