Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wet Wednesday - What a weather

This summer has the weirdest weather in Brussels that I have ever experienced. After living here for two and a half year, I accepted the raining/drizzling/windy weather. But never had I experienced very dark skies at 10:00 or at 17:00 in the middle of summer time. Then, raining plus hail in the morning, then hot humid in the afternoon. I've just given up on trying to match my clothes with the weather. It's now like go with the flow, bring extras, leave the extras or just suck up to whatever you are wearing that day.

Watch the video below for the dark sky that I was talking about. Crazy, isn't it?

While the land is getting the much needed water, do not forget your water intake too. Happy glug glug glug :D

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