Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wet Wednesday - Charity:Water

While browsing for donation organization for the Haiti earthquake, I stumbled upon the website by Charity:Water. This non-profit organization's mission is to bring freshwater to developing countries such as Kenya, Ethopia, etc. You can read more about this organization by click on the link I put above. They have great stories, information that could widen our perception about water.

I am so blessed to have drinking water, tap water, bath water, shower water everyday. Even so, I tend to 'forgot' to drink water. There are people out there who need to drink water, but they do not have the access to it. Or they must travel about 30 kilometers just to get to the water source. I just need to walk 3 meters, and I'm grumpy LOL...
Remember the moment when we wanted to have tap water, and when we turned the tap on, there is no water coming out? And we started to swear "who the hell switched off the water without prior notice" "oh I am so going to call the city hall to complain" or "oh no, no water, what am I going to do *panic*"

Personally, I can't live without clean water. Especially to clean up. I hate outdoor campings just because the thought of no running water makes me go into panic attack LOL... Perhaps I am spoilt or perhaps I am just plain lucky.
I realized that I must be grateful for the freshwater that I have access to everyday without any hassle.
I am grateful
I remember in Malaysia, it happened sometimes that they closed the waterworks for maintenance or that there is a broken pipe somewhere and some sectors do not have tap water. Oh dear dear.. The anxiety rose while waiting for the water to be available or when you heard that the city will send water truck to give water supplies during this "blackout". You can see households brought out all types of water storage containers, from buckets of all sizes to jerry can type container. Oh I hate when it happened.
Then to think of people in Ethopia, Kenya, Uganda etc that they have to wait for such charity to have the water tank truck to come and bring them some fresh clean water, it amazes me. I wish they could have easy access to freshwater as I have.
Anyway, it's better to start somewhere. Go to charity:water website and there are so many inspiring stories related to water mission in developing country.
I like this particular promo ad. I think it was made during the festive season.
Give love, give water :D

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