Monday, June 20, 2011

Manic Monday (??)

Well not so much I suppose. With everybody who hates Mondays, they usually do the minimum efforts. For example, less talking, less working, less follow-up, more chattings, more whining (oh how i hate mondays bla bla bla).

Perhaps, Monday is a good day to start your week. Ok I admit that it's not easy for me to wake up this morning, and keep on thinking of the bliss of waking up yesterday at 2pm (yes!!!) But that's it. Once I've hit the shower, I know that it's time to move on.

So what's in store for this week?

I'm still contemplating between staying here or go to Paris this weekend (Yes, it's great to start with the weekend, right?!) I have long overdue massage appointment which I don't think I want to miss (again). But then, I want to meet my niece and nephews too huhuhuhu Not an easy choice eh....

Work-wise, I think this week will be like last week (enough said :/)

Oh and this is the last week before the launching of the new quarter fitness choreos. If I were a certified instructor, I'll be sweating till my bone, because I can't grasp 100% of BS chorry yet!!! There are bits here and there which I've forgotten ^^'
I have yet to find my way of working with the chorry.
At first I've decided to watch the DVD and wrote down the steps, coz I thought I would remember things easier if I wrote them down. But at the end I found that it's kinda waste of time (is it?)
I'm referring back to the written instructions now and didn't use much of my note.
Perhaps I should use the written isntructions and put note there.

Then as I listen to the songs over and over again, I managed to pick up the little sounds and the way that I recognized the chorry at classes.

After that, listening to the songs and actually do the chorry (which I only did last weekend), really add to something.
So from now on... listen to the songs and do the chorry. huhuhuhu ^^'

Wish me luck :D and Happy Monday peeps!

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