Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantastic Friday - Lotsa lotsa to do

Yay!! It's Friday. First I would like to post about my success yesterday. Well in my level it was a success, OK. So bear with me.

I had my last solo Body Step class yesterday. Yup, next week, Marcello is back from vacation and he will take back his class. I suppose that he would like to share the tracks with me. We supposed to do this once before he left for holidays, but there was the mic issue and I had to run around looking for extra battery, while he can continue teaching. I would really like to show him my achievement after handling 5 solo classes without much training, mind you :P Anyway, yesterday's class was a blast. Of course, I did some mistakes, but they were recovered normally and no one really noticed the mistakes LOL

Great thing is the feedback I received from fellow participants. They said (and I must say most of them since the beginning said the same), that my class is more intense that Marcello's. They could not believe that we use the same chorey, but they really get the work done and that I am a very tough instructor LOL
It is true that I like to motivate people to do their best in the workout. What's the use of being in a cardio class and you just do simple walk. You could do this just by walking from the couch to the fridge eh? :P

I am happy that it ends well. I slept like a baby last night and I don't have any 'I should done this or that' feeling in the morning :D

So what's in store today?
I had to pickup some contact lenses for my sister at lunch time. So it's gonna be hop hop hopity hop for me. Then I am the last appointment for my salon. The lady said I must be on time. Otherwise, they'll close the shop without waiting for me. Huhuhuhu...

Then it's the debate whether I should sleep tonight or not. I need to go out from the house at 3-ish am, to take shuttle bus at Gare du Midi at 4am. Huuuaarrgghhhh! In Dublin, we've planned for some shoppings, afternoon tea, night cocktails, some asian buffet somewhere in between, not to forget the Irish breakfast, Chapters (of course!!!!). A chilling weekend seems gonna be a hectic one LOL

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