Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - New day, new week

For once, I do not have anything planned for this coming week. Hmm... this is spooky. Usually I have things planned and I started to get antsy when Monday comes. Hence, Monday blues. Just hope that nothing sneaking up on me tomorrow...

Otherwise, routine activities would be work, play (gym) and sleep. Couldn't be that bad eh?
Work is under control for the moment, a part of some bumps here and there.. The usual. New choreographies at the gym last week. I am looking forward to master them this week. Body Jam new choreo is a bit difficult I think with lotsa spinning hihihi.
Just can't wait for Disney halloween trip in 2 weeks time.. Woohoo!!!
Till then, new day new week :D

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