Saturday, October 17, 2009

S-Day - Superstitions

I've wrote this on my other personal blog, but I thought it deserves sharing with you all...

I have been meaning to write about superstitious for some time because this topic is in my mind in and out and in again.
I hate being superstitious..I don’t like to lead my life with some untrue beliefs. But despite of all my efforts, I’m still superstitious. I believe that something that I do, or said could lead to something else. Some things or some actions could lead to certain luck or events.
Take a simple superstition - it is bad luck to open an umbrella indoor. I am well aware that it is not true, it is because it’s dangerous that opening umbrella indoors may injure someone. But still I will never open an umbrella indoors. I know! Crazy right?
I won’t walk pass under scaffoldings, or under ladder.. I look at black cats with suspicions…

Sometimes I even invent a superstition of my own. A classic my own version of superstition is with perfume. A perfume can give me luck or the opposite. For example, if I wore a perfume and something bad happened, I swear that I will lay my hands off that perfume. Eventhough it is a very expensive perfume and I just wore it once. But if I wore a perfume and it brings me good days, not so much good luck, I will wear it over and over again, and buy it again until they didn’t produce it anymore.
I like to try on another perfume, but I always have this dilemma when I took this new bottle of perfume and thinking do I want to risk my good day today? I know! Crazy!

What have you been holding back because of superstitions?

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