Thursday, June 16, 2011

Neglected?? Naaahhh

Oh ma gad!!!!! I have been neglecting this blog for about 3 months! This bad tsk tsk tsk. How can I make myself go online and post something every day? It's hard to keep up. Anywhoooo... What day is today? Oh right! FRIDAY! So that means it's a fabulous day coz we are heading for the weekend :D

Well well... what should I say about this Friday? I got several things on my mind: the weekend, going to see friends on Saturday, going and hopefully to finally get a new car for us, work on my BS choreo, there is something I just thought about just now and forgot (damm!! and it's mighty important i think aarrkkkk), check out the Brussels women run in September (yeah now i remember LOL), check out when I will go to Paris, check out when I will go to Dublin, check out when I will go to Paris again (hiihhi).

I'm starting a new adventure of becoming Body Step instructor. Yeah yeah... Not that easy I might say. But I have great people around me who support me and can see my potential. I should stop and slap myself each time I said I'm no good (this is the asian attitute of being 'modest' *crap*). Say thank you when they gave you compliments, Shazrina!

So that's about it for my personal life.

Careers wise... well my astrology sign said there should be something creeping up by June 15th. So I'm waiting @.@
As for current situation, oh well, what can I say 'Que sera sera' is my motto. There is nothing much I can do but complaint, state the fact to my boss and move on. I am beyond concern for the timelines and deadlines. Positive thinking, my dear!

Alrighty then, I think I'm going to move on updating my other 3 blogs (LOL No wonder I can't keep up with 1 blog :p)

Have a fab fab Friday everyone!

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