Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wHump Wednesday - Happy Hump Day!

Woohoo!! First concert of the year is Boyz II Men. After 20 years, I get to these guys live. I had to take the seat at the balcony due to my toe, but it's worth it. I was singing and smiling from start til the end.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mo mo Monday - What's going on?

Small update on what's going on, that we are in the 4th week of 2012... It has only been 4 weeks? Feels like ages hhhehehe

Anyway, I have started my new job. So this week is my second week. Still in the transition from the 'honeymoon' phase to the 'accepting new job' phase. I got the rush when my boss informed me that he decided already project for me to takeover... huhuhu Today, the assistant showed me how to do some documentations, and so involved indirectly looking at all sorts of projects documentation. I'm so pysched!!!! People are nice, well they usually are. So I'm blessed. The work condition is great and I sensed that my boss is a professional one :D
One fine day I will write more about this new environment.

I got the company car. And yes, I have been driving. It took me about 45 mins door to door, which is not bad. I enjoyed going out at 7am. Although, you know me, I am nervous when driving, but I think I get used to it. I have to remind myself to keep the speed limit, and do things slowly. Fuh fuh fuh....

On 4th January I had a minor surgery. It supposed to be minor minor, but it ended up to be well, minor-major one. I thought I only have blister or wart on my right big toe,but as the doctor removed it, he discovered that it's a cyst. So I got stitches and all that. My first stitches!! huuhuhuhu So I am out from gym since then. GGgrrrr I really need cardio. I think this week I can go back to Body Step. GGaaahhh
Oh and with my new job, as I can't guarantee to be there befoere 6pm, so they are giving away my BS classes to someone else. Booooo!!!

Ok That's all for now. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wet Wednesday - Waterrrrrr

Something for the new year??
Drink water!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Makan-makan Mardi - 80/20 rule

It sucks, but that's the fact. The way of maintaining your weight or desirable weight is 80% via nutrition (or diet, is not so taboo), and 20% of exercise.
Amazingly, both are very hard to do. Even an exercise junkie like me would admit that doing the 20% exercise is hard. As a person who likes food, watching what you eat is even harder.

At the moment, I am at the point of panic, because after 1 year of losing 13 kilos and physically looking great, I started to feel the tinge of increase of weight. I like my success and I want to stay as it is.

Luckily, my journey was a pleasant one. Meaning that I lose weight by keep eating, but not eating ALL that I want to. As I looked in my supply shelves this morning, I suddenly realize that I have been collecting the things that I should not be eating: various chips, various nuts (although this is good, but eating when I'm not suppose to) and various chocolates. I have to put stop on this. But of course, who will be eating those things? I need to eat those things to avoid waste!... This is bad, really bad.

So before I'm losing all my efforts and that it just about to start (the weight gain, I mean), I better act now!

It will be difficult, as I will start new job next Monday and I don't know what they have for lunch, the stress, and the new schedule. But I must do something!

Again, I know it is difficult to maintain, and that is why we have people who are happy to have the extra kilos in them. But not me. I am happy the way I am physically during January 2010, and I won't stop till I get the good 80/20.

In addition, it is good to start living healthy and that is my resolution as well. Just need to remember to not side-track too far! :D
You go girl!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mellow Monday

Today is the last Monday that I will work in this office. :D
It is not my first time changing job, but still the feels of lost, excited, hopeful and worry are all over me. I know that it is for the best! So I must go for it! And this comes from someone who is in this position for almost 3 years. I cannot imagine how it would be if I am in this position for more than 5 years like most of my current colleagues here. Must be tough eh?

It is always the same countdown:
- This morning will be the last monday morning that I take the route to my work. Next Monday I will be driving to work. For the first time!!!!
- This afternoon is the last Monday lunch that I will have at the usual café. Next Monday lunchtime I would be eating in a caféteria. For the first time!!!!

Ok I only made it to after lunch HAhahaha... But will I have the same freedom to blog from work? Hmm. We will see. I do hope that I get an office by myself. I forgot to glance over when I was there for interview.

As the day goes by, the faces of my current colleagues seems to fade away, and the new bosses and colleagues become more and more realistic. Yeah I had interview with my immediate boss, his boss and a colleague.

Honestly, I don't know what I will be doing exactly and how to workload would be. I just keep reminding myself of the general things that I gathered from my past experience.
- If you don't know, ASK
- If you in doubt, SHOUT
- If you are uncertain, DISCUSS

My problem is that I would like to proof myself that I can do it, that I tend to close myself from colleagues. I will remember to avoid that and be more open when not certain. Not all questions are dumb and you live and learn.

To make things kinda mellow for me. I am not 100% myself.
Five days ago I had a minor surgery at my right big toe. I thought it was a wart, but then the doctor discovered that it is a cyst. So I had this big chunk part of my big toe, and all stitched up.
I hope that there is nothing serious about the cyst and that it was completely removed. I don't mind the pain but it is more painful that I cannot exercise or do my bodystep for more than 2 weeks! Bouhouhou!!!!

Fingers crossed my peeps.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

It's that time again!!!! Woohoooo!!!

Here's my resolutions for 2012, not in any particular order (More like goals):
1. Get my pro-fitness instructor certificate
2. Make peace with driving license
3. Meet in person members of BSB and NKOTB!
4. Meet as many celebs as I can (I wanted to tell them in person how their musics and effort means to me)
5. Get a "good job Shaz" at my new job (gonna start in mid-jan)
6. Make new friends and spread the love to old and new ones
7. Participate in at least 2 runs (Brussels Ladies 9km and Brussels 20km Run)
8. Continue living healthy
9. Visit my parents
10. Love my husband more than last year

This is the list that I have posted on someone's comments on Facebook.
I know that there are a lot of things on that list, but I am optimistic that I can do them all. I seems like I will have a busy 2012. But I guess every year I am busy. As we are on the 6th of January now, I made a mental note of one more item to be added into the list. I just thought about it this morning, and as it approaches mid-day, my need to resolve this item this year grows more and more.

As I writing this, I still have the butterfly in my stomach as to the new things that I will be doing this year. Why do I put myself into this? Well, if there won't be any new things to do, my life won't be right. Hahahaha....

What else new.. Oh! I got my first stitches this year.. Yeah, already!! Hahahaha
So I schedule a surgery to remove a blister-like thing on my right big toe, 2 days ago. After the surgery, I looked and saw the stitches! Arrkkk... Not panicking.. Stay cool. The doctor said it was a cyst and need to send to lab for an exam. Hookaayy...
So there I was with my stitches. Bouhouhou!

Of course it will take longer to heal. So no sports for me, no Bodystep. Oh great (NOT!) I will miss the launching of BS86.. Bouuhhhh!!!

I will try to drive in few days time and see how it goes. I'm already so pysched to go drive to work (you all know about me and my driving stories). And with a bobo on my toe.. Isk.. Stay cool and keep breathing hahahaha

So all the best for 2012 my friends... For I will need all my bestest this year!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses!