Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Makan-makan Mardi - Piece O Cake

Had an urge to eat cake. While thinking of cakes, I was thinking of great tv sitcom scenes that involved cakes. I know there are a lot of them out there but I put here 3 of my favorites. If you can think of any other that makes you crave for cakes after watching it, feel free to comment.

After work I went to an arab patisserie/boulangerie. I have been eyeing this place for sometime. So I decided to make a turn and enter the shop.

They got quite nice and fattening looking cakes! Yummy.I like! It looks like they have a lot of butter cream cakes which very rare to find here. It's mostly like Malaysian butter cream cakes. In Europe, they use a lot of creme patisseries, glazing and ganache. Then the cream is as part of the cake. Malaysian butter cream cake or I think more like American cakes, they have a big part of cake then the cream is only on top and around the cake. So when you eat it, it has a balance part of cake and cream.

Anyway, look what I bought! ;-) Verdict: Yuummmaaayyyy!! Just like I love it. Cake and cream balance. Blissss....

In order to not make me feel guilty eating them, I'll share with you (LOL) My hope is to be courageous enough to make beautiful yummy cakes :D

So here are the 3 tv sitcoms related to cakes that I like and enjoy them! (While I enjoy the cakes)

Mmmm.. cheesecake!

Mmm.. chocolate cake!

Mmm... special day cake!

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