Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wet Wednesday - Drink up yall!

OK y'all, time to drink up those clear transparent liquid.. yup water!!!
I am still having problem to keep track of my water intake. Anyway, who does? Well, actually some people are... Just not me.. maybe not yet.

So how much water do we need to drink per day? There is even the measurement of how much water you flush out (read: urinate).. eww I'm not going there. But let's us remind each other that it is important to drink water.

By googling, I found that the easy rules is 8 x 8 oz per day. 8 oz is like what ?Around 220 ml? So that would be like 8 glasses per day is it? Yikes I think my water intake is below that.

Taken from
How to Build The Habit of Drinking More Water. By drinking more water, more often. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Some tips:

Start Early. Have 1 cup of water ready on your nightstand. Drink it first thing on waking up. Persist if it’s hard: you’ll get used to it.
Drink 2 Cups with Each Meal. 2 cups at lunch, 2 at dinner, 2 with your snacks. Eat first, drink later. Otherwise you’ll struggle with your food.
Sip Water During Your Workout. Take a bottle of water to the gym and sip water during your workout. Sipping will prevent a set stomach.

I don't think that we could really see the effect of drinking a lot of water. Some people say it helps them to loose weight, some people said that it gives them better hydrated skin.
But I think the obvious thing is to avoid having kidney stones. People said it's painful to have your kidney stones removed.. isk..

Let's get a habit of drinking water, shall we!?

I'm off to bed now, and I'm taking my water bottle. When you go to bed, bring water bottle and let's drink up as soon as you open your eyes tomorrow morning.

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