Friday, August 12, 2011

Freaks me out Friday - Boo!

OK So one day I decided to eat at a restaurant, and then next to your seating, there is this guy who:
1. talks so loud
2. thinks he is the master of the world
3. thinks he knows everything that's going on on this planet
4. doesn't realize that he is the one who has been talking for ages
5. doesn't realize that his friends are embarass of him

I think part of the person to be blame is me. I think that he talks so loud in order to get my attention. I think it is OK if he is funny. Like I could smirk and even throw a laughing look ^^, like so. But this is like how many percentage of the government in a particular country cuts the budget, and how many years it took for a particular country to get out from the budget deficit, and how this and that banks charge the customers to get more money, Yada yada yada....

People like this 'ikkss' me. Do you guys know that you do not need to impress girls by being a talking encyclopedia. As a matter of fact, we find you annoying!

However, this is my personal opinion. Some ladies would like to hear a man-genuis talking. Like "Oh wow, he is so knowledgeable", "He knows what he's talking". But I think at the end (I mean after awhile), the ladies would find that the guy is freakin annoying and just BS-ing. Which comes back down to my conclusion.

So guys, why do you need to act like you are Mr-know-it-all who talks very LOUD? Do you think that thing works? Do you think by extending your vocal cord, you can penetrate into a girl's deafening ear? Hhmm... thoughts...

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