Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - No sugar no oil

I have been on Dukan diet for about 2 months and a half now. A lot of people stopped me for tips of me losing weight. Outside France, Dukan is not a known diet name. So I need to summarize quickly how I managed to lose those extra kilos.

If I start with protein diet, people will start to jump to a conclusion that I take those powdered lose weight food substitutes. No sir. I value my food so much, I won't eat anything which is unnatural. So, no protein diet... In addition, I eat vegies in my diet too.. So saying protein diet is way misleading.

From what I can summarize, the past 65 days I did not consume sugar nor oil.

Even in a canned food like tuna. If there is 'sugar' indicated in the ingredients, I won't eat it. I used substitute like sweetener and sugar based on plant called Stevia. I used it in cookings, in coffee, and tea.
OK, so you are saying you can't give up chocolates. Sorry. It's the sacrifice you have to make. Lose the kilos, then in longterm, you can re-consume chocolates in moderation.
For desserts, I drink diet Coke, or zero Coke, or Fanta.
If I crave for something crunchy, then I chew on sugar free gum. Yes the gum which outside is hard.

Eventhough olive oil and sunflower oil are good for health, but it's not helping you to lose weight. Oil is oil. Again, during the period to lose weight, ditch the oil. Invest in some Tefal pan and casserole, and you won't be needing oil to cook. Any meat will produce oil and water when you cook it. Let it be natural.
To dress your salad, use the vinegar. Balsamic vinegar is so yummy. Put on everything! hehehehe

So that sums up my diet :D
On top of that... don't forget to do sports. That would make you to burn those calories.

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