Thursday, July 14, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Good Riddance

On youtube I saw Beyoncé's new song 'Best thing I never had'. Such a cool song and she sang it so cool as well. This song shows that it is cool to be bitchy and pissed off and just by stay calm and see the postive side of it is the best revenge of all.

It reminds me of the situation when you had someone who hassle you or being agressive to you. Just chill, and talk calmly to the person. Best thing is to agree to be disagree and leave it as that.

In 2 words: Good Riddance
At this moment I am happy that I've got rid of some things and some people in my life. Because by doing that I am better off as I am now.

Thank you God for showing me who is the better person and for everyone around me who support me :-)

Yesterday I had my second full BS class. Got a good start, well not really.
I was early but my mistake that I didn't prepare my sound system.
So it was kinda suck when I've lost 10 minutes of people's time trying to figure out how to mic work. Apparently I forgot to switch on one of the many On button on the PA system. Sucks! As the class went on, I had a good start. But I kinda got tired at by the time of Step Party. But life goes on.
Lesson learned: Be early, start early! :D

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