Sunday, September 25, 2011

Awareness Ahad (Sunday)

Yay!!!!!! I managed to get a topic for Awareness Ahad (Sunday).
It's not really easy to keep in check with what's going on around. One thing is that the organisations and the websites which are doing the awareness programs do not really know how to reach out to people.
I think if someone participated in 1 awareness cause program or event, then there should be a follow-up on other type of awareness programs. They should work together.

Anyway, Sept 25th 2011 marks my first attempt to support good cause (publicly) hahahaha
I have always looking forward to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness. Thanks to Danny Wood from NKOTB who is very active with Team Betty and Susan Komen Foundation.


This time, I got the information by accident, where there was poster of Ladies Brussels Run. This run is to sponsor the Breast Cancer Awareness. Basically this run is divided into 3 categories: 3, 6 and 9km. I chose 9km hua hua hua.

The great thing is that last Tuesday I was down with viral infection and asked to get rest for 4 days with sick leave. So no exercise or what so ever from Monday to Saturday!!! I did good, I didn't stop! The weather is VERY nice. So proud of myself *pat on the back*
It's a run around the Ixelles lake and inside the Abbaye de la Cambre.

Here's some photos. This is just the beginning!



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