Sunday, October 4, 2009

Awareness Ahad - Pink October

Dang! I missed Sunday post by 5 minutes! Anyway, never too late...

And it's never too late to start to be aware of something. Since this is the beginning of October, I chose Pink October! For all you who do not know, October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. I've always wanted to support a group with purpose. It's all started with the NKOTB concert. Oh yes... You see, one of the Block is an active supporter of Fight against Breast Cancer due to his mom being the victim of it. It happens that Danny Wood is my all time favorite Block member. Sometimes it is amazing how Universe works. Anyway, after been to the concert, I followed Danny Wood in Twitter and Facebook, and started to open up to the idea of supporting fighting against breast cancer. I don't know where to start, so I start with the simple thing, by subscribing to on Facebook. It is a huge foundation for Breast Cancer and the story about the creation of the Foundation is amazing. Only love can make you achieve to do things that big.

I do not have any personal experience in Breast Cancer. But you do not need to have a sad moving story or wait until someone in your family (or even yourself) to be diagnosed as having Breast Cancer to participate in this foundation.

Start small by educating yourself with knowledge about Breast Cancer is easy. There are so many information at the moment on the Internet. But, I would like to do more than just know there are those things out there.

Do you know that:

"Today the chance of a woman being diagnosed with invasive breast
is 1 in 8. The chance of it killing her is 1 in 35. And it remains the second leading cause of cancer death for American women behind lung
(Chicago Tribune)

Question is, how many women do the mammography? I haven't done it yet. Should I?

Sometimes, ignorance is a bliss. It is better to not do the test, due to afraid what you might discover. It happens to some women, it could happen to you. Would I want to march into the clinic one fine day and ask for a mammography, just like that? huhuhu...

I just learnt from that they just had a Breast Cancer Run here in Brussels. Too bad I missed it. Then at the gym, I saw a poster for another Breast Cancer Walk/Run organized by the university ULB and Brussels own Foundation "Vivre Comme Avant". The event will take place on next Sunday 11th October. I wish I could join in. But then again, it is hard to participate in something new. I hope that I'll have the courage to do it. I'm still new in this.

Another simple yet difficult to start to do is to wear the pink ribbon. If you think of it, it's so easy right? The ribbon is so small, yet I'm kinda concious to wear it. I think that I deserve to wear it since I am not deeply involve in the Breast Cancer Awareness. But then again, does wearing the pink ribbon or participating in the Walk/Run, would contribute to supporting the people who fight Breast Cancer?

Or is it just by giving donation to the Foundation would be enough?

This post is a reminder to myself that it is a good start to support Breast Cancer Awareness and I hope that this post will become a starting line for you to start looking for more information about fighting and finding cure for Breast Cancer.

Let's support this!

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