Monday, November 22, 2010

Mamma Mia! Monday - NKOTBSB

Woohoo!!! Few weeks ago NKOTB & BSB decided to do a tour of 9 men live on stage. Both boybands performed live on stage at one of NKOTB's concert in Radio City Hall NY. Then they decided to do tour. They just released 5 venues in the US and Canada. But I think and HOPE that there will be more dates and venue. I truly hope that they will release at least 1 European date huhuhuhu...

Last Sunday is their first appearance after the tour dates announcement, at the American Music Awards (AMA). Thankful to Youtube, I could watch this great performance.
I am faithful to these 2 boybands because they showed their maturity overtime and that they use their experiences to become better person and performers. They keep being modest at the same time they understand what fans want. Despite people say that boyband era has died and they are not 'boys' anymore, they keep doing what fans want... Sing and perform!
I love every second of their performance at AMA. It must be stressful for them, I'm sure.
We laughed on Twitter the fact that Joey accidently knocked on Jordan's mic (@2:50) LOL
RT @jordanknight That was fun!!! and I'm glad I still have my teeth....that mic smacked me right in my grill!!!
RT @backstreetboys BLAME JOE!

Enough said.
Here is one of the many video posts on YouTube.

If they release a European date, my plan is to get VIP package and have the front row!! huhuhuhuhu...
All you people can't you see can't you see... N-K-O-T-B-S-B
hehehehe :D
Have fun!!

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