Saturday, October 31, 2009

S-Day - Steamy

Right now, I swear to you that I could eat off my home floor! hahahahaha
I steamed the floor with the steamer that looks like a vacuum cleaner, only that you put water in the body, and then wait a bit till the water hot enough (with indicator of an orange light). Then, the brush end part, is where you put small towel, then then steam away!

This way of cleaning using vaporized water is great because not only it cleans with water like mopping, but also allergic-free. There is no dust flying around. With mopping, you need to wait for some time for the area to dry. But with steam cleaner, it's just a matter of minute.

Other than practicality, steam cleaning cleans off germs, odor and micro-thingy that makes your home unhealthy.

Speaking of health, when you are down with cold, steam dispenser or air humidifier is great to keep the humidity in the room and unblock your nasal. This is good for both child and adult.

Another point of health, is steamed food. I love steamed food. Be it steamed bun, steamed dim sum, steamed fishm steamed cake... let it steam steam! (Note that I didn't say steamed vegies.. this is an exception :P). At home, I use either my rice cooker that comes with steamer tray or medium sized bamboo steamer tray. Oh I so wish to eat steamed fish right now. Or perhaps I will go buy frozen dim sum at the asian supermarket and have dimsum for dinner later.. yum yum

Another thing that I like right now.. is do steam my face. Can someone offer me a visit in a salon for facial.. Aaahh.. blisss...

How do you use steam in your life? Full steam ahead!!!

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