Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Makan-makan Mardi - Chocolates

I don't think this will be my first posting of chocolates. Living in the country and city of the pralines, it is really bad for my weight. Especially I seek comfort thru chocolates.. huhuhuhu
They are so effing delicious!
I like to just walk around the tourists area at Grand Place and walk into those chocolate shops and sample the delicious chocolates. The fact that they taste so light, which makes me want more and more.
Of course I savor each bite of the chocolates. It is not some usual chocolates you can find in the store.
I noticed that the big difference between a "real" chocolate and those industrial ones is the sweetness. Industrial chocolates taste the sweetness of sugar, while a real chocolate from maitre de chocolatier tastes bitter. The ancient South American populations used cacao to make chocolate drink and it's suppose to taste bitter.

I won't go thru the maitre de chocolatier just yet.
Today I bought an industrial hazelnut flavored chocolates and these are christmas chocolates (the plastic bag has santa cartoon on it). It's cheap and I bought it at a supermarket.

I bought it because of they look nice in the little aluminium cups! I remember I used to help my mom to make this chocolate cup during Eid. It was the trend at that time. Perhaps one day I'll make em.

So here's my gift to you on this fine Makan-Makan Mardi. Chocolate is good for your health (if eaten in moderation)

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