Thursday, August 11, 2011

Karaoke Khamis - Every Teardrop's a Waterfall - Coldplay

Kudos to Coldplay to yet again release a catchy song! From all the reviews I've seen on the Net, people said this is the party song and you can go on with whatever dance moves that you've got.

So here it is for your enjoyment on Thursday day :D

On a personal note, what have I am into now? HHmmmm...
Let's see, I am addicted to reviewing in the Tripadvisor. Hahah Yes, It's kinds addicted to review the places that you've been to. I have been a user of Tripadvisor for some times when looking for places to eat, to go, to stay in. And I think that some of the places need a bit of boost because they are indeed really good, but some also need a bit of bad reviews and that is the way we can make these bad places move their asses and improve! From my working experience, when bad things happened, people try to remove that experiences from their memory. If you receive bad services, you must say it. Otherwise how will people know and improve.

Of course, I like YouTube. It is like my telly! Hahahaha
Yesterday I came across 'Crossfit'. This is a kick ass workout where you need strength, endurance and determination. Perhaps I'll post some great crossfit amateur vids, but just search on youtube and you'll find some awesome people with great bods doing the workout of the day (WOD, what they call it).

And I have weakness for someone with slightly curly blond hair with blue eyes ^^ #justsayin

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