Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wet Wednesday - More like wet Summer 2011

Reminds me to drink some water... BRB

{Back with glass of water}
I should remind myself to drink more water per day. I know that I didn't drink much and that I will regret it when I am older. Should push myself to drink water more.

Anyway, yup! as the title said, it has been one wet summer this year. We are at the final week of July 2011 and yet, it has been like Spring or Autumn for us here in Brussels.

In the US, and some part of Eastern Europe, they are having even heatwaves, but not here in Brussels. I guess the same goes to Benelux and north of France. I've longed for the morning when I must get out from the bed as because it was too warm and it's much better to take shower and go out from the house. I didn't think I experience that sensation this yet. Well, not yet.

Yup, I still have hope for hot summer weather. Hopeful is good :D Otherwise, I ain't complaining. As nature and God gives us one more day to live, make full use of it and live your life the fullest.

This weekend I'm off to Dublin. Yay!!! I'm a travel bug *^^*
From time to time I like to go out from the comfort of my nest (bug nest) and do something somewhere else out of the norm. I thank my dearest hubby who understand this bugsy need and let me do what I wanted to do. So what I'll do in Dublin? of course a visit to Chapters (secondhand book store). I have some books which I would like to trades in. There is no travelling without food. My sister mentioned this Malaysian buffet place. We think that we might check it out. Perhaps catch some early or late movie. Indulge myself in some english/irish breakfast.. yummyyy.

Talking about early, my flight is this saturday at 7:00 am. That means I need to take the shuttle bus from city center at 4 am! Do you think I should take a nap before? If yes, what time I should sleep? Or as I knew myself I would be crappy after a nap (or insufficient sleep), it would be easier if I didn't sleep? Hhmmmm.. We'll see how I feel on friday night.

Till then, see ya tomorrow! or in the next post :D

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