Monday, March 1, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - Will you be a Gypsy?

Hell I would, if the guy is Rafael Nadal!!!!! LOL
My god, who allowed that guy to be so hot in the vidclip?
OK fine, Shakira is hot too, but then who doesn't know that. She always appeared with sexy dance movement which most of them I can't do thanks to the cellulite and fat that masked my movement hahahaahah...
But Nadal?? aarrghhhhh... -_- *faint*

When I first saw this vidclip; I was like who the hell is this guy? He looks familiar of course but my mind races thru all the movies and tv show. It itched me that I can't put the name to the face(read:body) I even googled 'shakira gypsy video guy' hahahahahaha

Huhuhuhu... the second and third and so on times I watched this vidclip; I had to block Shakira from the view and can just watch Nadal over and over again (not to mention thinking that could be me instead of Shakira) LOL But thumbs up on the vidclip. Shakira didn't overdo (though her limited movement, smiles and clothes really bothers me. Read: Jealous). Nadal is.... yummy (nuff said :P)

So if you are still wondering what vidclip and wth i'm talking about, here is the vidclip.. huhuhu

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