Saturday, November 13, 2010

Awesomeness Ahad - Ol Friends

Old friends are hard to find... I don't mean in terms of age, but it terms of how long you can stay in friendship and survive all the ups and downs and the years of lost contacts and reunions.

This is the post that I meant to write since last month, but didn't get the chance to write. Yeah yeah, I got so many things to jot down, but time does not permit. If only my memory can be transfered to a blogpost that easily.

Anyway.. last month I went to Gent, a Belgian town in Flanders region 30 mins from Brussels. I went there to meet a longtime friends. We met in the IRC (IR what??) IRC is Internet Chat Relay, this is the dinosaur time before there's IM or webchat. I spent so many nights and days on the chatrooms and met so many nice people, one of them is now my bro in law, and one of them is now my husband (LOL). We used to chat, played games, slapping trouts all around (ok this one is private IRC joke).

The friends I met are also couple formed via IRC. I met Aeon during my Europe trip in 1999. As for Orchy, we have been friends for 13 years now, but never meet in real life! I met her brother tho in KL once... So one fine day, Orchy messaged me and said we should meet. I have been wanting to meet her, mind you, we are in the same country for once!!! So I slapped (virtually, OK) my head and determined to meet my ol friend.

So we agreed to meet in Gent (halfway for us)!! After work, I rushed to Central station and took the train to Gent. Everything is fine, until I took the wrong tram to the city centre (oppss). But nevermind, it was soon recovered by asking around.

We went for a dinner in a nice restaurant and managed to have a little tour of Gent. Me as usual, blabbering... I can't stop talking if I'm too excited (LOL). I hope that they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs. I don't want to pose any problem but I do wish that I could see them more often. On top of that we forgot to take picture of us! Duuhhhh!!

So must meet again to take picture (LOL).

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