Monday, July 25, 2011

Mamma Mia! Monday - Why can't I stay in bed?

Coz it's Monday!!!!! :D
Yeah not so easy this morning -_- <-- this is me at 6:30 a.m. this morning. Always thinking that it would be great to be yesterday morning, where I woke up at 9-ish. Just nice. Not too early, not too late.
I know that with the flexible hour I can do this. But it also means I go off from work later. This last rule made me wide awake. My mantra in the early morning is "The faster you get there, the faster you get outta there!" LOL

I can't complaint for that kind of motivation.

Anyway, I had great time last weekend in Paris. I arrived there on Friday night. Saturday late morning, I went out to meet a friend. Thanks to her, I discovered a great place at 3e arr. I like to explore Paris the local way, and this is the perfect time. Usually I am in Paris for work or as a tourist guide. I don't have time for myself and self-discovering there.

After we had Maroccan lunch at Marché des enfant rouges, we walked towards Louvre in search for a good salon de thé or place serving café gourmand. It started to rain when we arrived at Rue de Rivoli. So we settled for Angelina. We were lucky because there are not many people at the queue. We almost straight get out table. The decor is very nice. I didn't bring my camera, so I think next time I'll be back with my camera hehehehe. I managed to take some pictures of the patisseries. Angelina is inside every tourist guides as a place to go to when you are in Paris. So when we were there, the queue at the front entrance started to get longer and not moving. We were so nice to finish up our desserts; pay the bill and move to the takeaway part where we took some pictures and my friend can buy something for her love one. I put most of the picture at my other blog.



When I came back to my brother's place, my younger brother is babysitting 2 nephews and a niece. After much provoking by the older one, we left the little one with the nanny and we went off to Les 4 Temps shopping mall at La défense. This is a sure place as it's covered and the uncertain weather is not easy to walk around with 2 kids. After ice creams and macarons treat (yes, it's my gourmand day huhuhuhu), we went back home and had dinner.

Sunday is the day we met the Sanders who is on the way back from south of France vacation. Lucky sun-tanned people :P
Our meeting point is of course at Disney! hehehehehe Mickey's house is like our hosting house nowadays. Not many people over there despite of the nice sunny weather. As usual, we had great time, and tiring by the time to go home. I like the place ,so I ain't complaining :D

I'll post some pictures once my brother uploaded from his camera.

Next outing will be this weekend to Dublin... hahahaha... My hubby is suffering with me going away every weekend... It's OK I'll make it up to him by (perhaps) stay still during August.

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