Friday, August 5, 2011

Fou fou Friday - Just Sayin'

How can Scarlett Johannson left Ryan Reynolds? hahahaha
Yeah I know, right? Since the beginning I never like Scarlett. I don't know there is something in her that I think too overpowering. Then she got Ryan, and that didn't help either. And now she is divorced from Ryan, even worse. So I am so not into Scarlett.

However, I have soft spot for Ryan. I dunno it's just the look, the funny scripts that he always got. OK, the bods too. But he is the kind of actor that never fails to impress me. The last movie was I think the one with Sandra Bullock. That was so Mills & Boon type kinda story LOL I'm looking forward for the new comedy 'The Change-Up' and also 'Green Lantern'. Two Ryan movie in a year! Yay!!!!

Here is the promo vid for The Change-Up. He's adorable. Well Jason too. But nah.. Ryan is better hahahahaah


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