Thursday, April 29, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - S-O-L-O (by Iyaz)

Wassup world!!!

So it's thursday, and you know it.. it's Karaoke time.
Check this out, the new single from IYAZ (pronounce: Ah-Yez). I found that it's sweet, simple and catchy. I had problem to find the karaoke of this song on the Youtube that made me think of doing the karaoke meself! Whhaatttt???!!
But then lady luck is on my side, I found this great karaoke version. I even left a comment for this dude who made the video LOL

Have a great spring time wihle singing to this song..Peace!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Da Shore

OK It's hot, nice spring weather. So I am not going to talk about water or raining as a matter of fact. Though the forecast said that there will be some showers this weekend.. Noooo..

Anyway, when I youtube-ing, I stumbled upon 'Fist Pump' phenomenon which I think became popular due to the MTV reality show 'Jersey Shore'. OK I know the show is lame. Well all MTV reality shows are lame LOL, but I just have this mood for some dance house music and fist pumping came to my mind. I guess also because I just got back from Body Jam session that my adrenalin is still pumpin'.

So I made this funny video of myself. It would be great if you can do your own video doing the fist pump.. I know you wanna do it. But fine! If no video at least try to do the fist pump with a music. It's hilarious. Anyway, for this video, no rehearsal. I just Youtube search 'fist pump music' and chose what's on the result list.

Have fun! Fist pumpin fun!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - Earth (Song) Day

Is it today? Let me Google.. Bless google, it is like a knowledge calendar that reminds me what's going on in the world LOL
Anyway, so 22nd April is known for Earth Day. I guess that we need to be reminded at least once a year that we need to appreciate the planet that we live in (I wonder if Martians feels the same way about their planet, or other planet habitants in any case).. Make you wonder isn't? But let's focus back to Earth. I guess that this day is made to remind us to count our blessings for being able to breathe the air, to enjoy the greeneries, the blues and greens of the sea.That we are still able to keep doing what we want to do and suppose to do. To live.
It is also to reflect on the bad things going on these days, how we badly treated our environment. But we all have our beliefs when treating the environment. You can be a downright environmentalist to a person who just don't care to recycle. Where is your stand on this.
Europeans condemn the act of Asian countries that destroy the jungle for the purpose of urban development. But for the Asian countries, jungle means under-develop and poor, so I can understand when Asian countries bulldozed the jungle to make way for highways, towns. I think well-controlled urbanism is important. It is OK to develop towns, cities, but I think it is important to preserve the nature. In US, Canada, Europe, Australia, you can see that eventhough in the cities, there are still big parks. I am not talking children playgrounds. But really nice big parks where people can still enjoy the greeneries, birds can build their nests....

I hope that as more and more people become aware of our environment, less ignorant and respect the other living creatures on this planet, it will be easier to keep the Eart "healthy". I have been living on this planet for over 30 years (yeah not going to give the exact number hush hush :p) and it is only this year I start to separate my houshold garbages to different recycle bins. It is an easy thing to do that we often take for granted.

Teaching the young ones of importance to respect the environment is important. They should start recycling at the early age. They should be aware of conserving water, keeping the beaches and river/sea clean.

Anyway, we can talk about this the whole day, but still do nothing. If you can't start preserving the environment today, just count for the blessing the joy that you have in on the Earth from you were born till today. I think the Earth would appreciate that you appreciate it.

OK! having said that, it's Thursday!!!!!!!!!! so it's the Karaoke time of the week... Yes!!!!
MJ came in mind with his Earth song.. Yay!!!! No other artist these days who could create a song about Earth and hit the right beat and reach to everyone's heart. Young and old. No nonsense lyric like "party in the USA", "pimp ship flying high" or "take your shirt off" LOL

So here's the Earth Song by Michael Jackson. RIP.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Water conserving tip

#32 Designate one glass for your drinking water each day or refill a water bottle. This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Karaoke Khamis - with Princess Tiana

Watched Princess and the Frog some time ago, and liked the ending song of this movie, by Ne-Yo. The song is "Never Know I Needed".

It's simple - sometimes what we want is not what we need :D And we never knowe we need it until we found it.

I also like the song in the movie "Almost There" sang by Princess Tiana.
OK then come sing with Tiana!!!!!!!!

Al..moosstt... thereeeeee...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movie Mardi - Love Happens (2009)

A day late, but I had this idea yesterday to change Makan-makan Mardi to Movie Mardi instead.

Last night, I watched this movie, well more like finishing the movie. I started the movie some time last week when I was on the train to Nancy.

So this movie is with Jennifer Aniston, Rachel from Friends as the lead actress and Aaron Eckhart as the lead actor. We all know Jen, but who is Aaron? I can't put his face to any of the movies I have seen, but thanks to Google and idmb, ahh he is the guy who played Two Face in Batman. With his dimpled chin, he should play more chick flicks huhuhuhu...

Anyway, the movie is... missing the chick flick punch. You got the nicely couple Jen-Aaron, but I have problem to finish this movie. As I mentioned before, I could wait a week later to finish the movie... hish.. So it has this boy meets girl, in an unusual circumstances. Then comes the courtship, the innocent date, the spark, the first kiss, and you-turn-my-life-around plot. Other than that it is so mellow. I don't know about Aaron, but Jennifer Aniston has this mellow look and also strong look. She is not quirky or funny. Aaron is most of the time in suit, only the last 10 mins of the movie we can see him in casual clothes - leather jacket, t-shirt and I can't remember if he wore jeans or casual pants, and the hair is messed up a bit. There is no special moment that I could really recall from this movie :/

All in all I give 4 out of 10.