Thursday, August 4, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - It Girl

Are you the it girl? hahaha

I think I can be considered as someone who always wanted to be the 'it' girl. I like to be liked by people. Thank god, most of the time it works towards that direction. Before to be liked, you need to like people. Then you will get your reward. Be good to others as you want the others to be good to you.

It's August now, but it looks like people has started to come back from their vacation (the Europeans). I started to get feedback from my job search and also some recruiters who saw my LinkedIn.

This week I am back as shadow in Body Step class :D But then I think I started to get the itch, and I told Marcello that I wanna do the warmup track next week hihihihi.... Yay!!! Can't wait!!

This weekend will be Nancy family weekend, where we will celebrate Mamie's birthday. Looking forward for great dinners with family :D

Anyway, here is Jason Derulo's latest single from his latest album. The first one is 'Don't wanna go home' Kinda catchy.... Enjoy!

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