Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movie Mardi - Love Happens (2009)

A day late, but I had this idea yesterday to change Makan-makan Mardi to Movie Mardi instead.

Last night, I watched this movie, well more like finishing the movie. I started the movie some time last week when I was on the train to Nancy.

So this movie is with Jennifer Aniston, Rachel from Friends as the lead actress and Aaron Eckhart as the lead actor. We all know Jen, but who is Aaron? I can't put his face to any of the movies I have seen, but thanks to Google and idmb, ahh he is the guy who played Two Face in Batman. With his dimpled chin, he should play more chick flicks huhuhuhu...

Anyway, the movie is... missing the chick flick punch. You got the nicely couple Jen-Aaron, but I have problem to finish this movie. As I mentioned before, I could wait a week later to finish the movie... hish.. So it has this boy meets girl, in an unusual circumstances. Then comes the courtship, the innocent date, the spark, the first kiss, and you-turn-my-life-around plot. Other than that it is so mellow. I don't know about Aaron, but Jennifer Aniston has this mellow look and also strong look. She is not quirky or funny. Aaron is most of the time in suit, only the last 10 mins of the movie we can see him in casual clothes - leather jacket, t-shirt and I can't remember if he wore jeans or casual pants, and the hair is messed up a bit. There is no special moment that I could really recall from this movie :/

All in all I give 4 out of 10.

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