Friday, June 24, 2011

Fab Friday

Wooohhhoo!!! It's Friday!! Noticed that there was no post during the middle of the week? LOL No no I was here, but just wishing Friday will come as soon as possible. I was thinking to post a Karaoke post as I discovered a new song by an Australian singer (woohooo!) It's in the Body Step release 84.

Talking about Body Step, release 84 is where I have the access to the release DVD :D My gym manager lend it to me as I think that she trusts me with it. And also that I told her that I want to become a BS instructor at her gym. I think that this is something I have to make a big jump and go for it. If I keep on thinking whether or not I can make it, it will not happen. Since I have the opportunity give to me on a silver platter so to speak, I better grab the chances. I am GRATEFUL!

I have great gym team, it is a small gym, great support from my BS instructors (Marcello and Nikki). They allowed me to go on the stage as 'shadow'.
Oh yes didn't I tell you that I have been on the stage for about 1 month now. Usually every Thursdays BS class :D Great great great people, and I can't thank them enough. GRATEFUL :D

Anyway, I leave you to enjoy your Friday as well, as I will. Looking forward for my massage tomorrow afternoon. Something I have been longing to do for the past 6 months! LOL
Good Friday and Love to Fall!!!!!!!!!

Love to Fall by Michael Paynter (featuring the Veronicas)

Oh I had to post this... like, like, like!!!

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