Monday, July 5, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - Step by step, Day by day

Yes step by step I'm back into the blogging and giving my joy to the world hehehehe

As usual, nothing much on Monday except it's the beginning of work days. I don't know how other ppl approach Monday, but for me, I take it easy :D But usually I take easy on everyday LOL It's the 5th and I am sending SOS for not having my salary yet :/ It is lucky that my significant other still has "income" thus I can ask for an advance. Life's tough when you have to live like this (getting late income I mean). Anyway, not going to talk more about it otherwise I could get burn for putting this online LOL

But then, Monday is almost gone and that means come Tuesday I need to be fully operational.
Yeah sometimes taking easy on Monday can bite you in the ass *Ouch*
So my advise is, you can take it easy, but then be ready to be speedy gonzalez on the coming days. I will be away on work trip Wednesday night till Friday night. Still need to finalize my transcript for presentations. Though I'm done it so many time, still, preparation is the key, ppl!!! :D So where will I be? Stay tune hehehe

Any tips for presentation?
When I present, I think I sound like teacher LOL

Anyway, I thought of something to blog about and now I got nothing hehehe...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Satellite

Wow it has been long time.... It's not that I'm lack of inspiration, but there are too many that I can't sort out what to put and what day to do the entry LOL

Anyway... for Karaoke day, I'm putting the Eurovision 2010 winner song from Germany. Not so many eurovision songs which you want to listen again, but I think this is an exception, IMHO.

Without further ado, let's sing "Satellite"!!!!

Original vidclip:

Hope you enjoy it! Sing it thru Friday to next Thursday!!! ^^