Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wet Wednesday - Water!

This wednesday I'm going to write about conserving water. OK, so you might say who is this person to advise on conserving water. But before you skip this post, just to clarify that the purpose of I'm writing any of these posts is for self reflection and that I would like to share my reflection with those people that I care, you (awwww hehehe).

Thus, what do we know about conserving water. To my understanding, it is to not waste water. Of course we've seen water flowing from the tap or from the river (after google imaging). But that's the thing. We often take water for granted. Especially you those who live in a geographic area surrounded with water. The price is water is cheaper compared to those living in the mainland. Water supply also can be a BIG political issue in some countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore. So, do not take water for granted.

I goggled and found some interesting websites which could be a point of change for you and me.
Water Conservating website: says it call. USE WATER WISELY!
It's a very nice website. Because you know some of these websites can be very dull. But not this website. Nice natural color and interesting entries. One thing caught my eyes when I visit this site is one of the blog titles "1,800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans." OK, Not to say ban jeans. That's insane! But instead of throw them away when you don't want it, maybe you can recycle your jeans, like donate to the charity. To think of it, it has been sometimes that I did not wear jeans... Looks like I've saved gallons of water already hahaha

So go to the website and learn something. I will put the link on this blog so that you can visit it anytime. Let's visit it once a day and take 1 tip at a time.

This morning, as I was in the shower and thinking about today's post, I noticed also that I have been leaving the shower running when I was soaping. Hmm.. Of course, I know that if I turned off the shower I would be cold. But I tried and turned off the shower while soaping. I think it takes some times to get used to it. But I am open to change. I want to conserve water.

Enough said... Hope that this post opens up your mind and sure is mine.
That's my wednesday gift to you. I acknowledge the water that I use every day.

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